Every male can get frustrated by sexual weakness because sexual prowess defines masculinity. Moreover, sexual dysfunction can hit a man either at the very beginning of informal relationship or, after he may have enjoyed a healthy and successful intimate relationship. Furthermore, such problem may arise suddenly, or develop gradually overtime. However, sexual weakness or erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a male is unable to attain proper erection needed for successful lovemaking. And in this sexual dysfunction, the erection of male organ is insufficient for sexual penetration. Nevertheless, there are many factors that can give rise to such a problem but, only leading cause of sexual weakness in men are mentioned ahead.

1. The prime cause of sexual weakness in men is faulty habits, for example smoking and alcohol abuse. In particular, alcohol is infamous for affecting the efficiency of nervous system, due to which availing stronger erection is nearly impossible. In addition, smoking can stiffen the arteries and prevent proper blood circulation in the reproductive system and, sufficient blood flow is essential for fuller erections.

2. Males suffering from certain diseases can face difficulty in achieving erection. In particular, longstanding diabetes can damage the nerves and prevent a male from attaining erection. In addition, hypertension can also cause sexual weakness in men by disturbing the proper blood circulation in the reproductive organs. And, such diseases can affect the overall efficiency of the body which is a major cause of sexual weakness in men.

3. Damage to nerves in pelvis region can reduce the male's efficiency to attain erections. Moreover, such condition may occur due to accidents, diseases, or surgical procedures in pelvic region.

4. Malnutrition is another leading cause of sexual weakness in men. Furthermore, deficiency of vitamins and minerals is harmful for male's overall health. Moreover, without essential nutrients the reproductive organs cannot work according to their efficiency affecting the ability to attain harder erection.

5. Psychological issues are injurious to sexual health. For instance, anxiety, depression, or stress can be the cause of sexual weakness in men. Moreover, such psychological weaknesses imbalances the hormone level, and prevent proper blood flow to reproductive organs.

6. Many prescription medications can be the cause of sexual weakness in men, for example antihistamines, antidepressants, antihypertensive, and tranquilizers. Moreover, such medicines can interfere with the proper working of brain and body.

However, it is impossible to maintain a healthy intimate relationship without strong erections. So, it is recommended to use Mast Mood capsules and Mast Mood oil to gain satisfaction in intimate relationships. Moreover, the rare herbs of the mentioned supplements are very effective for improving the blood circulation in the reproductive organs. In addition, these herbal supplements strengthen the nervous system, and heighten stamina to improve lovemaking performance. Furthermore, these supplements also strengthen the male organ to increase the pleasure of intimate relationships. In addition, unlike other medications, the herbs of these supplements empower the body without any side effects. Finally, Mast Mood capsules and Mast Mood oil are the most effective male enhancement supplements since it enhances the efficiency of the reproductive organs naturally and safely.

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what is the cause of lupus

18 thoughts on “What Is The Cause Of Lupus

  1. Nenita

    What the difference between Sjogrens Syndrome and Lupus which is worse?
    Need to know whether I should worry about if diagnosed with either or. Someone told me it’s like living with diabetes online I read one of them can cause Cancer. Can this be true?
    Thank You for your answers they both helped out alot.

    1. writenimage

      My aunt actually has both syndroms. The Lupus seems to be the one that causes the most hassle. They are both auto-immune so can both effect the boddy in similar ways. I think either can be the worse one depending on treatment and serverity of the conditions.

  2. MaluLanix0x

    What is the difference between Lupus affecting the nervous system and MS?
    What symptoms are different for each? How are they different and how are they the same? How common is it to have Lupus (SLE) and a neurological disorder such as MS?

    1. Linda R

      Both lupus and multiple sclerosis are autoimmune disease in which the immune system goes haywire and attacks healthy parts of the self.

      In multiple sclerosis, the immune system destroys the myelin sheath or fatty covering of the nerves. This can result in loss of transmission of signals.

      In lupus, neurological symptoms can include things like seizures and neuropathy, or nerve pain. The mechanism by which lupus causes these things is not the same as in MS.

  3. roxemarie

    Is it possible to have lupus even though non of your family has lupus?
    I have tested positive for lupus, and I have many lupus symptoms. My doctors believe I may have lupus, but I have not been officially diagnosed with lupus. All of my family members are very healthy. No one in my family has any illnesses. No one in my family has ever had any type of autoimmune disease. I am the first and only person. Is this possible and how could this be?

  4. icantwait48

    What is lupus and how does one get lupus?
    My annoying ex-boyfriend and I got into a huge argument over what lupus really is. My dad, a physician for very sick adults, told me that lupus could be anything because it disguises itself as other diseases. My ex told me, his source being a doctor, that lupus was a skin disease and that it starts out as a skin disease. Any medical information?

    1. Anonymous

      The cause of lupus is unknown. It falls under the category of autoimmune diseases, which are noninfectious diseases where the body is believed to be, for some reason, attacking itself. There is one type of lupus which is called “discoid lupus erythematosos” which affects only the skin and is usually not very serious. The other lupus can attack MANY different areas of the body and its seriousness can go from mild to extremely severe. There is not one specific test for lupus and it can be hard to diagnose since its presentation may differ greatly from person to person and it may appear differently at different times even in the same person. Some of the more common presentations may include joint pain and swelling, chronic or intermittent low grade temperature, severe fatigue, red skin rashes (the “classic” lupus skin lesion is a red rash appearing over the nose/upper cheeks in the form of a butterfly–but of course not everyone gets that)–lupus can also affect the kidneys, the cardiovascular system, can cause blood disorders and may cause many other symptoms as well. In some cases lupus patients may experience head hair loss. If lupus is suspected, the best type of doctor to see would be a rheumatologist who would be familiar with the group of blood tests which may indicate that a person MAY have lupus–since there is no one blood test. If a person is diagnosed as having lupus, treatment would be directed at stopping the abnormal body response that is causing the patient’s symptoms–there are a number of very different types of medications which can be used to try to achieve this.I have given a very general description of a very complicated disorder and would suggest you read up on it –perhaps WEBMD would be a place to start.

  5. Lisa

    What are the odds of a parents passing Lupus onto their children?
    My Fiance has lups and we wanted to find out the odds of our children getting Lupus if we start a family

    1. mgunnycappo

      Lupus has not been proved to be a hereditary disease. It is believed that Lupus has both genetic and environmental factors associated with it. Statistics show that people who have Lupus only have a very (and I mean tiny) small increase in Lupus within the family. Most researchers attribute this to the fact that people with Lupus tend to recognize the illness in others and therefore take their loved ones to get checked out…increasing the chances of a diagnosis.

      In reality you don’t have any greater chance of passing this on to your children then the normal population.

      One side note…pregnancy with Lupus is a very challenging proposition. All Lupus pregnancies are considered ‘high risk’. You have about 50-75% higher chance of an early delivery. Pregnancy can cause Lupus flares and it can be difficult to treat while pregnant due to the fact that many medications are contra indicated during pregnancy.

      Lastly you’ll want your fiance to make sure she doesn’t have antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). A secondary disease that affects about 50% of people with Systemic Lupus. This disease is a clotting disease which poses a huge risk to both mother and child.

      People with APS are advised against pregnancy and are steered towards adoption or surrogacy.

  6. Anonymous

    Can birth Control trigger the symptoms of lupus?
    I am taking Birth Control and wondered if it could cause symptoms of lupus, such as fatigue, weight gain, night sweats, muscle pains, hair loss. I am 20 yrs old and i weigh 127 and am 5’8. and lupus runs in my family. i went to the doctor and they did test results i find them out thursday, but thought i asked.

    1. mandyj67

      Yes it can honey, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Recently completed studies have shown women who are on birth control injections or pills (especially the higher dosage ones) have been found to have a higher incidence of Lupis, especially if it runs in the family* Since Lupis does run in your family, I would suggest that you seriously rethink your birth control method.

  7. I love my PRINCESS ♥

    How do I get tested for EVERY type of allergy?
    My doctor sucks and won’t test for anything unless it’s nessecary
    example… i have alopecia areata and the main cause is lupus..
    he would not test for it because i dont have all of the symptoms…

    i want to get tested for allergies..
    but im worried he wont test for anything or everything
    what do i do? do i go to him still? and how do they do it….

    1. whatever

      I went to an allergist/immunoligist . They did skin prick tests on my back to test for common allergens like trees, grass, cats, salmon, wheat, dairy, etc. Then they did a more extensive blood test that covered so many more items like apples, oranges, blueberrys, etc. I also had my hair tested for metals and contaminates. There were so many tests, even my spit was tested.

      Usually regular family Dr’s dont test for allergies. Insurance doesnt always cover testing

      The bottom line is if you have a health concern and you think your Dr isnt giving it enough consideration. It is up to you to find a Dr. who will. This is your life…

  8. kenbfos

    Help I need a idea for a important cause?
    Pittsburgh is hosting the National Lupus walk for the first time and I have to come up with a shirt(I am on the planning committee. I want it to be something that everyone could were but I want it to be graphically appealing. Something fresh and new so that we can raise a money to find a cure. Please I need serious ideas because this is a very serious illness.

    1. I Love Monday :)

      Great idea for you, and yes this is a good cause, put a black figure on the shirt and spell out “I run to save our life’s”, and then put “The National Lupus Walk” beneath it, and by the way the black figure stands for everyone.

  9. Anthony

    What could cause lines to appear on the wrist, that look like scars but fade in and out?
    My friend has about 6 or 7 lines that appear on her wrist but they fade in and out. She doesn’t cut herself. They’re not scars. They look like scars though. Lupus runs in her family and she is worried that, that is what it is. Does anybody know what this could be?

    1. mel

      I think thats how your skin is we are sort of like snakes for example our skin sheds and it could make paterns on you skin with out you kow ing abot it it manly happens on dry skin a lot mor than mostrized skin just put some cream or lotion on or somthing but its just your plan skin.

  10. Jenintn

    What are the odds of a child getting Lupus if a parent has it?
    My mother has Lupus, and I am worried about it. Can anyone tell me the odds or likelihood of a child of a Lupus patient having the disease? I’ve been to several sites but didn’t find an answer to this ?

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