The functioning of our body depends a lot on the kidneys. Kidneys aid in the filtering blood by turning urea, metabolites and other substances into urine which is removed from our body. The kidneys regulates blood pressure, blood plasma volume and glucose of our body and also secretes hormones. For our well being, healthy kidneys are very crucial and to ensure renal health kidney cleansing is required.

We can make out if our kidneys are not working properly. A person who has kidney stones or a bladder infection would definitely understand this because of the agonising pain involved. The symptoms involved will let us know that we have a high quantity of protein in our blood which is leading to kidney stones formation or we have an infection from fungus or that we have consumed a large quantity of poisons and toxins. Auto-immune shortage like Lupus, Hepatitis B, and HIV are also accountable for a few kidney problems.

What is Renal Failure?

Two sorts of kidneys failures occur which are both deadly.

1.The first one is Acute Renal Failure (ARF) which happens when damaged kidneys result in rapid loss of renal function. ARF is caused by Diuretic use, sepsis, drug overdose, medicines such as NSAIDs and a number of antibiotics. ARF is reversible and fatal if it is not treated properly.

2. The second one is Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and it is too known as chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD happens if the kidneys are not functioning to its best as they are supposed to. High blood pressure or diabetic nephropathy can lead to CRF and it is tested from stage 1 to stage 5. It is considered the last stage which will need a dialysis or a transplant and it is not enough to be diagnosed. There is a treatment but it can only slow down its advancement and it affects the quality of life.

Is a kidney cleanse of any good to me?

Our body cannot work without a healthy kidney so one should do anything it takes to maintain the system fit. One great way is to go for a kidney cleanse.

The main intention of a kidney cleanse is to cleanse the kidney tubules from foreign material that have accumulated and our body was powerless to eradicate them naturally.

The first thing you need to do is a proper healthy diet. You should keep away from food that is loaded in proteins such as meat, cheese and eggs. You have to keep yourself away from fried, fatty, greasy food, salt, caffeine, soda and sugar.

1. Raw fruits and vegetables have to be your main concern.

2. White flour for whole meal grains, breads and pastas are good for your health.

3. The other food products that are essential for you are papaya, banana, watermelon, asparagus, celery, cucumber, garlic and parsley.

what is lupus of the kidneys

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