Many patients are told that they have to live with chronic nephritis. Their protein in urine or blood in urine reoccurs repetitively, which troubles them for a long time and make them lose patience of treatment. Why cannot chronic nephritis be cured after they take so many drugs? Why is it so difficult to be cured?

The key point of chronic nephritis is not the simple problems in kidneys, but the disorder in the whole body and kidney is just a victim. After diagnosed with kidney disease, many people have taken a lot of drugs which all focus on the kidney lesions. However, they ignored the close association between kidney disease and immunoreaction in their body.

In human body, there is a very precise immune system which includes B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes. Both of the two are in charge of different aspects. so patients need to know which aspects is in trouble. If they take drugs before the causes are clear, kidney tissues will get a further damage and they will have serious side effects. That is also the reason why many patients cannot be cured after a long time treatment.

What is the correct treatment for chronic nephritis?

In our hospital, the correct diagnosis is considered as the most important factor for the successful treatment. In order to know which part of immune system is disordered, some tests should be taken, such as tests for CD4/CD8, CD4, CD8, B lymphocytes. Through these tests, specific causes of chronic nephritis can be known in different people.

The correct diagnosis determines the suitable treatment–Immunotherapy. This treatment in our hospital is out of ordinary and very effective for chronic nephritis. First, according to the diagnosis, we adopt suitable immune blocker to block the immunoreaction; meanwhile the best blood purification is used to achieve the immune tolerance for a short term. Then, by using Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the Chinese herbs ingredients can regulate the balance of immune system and protect the kidney tissues. Thereby renal inflammation will disappear spontaneously. If kidney tissues are damaged severely, Immunotherapy is suggested to repair kidney tissues with a good curative effect.

Immunotherapy is the hope of patients to cast off the torture of chronic nephritis. It is one of the most important therapies for kidney disease. If you are in trouble, you can try immunotherapy.

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