The moringa oleifera tree is now considered by many as a miracle tree for its medicinal benefits. The trees leaves are typically utilized to make moringa extract which includes anti-inflammatory components. Moringa also carries anti-toxins, anti-oxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids to develop one's wellbeing and immune system. With these perks, the World Health Organization, the European Union and other none government offices in the world appreciate moringa. To combat malnutrition, countries like the Philippines and Africa cultivate moringa trees to be utilized as components for drugs and cosmetic products, and also as products from bulk production and wholesale of its oil and powder form.

One of the most imperative functions of moringa is the truth that it inhibits the COX-2 enzyme which is accountable for swelling and pains in the body. In this case, lupus and the battle in opposition to it comes into the situation. In a nutshell, Lupus erythematossus is an illness with unknown reason which leads to the inflammatory conditions of several parts of the body counting the kidneys, joints, and the skin. Another truth about lupus is that it can influence anybody without thought to their age and sexes, and you can anticipate that things are not going to be pleasant. In addition, the pain of the production of the COX-2 enzyme particularly throughout the constant flare ups could be hard to bear. No one really understands what causes these flare-ups and many sufferers of lupus are continuously on the guard of how to stay away from them. This states that sufferers need to keep away from sunlight and eat foods rich in omega 3. The way of life of the lupus sufferer can be very costly because of all the drugs they need to take to inhibit the disease. Moringa being a cheaper form of alternative medicine and a source of nutrition, aids the sufferers to decrease their bills.

As it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties it is thought to be to be safer to use on the long term than the NSAIDs which can be addicting or can cause some unwanted unwanted side effects. There are lots of side effects to anti lupus drugs can do to a person. For example, it can affect the kidneys, the circulation, the digestive system and many more parts of the body. Apart from being less toxic, taking in moringa is also more effective. Now moringa is made in many forms and to name a few there are moringa leaves and powders which can be acquired in bulk over the Web.

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what is lupas

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  1. GAIL, C

    What is the best way to loose weight while being wheelchair bound?
    Because of having Diabetes, Austio Arthritis, Lupas; my mobility has gone from bad to worse. Now, after about 11 years, I am also morbidly obese. My husband passed on to be with the Lord 4 years ago, and my health worsened so, now I’m living in an high skilled nursing home with a staff that are very kind hearted and helpful. But I want to loose weight to get well enough to move closer to where my son is; but how?

  2. Aaaahh!

    besides in rescue/adoption shelters, is it legal to have a cat in a cage?
    i went to lupa zoo and there was a house cat…….. in a cage..
    cat lover: yes there was more than enough space, but no litter pan and no cat food. not sure about water. the only food was treats that people feed the animals (dry bead, corn, popcorn and pellets) which are fed through a tube in the (glass) cage. there was also a lemor in the cage!

  3. I love JB!!!

    Did anyone notice the connections between the code names on Potterwatch?
    Remus Lupin’s codename was “Romulus”. Incase you’re not up on your myths, ancient Roman legend says two children named Romulus and Remus were raised by a wolf mother who happened to be the wolf-goddess Lupa! Also, Kingsley’s name is “Royal”. Get it, king and royal. I couldn’t find any connections between the others however.

    1. decembre luciole

      Yes I noticed the connections. I thought they were kind of just a cool little tidbit J.K. threw in the book. I think the rodent was supposed to relate to Weasley. You know weasel. But maybe I’m wrong.

  4. Puppy Padfoot

    What was the wolf like who took care of Romulus and Remus?
    I heard her name was Lupa, does anyone know for sure and did she ever threaten the young boys if they showed weakness she would eat them?

    1. Cibiboy

      Lupa is the immortal she-wolf that raised Romulus and Remus, the twin sons of Mars and founders of Rome. She is described in wolf form with beautiful chocolate red fur and eyes as silver as mist. She is also described as being very tall, taller than any human. She can speak both Latin (and even possibly created latin) as well as English. She looks after the boys and nurtures them as if they were her own babies (albeit in a harsh “survival of the fittest” way) and trains them in the ways of a Roman soldier.

  5. Ruth G

    If you are not a senior and do not have children can you collect social security if your spouse dies?
    A friend of mine is not working because she has Lupas and is constantly in and out of the hospital. Her husband just died of a heart attack and when she was speaking with the social security office she was told that because she did not have children and she was only 38 she did not qualify for social security benifits.

  6. steffieeeeee.

    Did the Greek goddess Artemis have a wolf form?
    I read somewhere about Artemis having a wolf form, nicknamed Lupa. I’m writing a story and tying it into Greek myth but I’m finding conflicting information. Is there any proof on the wolf form of Artemis?

    1. Hunter of Artemis

      Artemis can turn into any animal she wants to. Artemis and wolf have a strong bond together, ever heard of a wolf howling toward a moon ?? ( artemis is the goddess of moon )

  7. ☆Lʊκε☆ѕоп оʄ HεrМєѕ☆

    In Percy Jackson will Lupa be able to brand Percy’s arm if he has the cuse of Achilles?
    Percy cant be hurt as he is invincible to everywhere apart from his back so hot metal wont leave a mark on his skin! Wonder what Lupa’s face will look like when she tries to brand Percy *big grin, eating popcorn*

    1. Ellen, Daughter of Hecate

      Hehehehe now I’ve got this image of Lupa repeatadly stabbing Percy in the arm saying WHY WON’T IT WORK DAMMIT! xD

  8. JennyLovezAron

    hi my name is jenny and i am 16 in 3 weeks?
    My best friend sophie, who is 13, told me ages ago that she has Lupas. But i didnt think anything of it. Now she has told me that the doctors said she has 1 year to live. I would appreciate it if i could have any information that you think it would be useful to me.. Can they predict how long she has left?

    1. froglady972

      Nurse here- I absolutely hate doctors that say you have this long to live. They think they are God. Some people take that to heart and will actually die when told. Tell your friend to get mad and find a healthy way to work with her disease. My husband has a form of Lupus and he DECIDED in his mind that he was going to go further and do more than the docs told him. And he has. Its a matter of determination. Their are actually diets that will help her condition. Lupus is like your body is allergic to itself. Sounds weird but thats how it was explained to us. There are a ton of web sites that can give her alternatives. Google Lupus and FREE dietary management that would compliment her medication. She needs to decide that she CAN live with Lupus. (And in about 3 years go back and spit in that doctors face)

  9. oxgirl13

    What is the scientific name for a female werewolf?
    I know that wolfs are homo lupus or something like that… I was wondering if there is a specific one for female wolves.. I heard Drussila Lupa was one but idk… Help?

    1. triskaidekaphobia

      the study of werewolves is Lycanthropy. obviously it is a defunct study. the term for werwolf is going to be the same whether male or female. all humans are homo sapiens, no matter the gender. i wish i could find the specific latin term. and yes, there is a latin term for it because when they went about classifying animals in latin, they also included werewolves, “Just In Case”. yes, people thought they were real back then, too.

  10. SCgal

    What are some good names for a girl (for a character in my story)?
    I want something unusual, not Biblical and not something like Kate or Alex or Jane, nor Darby, nor many Irish-sounding names like Brenna (my exception is Fiona). Among traditional-ish names, I like Maya, Ava, Sienna, Luka, and Trinity. Other names I like are Arwen, Lytwyn, Lupa, and Lyrica. I also like names like Rain and Skye. But do you have any more unique feminine names?
    And please, no Anna’s or forms of Anna.

  11. Bhuwisit

    For Flipnoys who have magically transformed into Europeans?
    Please tell me more about your blessed perfectly perfect homeland. How superior it is to us pesky inferior hampas lupa pinoys, who do not anymore share your gene pool. Elucidate us about the land where super flavorful British food, Barbarians and those fascinating Nazis hail from. Tell us how magnificent the food and drink (and wine + cheese). I particularly want to know more about those exotic LANGOUSTS and fish eggs.

    Please help enrich my empty life here in the Tondo.

    1. Kostyan

      Hahaha I’d like to know the answer but I would like to give my point of view

      A native born pinoy/pinay cannot fit in there completely no matter what they do.
      Their physique is obviously different wherever they go. Even if they go trough all enhancement surgeries to make them look European, they just won’t. They will always be perceived to be different no matter what they do, even though they already assimilated with the culture.

      I always observe that Pinoys who try to show everyone that they are smarter and better than everyone after they’ve been to some highly industrialized countries are actually people who came from poor families with a lot of poor relatives that either almost beg for alms or do things to extract money from them. Pinoys who always have more in life tend to be always trying to keep their feet on the ground.

      Nobody can change anybody’s DNA composition. That’s a fact of life. There’s nothing we can do about it. So anybody who can’t accept that has a serious mental problem.

  12. jabi

    What is the Anak ng Lupa by Domingo Landicho all about? I just badly need it.?
    I can’t understand the message of the story itself. What’s with the kids wanting to go to the city and preferring not to be “anak ng lupa”? Is that is? Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.

  13. Tupac Stan

    What language is this in & can anybody translate it?
    i posted a rap on soundcloud last week & today i got a comment that said “fino lupa, svidja mi se :D” can anybody tell me what language its in or what he said? i assume its good considering the happy face lmao

    1. mtwelles

      It’s Serbian.

      (A lot of people are assuming it has to be Italian because of “lupa”.)

      Running a Google search on “svidja” suggests the language is Serbian.
      Copying the sentence and running it through Google Translate from Serbian to English produces the following:

      “Fine-pounding, [I] like it.”

  14. axass

    Why many Malaysian people like too criticize their own country?
    I (really) don’t think they can manage better if they were given Prime Minister post.
    Mostly because, ‘Melayu, Cina, India, etc mudah LUPA’

    1. gurlisimo

      It’s human nature, grumbling is a form of stress reliever to some people. It’s a way to let off steam when they are told off by their superiors or bosses for coming late, curik tulang, extending tea time, the list go on. It’s always the PM’s fault if they are not rich, it’s Samy Vellu’s fault if their motorcycle’s tires are punctured near Federal Highway, it’s Muhyiddin’s fault if their chickens died of bird flu, yadda yadda yadda. Heck, I sometimes do that too! I guess the best thing is to give constructive criticisms and perhaps write in to the newspapers? The last resort, just rant in Yahoo! Answers, heh.

  15. ΤҺҽ☆ѕоп☆оʄ ☆HεrМєѕ

    In Greek and Roman Mythology, did the gods or people who were close to the gods brand people?
    What I’m asking is this: Did the gods ever order people to brand others or brand people themselves? Where demigods branded or tattooed with some sign to let other people know they are the children of gods?

    Just some theory I have and I need to look into it as something has come up also….

    BQ: In Roman Mythology was the wolf who cared for Remus and Romulus called Lupa?

  16. Shishkabob

    How can I get my Ovcharka to stop howling at squirrels?
    My female, Lupa, howels at squirrels all the time. My house is in the middle of the woods so there are lots of them. It drives Brutus (my other Ovcharka) and I crazy. Anyways, I tried treats and it didn’t work. I tried raising my voice (they both listen to my every command…except this one) and it didn’t work. It is getting to be quite ridiculous. Luckily it is only durring the day as they sleep with me at night.

    1. Munkstump 2

      Squirrels are an effing menace. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun to watch or even rescue if need be. But as a homeowner, they are a menace.
      What seems like a lot of squireels is actually only a few. A family usually occupies an area. Your house is probably only home to a max of 2 families. The best thing to do is get rid of the squirrels. IF you don’t want to shoot them, (i know you have plenty of guns and ninja equipment to use on them) you can always use the relocation traps. They are like $30 but they work pretty good.

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