Sleep apnea is medical condition where there is cessation of the breathing or called apnea when one is sleeping. Generally it is present for 10 seconds or longer and there is associated arousal event. It is common disorder and about 5% of USA population is affected. Many more are diagnosed with advent of sleep lab testing getting done all around the world. It is a medical condition with common symptoms of daytime sleepiness, snoring, fatigue, and many have associated hypertension, diabetes or heart condition. The treatment for sleep apnea is the CPAP machine and for someone who cannot tolerate the use of the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine the alternative treatment is the BIPAP(Bi-level positive airway pressure) machine.

Because of the relation of sleep interruption with the sleep apnea there is relation with chronic fatigue symptoms, fibromyalgia symptoms and many other diseases like increase in risk of heart attack, stroke, worsening of diabetes and increase in weight.

Normal sleep for most adults is around 6-8 hours and for patients with sleep apnea the use of CPAP or BIPAP use should at least 4 hours in initial stage. This may help to improve their underlying chronic fatigue symptoms and decrease in bodily pain if one has and improvement in fibromyalgia symptoms.

The importance of compliance with CPAP or BIPAP machine is needed for over all treatment of sleep apnea and improvement in chronic fatigue symptoms. With that there is also improvement in insomnia sleep symptoms, heart burn or GERD symptoms, restless leg symptoms. For many it may be part of chronic fatigue syndrome treatment as it help to improve the sleep and slow healing and rejuvenation of the body over many months. So at least the CPAP or BIPAP use has to be 4 hours every night but latter slowly increasing to at least 6 hours or more. Generally if one is able to use the CPAP or BIPAP in first couple of months then they will use it long time and don't have difficulty using it later

Some may have struggle using the CPAP or BIPAP initially but one needs to mentally work on and get use to the machine and start using it regularly as it helps to improve sleep and underlying fatigue with regular use of the machine. It is a different life style change but it is like one with diabetes to get use to use of the insulin if one needs to use it. It is also a change for a bed partner as he/she also needs to get use to the CPAP or BIPAP use and the sleeping habit.

After a diagnosis of sleep apnea is made with the sleep study called Diagnostic polysomnography andif confirmed patient needs education about the CPAP or BIPAP machine, the life style change, weight loss in most patients is needed as they are obese, and some may need oxygen if they are hypoxic or have low level of oxygen at night. If that is the case then they will have to have supplemental oxygen be added to the CPAP or BIPAP machine. One needs to get familiar about the CPAP machine its buttons and humidifier and daily maintenance. Thus, there are no confusions about the sleep apnea treatment. It's good to ask a doctor, who began their CPAP or BIPAP this information, and any follow-up action with him and toget education. Education is the key to understanding the disease.

The patient, who regularly uses CPAP or BIPAP will have better outcome on the long run. There is improvement in the symptoms of chronic fatigue if they have. In general, patients with severe sleep apnea or hypoxia will have significant symptoms and are starting to feel better with regular use of the CPAP/BIPAP.

There is improvement of symptoms of the chronic fatigue when one uses CPAP or BIPAP for at least 4-6 hours at night or more. It can take weeks to several months to see the change. If the patient is not compliance with CPAP therapy or BIPAP could have persistent fatigue symptoms.

Chronic fatigue causes are many and sleep apnea is one of the key causes that need to be treated and improve underlying fibromyalgia symptoms also if one has. It also works as fibromyalgia treatment and chronic pain alleviation treatment for many. This is because of the restoration of the sleep and sleep architecture there by body is better rested. Many have other improvements in the symptoms of abdominal discomfort, gas, irritable bowel symptoms, and anxiety symptoms to name a few.

Many patients with sleep apnea many feel like they have adrenal fatigue like symptoms and feels drained out the whole day and it many improve with the use of CPAP. A good sleep hygiene is needed to improvement of sleep and fatigue so is the compliance of the use of the CPAP or BIPAP machine.

A good habit to sleep is from 10 pm to 6 am. This will helps resting body better and rejuvenation with decrease in food craving and restoration of health. It may also weight loss in many as there is sleep restoration and improvement in digestion and fat metabolism. Good sleep is known to reduce the chronic pain syndrome if one has by improving the pain thrush hold.

To summarize blog if one has a sleep apneaone mustuse CPAP or BIPAP least 4-6 hours regularly. If oxygen is required, it must be added to. The Compliance with the use of CPAP or BIPAP help about all health improves sleep and health in general. It can help the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and improves the quality of life.

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