If your doctor has told you that you have Thrombocytopenia it means your platelet count is below less than 150,000 platelets per micro liter of blood. So now you are asking yourself “what causes low platelets and is this a serious problem?”

This can be a problem because with low platelets you increase the risk of bleeding, especially from the nose and gum line and you bruise more easily. And if platelets are below 150K than they could drop lower causing internal bleeding. The good thing is platelets need to get pretty low (10K) for that to happen.

What causes low platelets? There are many causes and it is important to identify. To do this your doctor will have to run a series of test, working to eliminate as many possibilities as he can. First he will consider the conditions that cause the bone marrow to stop producing enough platelets.

Certain types of cancers of the lymph system or leukemia can be the culprits. But in most cases test are negative. A viral infection can interfere with blood counts and if discovered a treatment of antibiotics will be in order.

Low platelets can be caused by some medications, vitamin deficiencies and even excessive alcohol consumption. These also can interfere with the bone marrow production. In rare cases it could be a genetic condition.

In many cases the bone marrow is producing enough platelets but they are being removed too fast from the blood. Again viruses and drugs could be causing this. Another possibility, and this is being seen more and more is an autoimmune disease where platelets are being targeted and destroyed. ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is where the immune system actually produces antibodies against its own platelets, destroying them.

There is a very rare case caused by pregnancy or an overwhelming infection where the clotting mechanism is activated for no reason (DIC). Small clots form through out the body using up the platelets causing the counts to drop. With this a person is usually very ill.

Sometimes a lab error can cause a false reading on your blood counts. Repeating the test will expose this. A second opinion is always recommended before treatment is wasted on something that doesn’t exist.

The bottom line is that much can be done to increase platelets before they get so low as to be life threatening. You will need to be involved in your diagnosis and treatments. Another words be personally responsible for your health. Make needed changes in your life style if necessary just don’t expect the doctor to do it all with pills.

There are many ways to increase platelets naturally without harsh drugs that can damage the body with serious side effects. Many have discovered ways to increase platelets that their doctors did not even consider. Be sure your doctor is willing to cooperate with you in this regard.I suggest a nutritional orientated doctor or a naturopathic doctor. Good health to you.

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  1. Ana Maria

    Insane joint pain, everywhere. Things popping out?
    Shoulders are rolling out of place, popping constantly, the pain is unbearable even with the pain medication my orthopedic doctor prescribed. My orthopedic doctor actually left my case and said to find a ryhumatologist. There is literally only one in my state who can legally see me and it will take months since he’s the only one! My mum is considering just taking me to the ER of the hospital he works at so treatment can be started at least sooner. I’ve missed a week of school because of the pain and I can’t do this any longer. The TENS unit doesn’t do anything for the pain, neither does the medication. (tramadol). All I’ve managed to do is sleep and cry. Please, any suggesting what it could be,(it’s be suggested Lupus, Fibromyalgia, ect.) ANY ideas for what it could be and any temporary relief. I can’t live like this any longer. I’m only 14. 🙁
    Thank you J. Put a smile on my face. Means a lot just for caring. <3 :')

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      I’m sorry you’re going through this. It sucks being so young and having medical problems, it’s even worse when you’ve not been given a diagnose. I’ve been unwell since I was 11, I’m now 21 and I have been given a few diagnosis, but I still have symptoms that can’t be explained. So I can empathize with you.

      No one on here is a doctor, so we’re not going to be able to give you a diagnosis, but I have done quite a lot of research.

      This doesn’t sound like Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a neurological condition that causes pain in muscles and fibers. Lupus is an autoimmune disease and can’t be diagnosed based on symptoms. From your symptoms though, it doesn’t sound like Lupus would explain your symptoms.

      One strong possibility is Hypermobile Joint Syndrome. It’s a condition where your joints move further than normal. Dislocation is one main symptom. Another possibility is Elhers Danlos Hypermobility. Many doctors think that Hypermobile Joint Syndrome and Elhers Danlos Hypermobility are one in the same. But it doesn’t really matter which diagnosis is made because treatment is very similar.

      If you are in this much pain and your medication isn’t helping, then I definitely think you should go to ER. You shouldn’t have to put up with feeling like this.

      I don’t understand why your orthopedic doctor couldn’t continue to treat you, or at least order blood tests to start ruling things in and out.

      Good luck, I hope that you get some answers soon.


  2. Terisa

    Can anyone diagnose me?
    My name is Terisa and I am in desperate need of help! I am 19 years old and have been very ill for almost a year now. I have seen several doctors (including specialists), had hundreds of tests, and even more medications and treatments to no avail. I am getting pretty desperate because the nature of my illness is one that restricts me to home, limits me to few activities, and most importantly, keeps me in constant pain. I am hoping that somewhere out there is my House. I am looking for a doctor looking for a challenge or someone that has struggled with illness that may have answers! I am willing to take any suggestions so if anyone has any idea of what I could have, please feel free to put in your two cents! And please don’t hold back because of how serious a diagnoses you have. I’ve been told I have all sorts of terrible diseases so I’m not shy about that. The following are my symptoms.

    *Wide spread, chronic, severe pain that is worst in the knees, hips, and back. The pain is made worse by movement, sitting, standing, exercise, walking, bending over, crouching down, and on bad days, laying down. The pain is helped by narcotic pain killers and heat but never goes away completely. A normal day my pain is between a 5 and 7 on the pain scale. With drugs, a 3 to 6 (The pain started March 2nd, 2009. At the time I was diagnosed with a bulging disc but I have since been undiagnosed. However the pain mimics that of a bulging disc if that helps.)

    *Chronic, debilitating fatigue. This is more recent than the pain.

    *Insomnia (I have always slept well before this.)

    *Hair loss

    *Cold Intolerance

    *Clotting disorder (This one is bizarre. I have never had a problem until recently when I started bleeding into a bruise (blood started to pool under the skin at bruise site) and had a nose bleed for 2 hours. Tests show that I have a problem with my clotting time and my Factor 7 is high.)

    *Severe abdominal pain (Severe abdominal spasms that bring me to my knees. I have been diagnosed with IBS but I include this as a symptom just in case.)

    *Joint stiffness and weakness.

    *Numbness, tingling, and weakness in left leg and lower back (this is why they thought I had a bulging disc.)

    *Occasional twitching and shaking

    *Extreme changes in appetite (sometimes I can’t eat and sometimes I can’t stop.)



    *Stomach Ulcer (this might be stress related or some bizarre manifestation or what I have, I don;t know yet.)

    *Changes in menstrual cycle even though I am on birth control and have been for 2 years.

    *Irritability, anxiety, and depression.

    Now here is the really bizarre part. I have been tested for and do not have: Hypothyroidism, Leukemia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, A factor 7 disease, pregnancy, or anemia. This is where I stump everyone. I test negative for everything! So this is where I need help. If anyone has an idea of 1) What else I could possible have or 2) how it is possible that I could have the above mentioned things and test negative.

    Well thanks for your time and help. I really appreciate anything anyone can offer me!

    Thanks again.

    1. Rockford

      I’ll just throw some ideas out there

      -Severe abdominal pain, diahrea and hair loss can be from adrenal insufficiency.

      -Irritability, extreme increases in hunger and insomia and body wide pain can be from increase in cortisol levels like in cushings syndrome which doesn’t really match but I thought I would mention it.

      -depression and insomia is understandable if you are in pain and can’t get a deep night sleep. I’m in chronic pain a sleep study showed I woke up 9 times every hour without knowing it. Hypothyroid also causes insominia but you were checked for that.

      -Discomfort in the stomach when bending over can be from a hiatal hernia.

      Pain in the joints and body, numbness and tingling can be from Oedema (swelling) which may not be obvious. Some girls get Idiopathic Cyclic Edema.

      Low vitamin C can cause fatigue, extreme joint pain and bleeding. Low vitamin D can cause body pain and fatigue.

      Cold intolerance can be from not eating enough calories, cold agglutnin disease, infection, etc. I would also look up Hughes Syndrome which is closely related to Lupus (although it doesn’t fit with your nose bleeds). You can also have low iron body stores without being anemic.

      I would look up Reiters Snydrome if you have joint pain and were sexually active. I would get off the birth control to see if the joint pain is a drug reaction.

      I gave you one link for a rare blood cancer that causes bleeding

      I hope I don’t send you on a wild goose chase since I have no medical background. It’s best to remember back when the first symptoms started and what was it. Don’t get side tracked with new symptoms that are a result of medication. I hope you find a answer without having to dig too much.

  3. dressed_2_kill_2008

    What is the most effective treatment for the swelling seen with Lupus?
    It can take upto 7 years to diagnose Lupus, but I’m swelling up all the time. My doctor has tried a couple of different medications to increase urination to decrease swelling, but I’m still swelling. If I have lupus or a closely related disorder, how do doctors treat the swelling.

    1. Linda R

      Lupus is an inflammatory disease. In other words, it causes swelling. The treatment depends on the nature of the swelling. If your joints are swollen, then you would take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen or naproxen. It it is very bad you might add steroids. If you have inflammation in organs chemotherapies or biologics would be prescribed. If you are retaining fluid, which is what it sounds like, you should restrict salt intake and take diuretics as prescribed by your doctor.

  4. Suman J

    Vesculitis treatment suggestion?

    I have been suffering from problems at both of my legs since 1983. Ulceration followed by pus discharge at both legs. It has been treated by different doctors as under,

    1983 –> Pyoderma
    1984 –> Postular Eruption
    1985 –> L.S.C
    1986 –> L.S.C
    1987 –> Pyoderma
    1988 –> Chronic Ulcer +S.D
    1988 –> Deep fungal Mycosys (Ketoconazole 1*2*20 days
    1*1*20 days
    1989 –> Dignosed as Lupus Vulgaris
    1995 –> Vaculitis by Dr Pasricha AIIMS (Treated with Dexona pulse every month for 2 years)

    Currently using crepe bandagee. No medication, but still small ulceration happens some time (once in 3-4 months).

    I am looking for suggestion as to how to go ahead for further treatment.

    Suman Jha

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  5. LeiaNow

    why would my neurologist write academic/work inhibition on his report?
    I’m interested if anyone else with epilepsy has had some of the same problems I describe or has had this term used in reference to themselves.

    I saw my neurologist for a follow-up visit a couple of weeks ago. When he asked how I was doing I said I was much more tired than usual and not feeling as sharp at mental tasks, keeping up in conversations, etc. I have been having trouble finding the right words and engaging in some word substitution. Not anything that would highly noticeable to others but discomforting to me as I used to be pretty quick on the uptake.

    He had me do a few simple word tests and said everything was fine, that it’s probably a combination of things like medication, sleep problems, and normal age related changes. I am on medication for simple partial seizures as well as some non-specific autoimmune problem (suggested to be lupus) but I’m only 50. Personally I think seizure drugs can dull your mental faculties and I was hoping he might lower my dose a little to see.

    Later on when I the diagnosis report for the office visit ( you can do this online at this hospital) he had written Academic/Work Inhibition. I took that to mean slow response time or something of the sort since that’s what it feels like to me, but when I looked it up it’s a term used for a mental disorder, one that’s often used for people, often kids, who have a disinclination to complete tasks, or who do poorly in school, and the recommended treatment is talk therapy.

    This does not sound like me at all. I’m worried I’m not working as well as I should be. So I was a little surprised and concerned because took nearly 2 years to get control of the seizure disorder because many of the doctors I saw when this began just wrote me off as having anxiety attacks and this is the doctor that finally did the right tests and solved the puzzle.

    He didn’t mention any of this to me at the appointment so I’m hoping it’s just a catch-all term for insurance or something. However if he thinks this is some sort of social anxiety disorder I feel like I’m back where I started.

    1. melanie

      I would just say to wait and ask him because it could say that for a variety of reason like for insurance purposes or he checked the wrong box kinda thing on the form or mixed up his files or anything really…I don’t see any correlation between academic/work inhibition and what you described personally…

  6. da_shermanator2004

    Does anyone know what herbs or foods are good for someone who has lupus? Or even known home treatment.?
    My mom was recently diagnosed with lupus and had pains on her joints, muscles, and back. After taking her to many clinics and hospitals, she finally found some medication that wasn’t too strong but was good enough to calm her pain. I just wanted to know if anybody has had experience or just knows if there is any foods or treatments that are good for helping with lupus. I want to be able to reduce the chances of seeing her bedridden again like she was before.

    1. christibro40

      Hi I have Lupus, am an owner of an online support group and one of the groups main researchers. If your looking to reduce her pain through diets and a couple of healthy non organ supplements I will post an almost finished article im working on for the group.
      To start, foods that are high in flavonoids are proven to be powerful anti-inflammatory foods. There are other foods, but we will start with this class. The reason they help pain, is that they help repair collagen structures. These enzymes are secreted in our white blood cells during inflammation. They also prevent free-radical damage with their antioxidant action.

      Grapefruit Juice (may have drug interactions so check with pharmacists)
      Grapefruits (may have drug interactions as well)
      Grapes (red)
      Hawthorn Berries
      Orange Juice
      Oranges (specifically Valencia)
      Plums (Blue, Yellow)
      Raspberries (Red, Black)

      Cabbage (Red)
      Parsley (fresh if possible)

      Beans (Dry)
      Chocolate (Dark, Semisweet)
      Sage (Fresh if possible)
      Wine (Red)

      Fennel (bulbs, stalks, leaves, seeds)
      Mustard Greens
      Swiss Chard
      also included if you can handle spicy food, are cyanne pepper (red pepper), any chili peppers, Curris (found in Indian food)

      also anything in supplement containing omega 3 or 6 derived from fish oil or flax oil.

      the best non medication treatment, is also water exersice. the arthrise (sp) foundation can provide a listing of pools in your area that hold classes.

      hope this help. you can always email me. I have a ton of reasearch information on lupus. and articles written by me on research done, and articles pulled written by dr’s

  7. maribela

    Why would my husband leave me today because I’m too sick to celebrate 4th of July?
    I am very ill with lupus and yesterday and today I have been extremely sick,especially with all the treatments the doctor has me on.When my husband woke up today he woke me and told me to get ready that he wants to go BBQ.I told him I couldnt go anywhere,that i was way too sick.He got very upset and told me that he’s not going to allow me to ruin his 4th of July!I’m not trying to ruin anything,I love 4th of July and I was looking forward to spending it with him and our kids but I cant predict when I will be sick.So just to make him happy I got out ogf bed and told him I will go,but then he said he was going to be drinking alot today so he hopes i will be able to drive.He knows my doctor doesn’t want me driving with the medication I am on,so I told him i will not put my children at risk for his stupidity.So he got more upset and told me to f*ck off and got his stuff and left.Should I accept him back because i know he will be crying back to me when hes done having his fun?

    1. Lady T

      Wha the hell is this??? Seriously, I be thinking that the questions that people ask are just fake because they sound so unrealistic. If this is true he’s a selfish, childish, a**hole! WTF??? What kinda husband does that to his sick wife? You’d be a fool to take him back. Obviously he doesn’t love you if he doesn;t care about your health. i wonder what he would say if you went into a coma today. “Man it’s all her fault that I missed out on a BBQ!”

    1. hello


      Your best bet would be seeing a Rheumatologist for the Lupus and some of the Fibromyaliga. I also see a chiropractor for my joint pain.

      I am not sure where you live but below you will find a link to some recommended doctors that may be in your area.

  8. Amb_writes (is writing again)

    Some help with the start of my short story? (+how is N.O.W. going?)?
    Mikey was born with Lupus.

    That’s pretty much all there is to say about my life. I was eight years old when my mother was rushed into the emergency room and induced for labor due to complications with the pregnancy.
    Everyone was there in the waiting room; grandma, grandpa, my sister, dad and even my aunt and uncle. Yet not one person asked me how I was feeling, if I was okay. All the attention was focused on the infant who wasn’t moving in room E4.
    The Doctor came out and told my father that the baby had just barely made it. Something was very wrong but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. My family seemed to react strongly though. Aunt Helen jumped up to call someone, my father rushed down the hall after the doctor and grandma started to cry.
    I ended up left alone with grandpa, who just stared at the white hospital wall in silence.

    That was seven years ago. Our family has lost bundles of money to the medication and treatments needed to help Mikey. I had to give up any hopes of after school sports or hanging out with friends to watch Mikey. Mother was so afraid to leave him alone for even a moment incase he got sick. Children with Lupus are prone to seizures, excessive vomiting, swelling, nose bleeds and blurred vision.
    Whenever dad was at work and she needed to run to the store for more medicine or food, she left him under my watch.
    Sometimes I would just play video games while he slept and then sometimes I would take him on a walk. He could never make it past the block before he’d get tired or dizzy. It would result in me carrying him back home, the neighbors staring.

    1. This is a sweet nickname, man

      Woah, you changed the whole thing. Or is this a new story? I’m liking this a lot, but a few issues:

      Fifth sentence (I think): Should be a colon before a list, then a comma (or a semicolon, I’ll have to double check, but that’s a FANBOY) at the end, before ‘yet.’ At one point in the second section it seems to turn into a medical textbook briefly. Trust your readers to know enough about lupus that we, at least, won’t be shocked when we see these symptoms.

      I really like the first two sentences, but it feels a little bit like you’re pushing the ‘ignored child’ angle. I like the idea, but in my head I keep thinking the second sentence could read ‘our lives.’ There’s also a big time shift between when he’s born and she’s (she, right?) taking him for a walk. Or, it feels that way because you switch tenses in the second segment – ‘That was seven years ago,’ but then you stay in past tense, even though you just implied present. Try ‘Seven years later…’ or ‘After seven years…’ something like that.

      +I think I’m going to give up on NOW, having completely failed. What’s the life of a writer filled with successes, right?

  9. stu110185

    does anyone have or know about lupus?
    my girlfriend has lupus which she started off with just the anti-bodies but she now has ‘full lupus’. everyday she is in tears through the pain and the doc’s dont seem to be doing enough for her. all he is interested in is that she smokes..lol.. but i am really begining to doubt her consultant. she has an appoitment later today and i need some info on cures, treatments ect so i can give a good argument as i have never really said alot in these appointments but i feel the time has come for me to step up and challange the doc.lol. she has had different types of medication all to which have done nothing for her. all i want is for her pain and swelling to be under control and to see her happier and be able to do more for herself.. give her the independance back… she struggles with the more easy things like turning a tap, picking up the kettle all things she needs to do when im at work including caring for our 3 year old… someone please HELP!!!! thank you
    her doc is a specialist in this field i forgot to add that so surely he could make her more at ease with it
    she is only 25 and has had it for 2 years i know there is no cure but if there are any suggestions of good pain relief

    1. Linda R

      1. 1 in 170 Americans has lupus. 9 out of 10 are women. 80% will be diagnosed between the ages of 14 and 45.

      2. Smoking is especially bad for lupus patients. It make EVERY symptom worse. The doctor’s question is very important and not at all funny.

      3. Every lupus patient manifests different symptoms but 90-95% will have joint pain and inflammation.

      4. There is no cure. The treatment goal is control symptoms and prevent permanent damage.

      5. Treating lupus is very challenging. Each person responds the the meds differently. So Cellcept may work for me, but not for the next person. Methotrexate might work for that one or Imuran for the next. Most lupus patients stay on a life long regimen of Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine). It is best for her to develp and open relationship with the practitioner as they work together to find out what works for her.

      6. Most lupus patients experience symptoms all the time, but they come and go in severity. Lupus is a chronic illness. It lasts as long as you do. Lupus patients who live the fullest life possible take charge of their health in many ways-body,mind, spirit and view their doctors as partners. Once that realization is reached, you and your girlfriend can work together to create a “new normal.”

  10. kerrbear

    A difficult question regarding Lupus (SLE type) can a Dr. or other knowledable person tell help me?
    Okay, I was dx’d with lupus 23 yrs. ago. My kidneys failed requiring dialysis and a transplant about 13 years ago after a serious flare and a long hospital stay for treatment a Nocardia infection which left me with abscesses in my lungs and brain. The Nocardia was thought to be brought on by treatment for a serious flare in progress which was being treated with a once a month with IV therapy and tablets I took at home. I cannot remember the name of the med. but it was a drug used to treat some types of cancer. Yes, I was very ill, had seizures and required to have a ventilator and tracheotomy to breathe and was on TPN for a month and a half or better. My kidneys failed at that time. After I was well enough I had a transplant and subsequently put on immunosupressives to maintain the graft. I have had no flares since my extended hospital stay for the Nocardia. My nephrologist told me that many times Lupus kind of fizzles out after it destroys a major organ. Why they do not know, one theory is that the immunsuppressive therapy play a part which makes sense. If this is true then why do they not use these medications to treat a flare? Is this due to the potential complications associated with the immuosuppression therapy or another reason? Or is it something associated with losing my kidneys that burns the Lupus out? During the time in dialysis I also had no flares and was actually weaned completely off prednisone I might add.

    1. cb

      Sometimes they do use them, but this is only a very recent development. Now that they have made the anti rejection drugs suffer they have been using them in limited cases of SLE and other immune conditions.

      I was recently treated in this way and it saved my kidneys.

      So all I have to say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Sadly, your suffering and others like you provides the research to use these medications on people more newly diagnosed.

      I am only sorry they didn’t have the chance to use it for you.

      I wish you all the best and pray for your continued good health and longevity.

      My sincerest thanks

  11. Amb_writes (is writing again)

    Need some help with a short story of mine?
    So…I’m aware that this is probably full of mistakes but I’m not doing my best writing tonight and would like some help. Any revision, editing or advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks guys.

    Mikey was born with Lupus.
    That’s pretty much all there is to say about my life. I was eight years old when my mother was rushed into the emergency room and induced for labor due to complications with the pregnancy.
    Everyone was there in the waiting room; grandma, grandpa, my sister, dad and even my aunt and uncle. Yet not one person asked me how I was feeling, if I was okay. All the attention was focused on the infant who wasn’t moving in room E4.
    The Doctor came out and told my father that the baby had just barely made it. Something was very wrong but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. My family seemed to react strongly though. Aunt Helen jumped up to call someone, my father rushed down the hall after the doctor and grandma started to cry.
    I ended up left alone with grandpa, who just stared at the white hospital wall in silence.

    That was seven years ago. Our family has lost bundles of money to the medication and treatments needed to help Mikey. I had to give up any hopes of after school sports or hanging out with friends to watch my little brother. Mother was so afraid to leave him alone for even a moment incase he got sick. Sometimes he would come down with a bad fever or his nose would begin to bleed and mom would panic. Her worst fear was that he might have a seizure or faint and hit his head.
    Whenever dad was at work and she needed to run to the store for more medicine or food, she left Mikey under my watch.
    Sometimes I would just play video games while he slept and then sometimes I would take him on a walk. He could never make it past the block before he’d get tired or dizzy. It would result in the neighbors staring as I carried him piggyback-style home.

    My life was basically trimmed down to school and Mikey. My parents were too busy working to pay off the medical bills and fussing over him to pay any attention to me.
    I guess that’s what led me to make the wrong decision on that fateful Monday afternoon.

    As usual, dad was at work and mom was in our bedroom taking Mikey’s temperature. He was running a fever – again. His face was flushed and sweat beaded down off his forehead as he cried.
    I was so used to the sound of his tears that I didn’t even bother to try and comfort him as my mom was doing.
    “It’s okay sweetie. I’ll make the pain stop, I promise.” She sobbed over him as she tipped the cup of medicine into his little round mouth.
    His only answer was a shrieking sob that echoed off the white walls.
    “Sam,” Mom turned to me. I knew the question before she asked it. “Would you be a dear and watch your little brother while I run to the store and get some more medicine? The poor guy has used up his last bottle.”
    She left without waiting for an answer. Mikey pushed himself up on shaky arms to watch me play my video game.
    “What are you doing?” He asked, his voice trembling with weakness.

    “What does it look like?” I grunted. Sometimes he could ask the stupidest questions.

    “Can we go on a walk?”

    I turned to look at my brother. He had an eager look on his face.
    “Mikey, mom’s out getting you more medicine. You know we aren’t supposed to leave the house unless she’s home and knows where we are.” I answered. “Besides, you’re running a high fever.”

    “Please?” He whined. “I really want to go on a walk!”

    I tried my best to ignore him but he wouldn’t quit. “Fine, get your shoes.”

    I knew mom would kill me for this but I wasn’t in the mood to put up with his pleas. The kid wanted to go for a walk so I’d take him on one.

    The air was humid as we walked down the sidewalk. For once, all the neighbors seemed to be either gone or inside, avoiding the heat. It was nice not having them gawk at Mikey. You’d think they would be used to seeing his flushed face and small frame by now.

    “Sam, it’s hot.” Mikey looked up at me, his face redder than usual.

    “Look, you asked to go on a walk so we’re going to make it at least one more block before we go back. I’m sick of you begging for something and then changing your mind.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him along down the road. He resisted for a moment but eventually gave up and kept walking along side me.
    I wiped a bead of sweat off my forehead. We were almost two blocks from home and the sun was beating down on my back.

    “Sam, please, can we go back?” Mikey begged. “Please? I promise I won’t ask to go on another walk.”
    “Shut up Mikey. We’re almost there.” I answered, annoyed.

    “But it’s really hot and I don’t feel good.” His voice was weak.

    I turned and looked at him. He was right, he didn’t look so good. His face was a deep red and his nose was beginning to bleed. I’m not sure what it was – stubbornness or just plain stupidity – but I kept going.
    “You’re fine.” I barked.

    Suddenly, Mikey dropped

    1. Unkurg (Needing some time to address a few things)

      Hi Amb,

      This is a bit too long for me to do line-by-line, like I usually do with you, but I will point out a couple of things:

      “It’s okay sweetie. I’ll make the pain stop, I promise.” She sobbed over him as she tipped the cup of medicine into his little round mouth.–Here I would omit “over him”, and possibly “little round”.

      “The Doctor”–you do not need to capitalize “doctor” when you use it in this context.

      “My family seemed to react strongly though.”–This is a bit passive. “My family reacted strongly” is better, though if you can figure out a way to get rid of the adverb “strongly” it would be better still.

      “incase”–This may be just a typo, but this is two words (in case).

      This isn’t as bad as you think it is. It needs some work, sure, but I would not discard it.

  12. kcksmom

    Is it possible to get an appointment with pain management without needing a direct referral from…?
    anyone other than a rheumatologist?

    I’ve got signs of an autoimmune disorder that has been causing me pain nearly everyday of the past year.. My doctor’s office keeps passing me around and I’m just as frustrated as they are trying to see what is wrong with me. My insurance gave me numbers to three pain management (anestesia / nerve block / or medicine giving docs) to help with what my family practitioner (whom has actually just been my childrens’ doctors mainly for the past year after he helped with the baby stuff) wanted to just call “fibromyalgia” because I’ve tried everything from lyrica, tramadal, cymbalta, etc… I even the past 3 weeks have been trying to handle my daily pain with no medication and have progressively gotten worse, I wake up with my legs cramped, back contortioned into the letter “c” and my feet throwing up gang signs… I have apparently not been able to handle this and over the phone they prescribed a sleeping pill and muscle relaxer as I was getting NO sleep due to this progressive pain. Then I get a call that the blood tests they took show signs of RA or Lupus. high sed rate, crp, etc. SO… I do not want to go back to my regular doctor who had done nothing but try to throw me under the fibromyalgia rug (which i DO believe exists ~ my sis and mother and 2 very dear friends have) because they don’t know how to make me stop hurting. (I’m also very vit. D deficient I’ve been on a prescription dose 11 weeks in a row daily and re-draw showed that there was NO change in my vit. d levels at all, no increase, something is eating my vitamin D, lol) Whatever this blood test showed most recently got my rheumatology apt. moved three weeks closer than it was (hard appt to get into, I guess) and now I get to see them on the 7th and I technically have no one to give the results to… ?

    Now, the insurance company gave me numbers of diff types of pain mgmt companies and I’m wondering if I can just forward the Rhm. reports to them? or do I have to pay some other person in the middle? is a pain management doctor even a doctor that helps with diagnosis and ongoing treatment that would be other than a specialist?

    i’m so lost.

    1. peanut

      Call the numbers and find out. Most places require a referral from your primary care doctor. The pain management doctor is able to diagnose your condition and advise the type of treatments that could help you. No need to go to another doctor unless they recommend surgery.

  13. science geek

    I have lupus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia, what can I do?
    I am 16, my family has no money to take me to any more doctors, so I can’t get treatment or medication anymore, the doctor I’ve seen for it since I was 10 is no longer covered in our insurance plan, no general practice doctors or pediatricians will even see me, and I can tell that I’m in one of the worst flares I’ve had in years… is there anything at all I can do?

    1. JMITW

      how do you know you have fms in addition to SLE and arthritis..

      fms is highly overdiagnosed by many docs who use it as a general label for pain

      many docs say the pain of sle is fms

      it is possible yo have all 3–but you really need to be your own doc and not just listen to the so called professionals

      there are pediatric rheumatologists..have you called your insurance company to get a list.

      i have taken to just writing a letter and expalining my situation and asking the docs if they can help me….when i call they say yes, of course, i wait months for an appt..they just talk fast and run out without doing their jobs

  14. SCC

    For those of you who are opposed to nationalized healthcare?
    Some of the comments sound like people think that anyone without healthcare coverage simply is not willing to pay for it.

    However, what about families who cannot find full time jobs and have to work 2-3 part time jobs to support their families in high unemployment areas

    What about employees who work for temp agencies and cannot get health insurance, or the coverage available will pay out no more than what you pay in premiums (or even less).

    What about those families who must remain at home to care for family members requiring around the clock care.

    What about low income families who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, yet they are still barely above the federal poverty guidelines?

    What about those who are unemployed and cannot afford the COBRA premiums (even with the stimulus plan), or worse yet, cannot qualify for COBRA.

    What about those people who have health conditions that prevent them from working full time.

    What about those people who require medications in order to function on a job (issues such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, diabetes, lupus, MS) or cannot handle any type of a full time job due to medical or mental issues?

    Do you sincerely feel that all of these people should just continue to go without treatment. Do you also realize that unpaid medical expenses are causing problems for medical practitioners in maintaining practices.

    Do I understand that you don’t care?

    1. Mv

      Unfortunatley yes – look at their pathetic responses – these are ignorant people who care nothing about anyone other than themselves and their money.

  15. Anonymous

    Will I ever be thin again?
    Okay, so I am 13 years old, and I have lupus of the brain, which also cause lesions to develop on my brain. I am on tons of medication, as well as I am being treated with chemotherapy once a month (jan will be my third treatment and im supposed to have either 5 or 7). Im puffy and overweight from all of the meds and chemo, but thankfully, I am weaning down on prednisone (corticosteroid) 10mg every four weeks or so, today I just cut back from 50mg to 40mg.
    I have been on pred since june 2010 at 30mg, then this past sepember i went shooting up to 60mg.
    Anyway, as I sid I am weaning off the pred, and hopefully I’ll be done my chemo at 5 treatments rather than 7.
    But, I am a teenaged girl, and Im fat and ugly, so you can imagine my biggest concern is of my weight, and the way I look.
    At what dose of prednisone will I start to lose my puffiness, and lose the weight.
    Also I will never be fully off prednisone either.
    And will I be THIN for my Grade 8 Graduation (June 2011) ?
    Inspiring and motivational answers only please!
    to AngryBunny,
    if you had nothing inspiring or motivational to say, then why did you say anything at all.

    1. Aragorn

      Dear young lady,
      Your first order of business is to get yourself healthy. Of course you will be slim again. The side effects of many of those powerful medications may be unpleasant, but they will pass completely as you no longer need them and stop using them. There will be time for you to do all of that, but your health must come first.
      I know it sucks that you’re dealing with this at your age, but it will pass. You’ll have time to be beautiful on the outside as well as inside. Try to be patient with your self and your treatment.

  16. KevinMac

    Lupus is difficult to treat. As long as I’ve been studying it, it seems to evade answers. The reason is that it is a disease like AIDS, it destroys the body. Sometimes it attacks the brain, sometimes the kidneys, eyesight etc. The ONLY thing that can slow down this awful disease is Prednisone. Prednisone will immediately shock the system into stopping this self-destruction, depending on the dose. The adreanal glands produce approximately 7 mg of steroids that the body needs in order to help the hormones stay in balance. When the human body begins to take Prednisone, the Adrenal glands shut down, forever. There has never been a study that supports the theory that the Adrenal glands can re-start-up, once they have been shut down or driven to sleep. Therefore, the Prednisone MUST keep coming. The difficult balance is to keep the disease at bay, while keeping the body healty enough to fight the common cold. When the human body is suffering with an infection, too high a dose of Prednisone can mask the infection, making the patient believe that they feel wonderful while the truth is that their body is being invaded with infection. Your friend sounds like she has been taking Prednisone for a long time. Her doctor should be notified and he should try to adjust the amount of Prednisone as soon as possible. If your friend is “flaring,” the only thing that will immediately bring the flare into control, is massive doses of Prednisone, after which it is usually brought down by 25mg a day until she is back on a usual dose. Good Luck!

  17. redneck452004

    Does any know anything about central nervous system Lupus?
    I have an 18 year old daughter was diagnosed with Lupus 2 1/2 years ago. Her family doctor has been treating the pain with medication. She recently had an episode where she passed out for nearly an hour. Her neurologist said something about central nervous system lupus. How serious is this type apart from the muscular-skeletal lupus? She hides her pain really well. She has been homebound from school because of her pain for the past 2 semesters. What kind of treatment is available for my baby?

    1. Linda R

      Lupus can indeed affect the central nervous system. It is also important to make sure her passing out was a nervous system issue and not one of the lupus clotting disorders (antiphospholipid antibody syndrome).

      If she is not under the care of a rheumatologist, please consider that. Most family doctors are not trained in the nuances and dangers of lupus. The neurologist, rheumatologist and family doctor need to be on the same page. That is not likely to happen unless you or your daughter take charge and make sure that ALL of her doctors have ALL of the information.

      Some lupus patients also suffer from neuropathy. It sounds like your daughter might benefit by a thorough work up with a few specialists.

      Best wishes.

  18. Nick

    I am a resident in New Jersey and I have lupus is it possible for me to be prescribed medical marijuana.?
    I have many other types of pills and medications and was wondering if there are any benefits from this type of treatment. As well if there are any ways to find out what doctors in nj are able to prescribe it any info would help thanky you.

  19. Alias

    when they treat a patient for lupus chronically can they exercise like jog and stuff i want to be a cop and i?
    have lupus but in order to be a cop i have to be physically fit and some days my lupus gets me down as far as the pain. I was wondering can they treat me with chronic medication and can i be an athlete again? i was just diagnosed with it they’ve run tests and im suppose to go to a specialist soon i was just wondering if you can return to normal after they treat you chronically for it and what kind of treatments for it do they give. Im not on any medication now for it except for the flare up’s im on steriods and pain medicine for that.
    Im going to talk to my doctor about it, but i have to wait two weeks to get in and its driving me crazy. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice out here about it or if anyone was suffering from it.

  20. Jay guy

    Being Sick And My Hair?
    I was sick from 17 to 22 and my hair got thin around age 19 ontop better hasn’t ever thickened back up ontop not that I’m a lot better?

    Could this be from one of the extreme treatments I was on different steriods and verius unpopular medications like remicade and sevral other ones relating to my condition?

    They never found out what it was,crohns, lupus I had extreme symptoms of both but im better now so its werid.

    1. doc49er

      You has something called Tellogen Effluvian. It happens when your body is under extreme stress, like pneumonia, car accident,cancer,extreme weight loss,etc… It usually resolves with time, however, if you have inherited male pattern baldness, it seems to just “fan the flames” of inevitable hair loss.

  21. jaz mie

    what is SLE(Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)?
    please explain to me SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) more, so i can fully understand the illness.
    i want to know about the possibility of death on teenagers who suffer SLE.
    are there teenagers who’re aware of their illness and can already predict when they’ll pass away?
    are there cases like this?
    who are the persons who’re usually having SLE?
    what are the causes?symptoms?treatments?
    do they have medications?


    1. unny

      Systemic lupus erythematosus , often abbreviated to SLE or lupus, is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease (or autoimmune connective tissue disease) that can affect any part of the body. As occurs in other autoimmune diseases, the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage.

      SLE most often harms the heart, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, and nervous system. The course of the disease is unpredictable, with periods of illness (called flares) alternating with remissions. The disease occurs nine times more often in women than in men, especially women in child-bearing years ages 15 to 35, and is more common in those of non-European descent.


      SLE is treatable through addressing its symptoms, mainly with cyclophosphamide, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants; there is currently no cure. SLE can be fatal, although with recent medical advances, fatalities are becoming increasingly rare. Survival for people with SLE in the United States, Canada, and Europe is approximately 95% at five years, 90% at 10 years, and 78% at 20 years.


      SLE is one of several diseases known as “the great imitators” because it often mimics or is mistaken for other illnesses.[7] SLE is a classical item in differential diagnosis,[3] because SLE symptoms vary widely and come and go unpredictably. Diagnosis can thus be elusive, with some people suffering unexplained symptoms of untreated SLE for years.

      Common initial and chronic complaints include fever, malaise, joint pains, myalgias, fatigue, and temporary loss of cognitive abilities. Because they are so often seen with other diseases, these signs and symptoms are not part of the diagnostic criteria for SLE.


      There is no one specific cause of SLE. There are, however, a number of environmental triggers and a number of genetic susceptibilities

  22. Shelly H

    can someone who has lupus give me some advice?
    for the past 5 months…i’ve had a spreading rash on my body…started on my chest (for about 3 months)…didn’t panic about that….but then it spread to my leg, shoulders and arms. I then booked an apt with a well know dermatologist practice in the area. I saw a young trainee and she told me i had ringworm…gave me 2 weeks worth of medication and asked me to get blood work done.
    this didn’t work so when i went back the 2 weeks later…another doctor met with me and said i’m sorry but you don’t have ringworm…we believe its lupus. she said we need to take a skin sample to do a biopsy and will get back to you within 10 days.
    friday willl be the 10th day…but since i’ve met with them 5 days ago….its gotten even worse…should i call up today ????
    also what is the treatment ???
    what helps to cover up the rash ??? spray tan ????
    i just need to know as much info as possible about lupus…i’ve googled of course but i want to hear from someone who has it.
    i have had hair loss….some fatigue (but maybe thats in my head )…and my wrists do ache in winter time……i’m 28 years old !! female
    i know everyone talks about the butterfly rash…i do not have this. – no rash on my face of yet.
    just the other areas i mentioned…starting to see tiny spots coming on my hands and feet.

  23. Ella-Jane C

    Why are my family so unsupportive about mental health things ?
    Mental health issues run in my family. My father was an alcoholic, my mother has OCD (but denies it), my gran used to have anxiety (but no one talks about it), my brother has anger issues and depression . I lived in a domestically violent house and was bullied badly at school and also attacked when i was 15 .

    BUT my mum doesn’t allow us to bring up anything, its all hushed up. My auntie too was ill and my family actually call her the “nutcase” and my mum makes me ignore her if we say see her in the supermarket .

    I have so much anxiety , not only because of my panic disorder, but also because of the nature in which my family treat other members of my family. My mum says that my grandmother was a wimp because she couldn’t contorl her nerves and she shouts at me to 2pull myself together” over my panic attacks.

    I begged her when i was 15 to take me to a doctor but she told me id be locked up and given electoconvulsive treatment (you know that thing in one flew over the coo coo’s nest) . I saw the doctor myself and he said i should just relax more and refused to give me medication . I cant offord private and so I think my doctor is trying not to allow me to see a therapist (comes out his budget) .

    I tried another doctor and she told me becasue i have other medical issues, im on immunosuprresants for lupus, she couldnt prescribe me anything at all.

    Im so ill now i can barely cope , i fear im going to crack up . I keep everthing to myself. My friend has depression and takes paxil or something i looked it up online and im thinking of buying it. I honestly dont care if it would kill me becase at the moment i dont much care about anything.

    Also, my family ridicule my illness calling me lazy as i spend alot of time sleeping. My mum screams at me to grow up as im 20 now. Ive lost most of my friends and im envious and fristrated about my family who dont seem to want to spare me just an hour to tell them how bad i feel.

    1. mlk_maid

      Lupus attacks your organs. Usually a butterfly rash across the nose and cheeks is a common first sign. There are treatments for arthritic that help with inflammation, also chemotherapy in small doses (pill form) help slow it down. I don’t believe there is a specific test to diagnose it. It is usually diagnosed on symptoms. Prognosis depends on the severity of it. A lot of people live a normal life with it.

  24. Mindy

    Should I pursue legal action against this surgeon?
    In April of 2010, I had my right ovary and fallopian tube removed as well as endometrial growths on my left ovary and in the back of my uterus. In my post op visit, I was told that I had a severe case of endometriosis, that I still had growths (in other words, they were not all removed), and that my lupus would complicate my treatment. I was then recommended to take medications that are contraindicated to my condition and the medications I am currently on. Of course, I did not take those medications. I was then recommended to drink herbal teas. I was not even given pain medications.

    Months later, I was still having problems. I bled so badly at one time that I was in need of a transfusion. The surgeon refused to see me because I still had a balance from my previous surgery (a mere $150 that I was paying on and even had a written payment agreement). It was an emergency situation, so I sought a second opinion from another surgeon. It turns out I needed a hysterectomy. In the post op report after the hysterectomy, the new surgeon told me that I had extensive nerve damage and needed reconstruction and that I was by far one of the worst cases he has ever seen. He also said that this did not happen overnight and that the first surgeon should have taken care of of it. He called her negligent and a few other colorful names and actually forwarded her the pictures from the surgery. I’m also having complications recovering from my surgery because of my lupus, a condition the previous surgeon knew I had.

    Should I pursue legal action, or would I be wasting my time? I’m not lawsuit happy at all. I work in the medical profession, and I am well aware of what the consequences of malpractice suits are. However, I used up all of my vacation time during the first surgery, had to have a second surgery when it could have been taken care of the first time around and now have NO income for an entire month, and it also caused me a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering (visits to the ER, blood transfusions, lupus flare ups, missed wages, pain, etc).
    Also, I did sign a consent the first time around that I wanted a hysterectomy if there were overwhelming endometrial growths present, which there were. When I awoke from the anesthesia, I found she had not honored my wishes. I asked her why, and she told me she felt I was “too young for a hysterectomy”.
    I sought my second opinion with a surgeon out of the area. I traveled two hours away because he was highly recommended.

    1. MasterOfUniverse

      You could if you can get the second doctor to agree to testify. Without that, even with medical reports, there would be little chance of success in that the hospital has lawyers on staff specifically to win lawsuits and protect the hospital and doctors. Most doctors will not be willing to testify against another doctor, especially locally, due to the doctor relationship with other medical professionals in the area. I would file a complaint with the Medical Review Board though.

  25. kenbfos

    How do I deal with lupus with out taking drugs?
    I have had lupus for three years, but I just started get treatment from a lupus specialist at Magee womens hospital. I take a small dose blood pressure medication. But my doctor wants me to take plaqunil and prednesone. But those drugs have so many side affects and I hear so many bad things about how they help one thing but then something else breaks down, Then you are on this cycle of adding on medicine after medicine. I want to live, but I don’t want to lose my eyesight, have liver problems, or other complication caused by these medicines. I know their has to be a way of life change, or natural medicine that will help and have less or no side affects. I lived three years without medicine or help. But I do notice that I had more flares lately. I need to make a decision, I recieved my plaqunil in the mail a week ago, i need to decide if I am going to take or find something else that help to present to my doctor at my next appointment. I want to live but not taking alot of medicine

  26. Mia Drummond

    ive been sick and i have my 3rd chemo treatment this wed?
    Okay so i have been sick with the flu, including everything from terrible sick stomach, lack of appetite, cough, stuffed nose, diarrea (sorry if TMI), i vomited once yesterday, and ive been sleeping 15-16 hours each day.
    Anyway i also couldnt take my medication (lupus) yesterday cause my stomach was so upset.
    And i ave my 3rd chemo treatment this wed.
    How will being sick affect the treatment?
    Also i can barely take my pills, i get a terrible sick stomach, what can i do to help with that?

    1. ELLY B

      Don’t you have a helpline you could phone? You need to see your consultant/nurse practitioner as normal before your treatment and he/she will decide. Most of those symptoms could be chemo side-effects anyway.

  27. Dance-a-Holic

    I need help editing my research paper. I’m really bad at papers…..please help!?
    Well, its on lupus. I have the intro and two body paragraphs, and I still need to do the conclusion. So, I was wondering what I should change on my paper, and what I need to add..? I also have to do a powerpoint based on the paper, that should last a minimum of 5 minutes up to 15.

    The reason why I chose this topic was because my dad has lupus, and I wanted to know more about the topic. He was diagnosed with lupus when he was about fourteen years old. He still receives treatment for it by going in for blood tests and taking medication He has the most common form of lupus, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), in which causes the antibodies to react against his own normal tissue. He has arthritis and joint problems, but nothings wrong with his internal organs. To support my dad and other lupus survivors, my family and I all go to the lupus walk in honor of remembering the people who had lupus that died. The things the audience can expect to read in this paper are the different types of lupus, the symptoms, the treatment and cures.
    Lupus is the result of an unbalanced immune system that can be destructive to any organ in the body. It can be categorized into three groups: discoid lupus Erythematosus, systemic lupus Erythematosus, and drug-induced systemic lupus Erythematosus. DLE is always limited to the skin and is identified by a rash that may appear on the face, neck, and scalp. It can evolve into the systemic form, which can affect any organ or system of the body. Systemic lupus Erythematosus is more severe than discoid lupus and can affect almost any organ or organ system of the body. No two people with SLE will have identical symptoms. Drug-induced systemic Lupus Erythematosus occurs after the use of certain prescribed drugs. It is more common in men, because the drugs are given to them more often.
    Lupus is hard to diagnose because it has a wide range of symptoms involving various parts of the body; and symptoms differ from each person. Most people develop painful joints and a rash, but lupus may also cause fatigue, depressions, and kidney problems. The treatment of lupus varies from person to person because each person has different symptoms. Most people with SLE require a regular blood test to check for lupus flares. Medication is the primary medical treatment for lupus. Presently, there are no other methods available to treat lupus because there is nothing else that can have the necessary impact on the immune system. Currently, there is no cure for lupus, but with early diagnosis and proper medical treatment it can significantly help control the disease.

    thanks. it would be much appreciated!!!!

  28. idiotbox2005

    What will happen if I skip taking my prescribed medicines for over a week?
    I have severe Lupus Nephritis since 2003. I was prescribed by my doctors strong medications that (according to them) help control further spread of the disease in my system. The trouble is, in the next four years of treatment, my medications increased from a dozen to up to 43 different pills a day that were a combination of immuno-suppressants, anti-osteoporosis, anti-cholesterol, anti-diuretic and anti-hypertension. It’s like 3/4 of them are there to counter the side effects of the prescribed suppressants. So what made me skip everything for a week now was because I began hating each one of them due to their bitterness. I’m at a loss so could anyone please tell me what to do? Your concern is highly appreciated.

    1. christibro40

      Hi, I have Lupus, and autoimmune hepatitis, like you I take strong, meds, some with very unpleasent side effects, immunosuppresents, at times Ive been on IV chemo, I take liver meds, so many. For I think one month I just totally forgot my liver meds, I felt fine in that area. plus like you I was rather tired of popping so many pills in a day. It just gets tiring and the side effects can be horrendus. well my liver was going into failure, and at the same time I got cebritis of the brain. both together landed me on IV Chemo for almost 6 months.

      If you or if you have already stopped taking your meds for the nephritis or any of the other things, your kidneys will totally shut down, and you will probablly need one of two things. Dyalisis, and or a transplant. also with Kidneys and Lupus, that really is what most lupus paitents die from if your not careful. Im going under the assumption that your on high doses of cellcept of the nephritis. Im on it right now for a flare, like you Im having some side effects, that I need to talk to my dr about. but the good news is you rebeled and only skipped 1 week. you can easily get everything back under control and start again.

      I co-own an online support group for those with Lupus and similar diseases. we all hate what we deal with. but we all have to realize we didnt ask for this, we dont deserve it, but we have it, and this is our lives, we just have to cope with the cards given to us. I think what you did is rather naturaual. I think most of the people in my group have either done it, thought of it, or held back on taking a perscribed med at some point. Just because we get angry, sad, and miss what we were. But at some point we just accept what is. But with Lupus Nephritis, you have to be super careful. and though the pills and side effects stink. to live and get the nephritis under control, you have to take the medication for nopw at the perscribed dose. we have a memeber with nephritis, and she was put on a very high dose of cell cept, but it worked, and they are now lowering her dose slowly.

      I hope this helps

  29. yeahok

    Do doctors join the medical profession merely for a high salary and to attain some form of status?
    I ask because I have yet to meet a general practitioner here in the UK who actually knows what he or she is talking about. Go to them if you are depressed or stressed and they will hand you out a bunch of tablets but when it comes to physical ailments, it seems to me that many do not know a thing.
    For example
    My sister became very, very ill about ten years ago. they said she had depression then hypochondria. It turns out after 18 months they finally discovered she had Systemic Lupus.
    My brother had been suffering from slight twitches from about the age of 12 to 25 – what did the doctors do and say – nothing. I finally diagnosed him with mild Tourettes (I am not a doctor) it was confirmed by a specialist and he was given medication.
    On Sunday I was very ill. I had severe sharp pains in my back, side and front on the right hand side. I went to A & E when the pain was affecting my breathing. I waited 6 hours, they took a urine sample (found blood in it), took and x-ray and then some duty doctor told me I had kidney stones. He sent me off with painkillers and that was that. The pain continued. I tried to make an appointment with my GP. The receptionists did not think it was a big deal. I finally got an appointment for this afternoon.
    I saw this GP who said my xrays had come through and that I did not have kidney stones as the hospital doctor said I had. He seemed to want to leave it like that. I said the pain was still there even with the painkillers and only then did he ask me for another urine sample and then suggested I go back to the hospital for blood tests.

    Is it that UK doctors are rubbish because they are NHS doctors. I am British born by the way. I just wonder if i was rich and went for private care whether the treatment would be better.

    1. Joe

      Sadly, the answer is becoming increasingly “yes” in my opinion. I hate most doctors today, but there are a few decent ones who are hard to find.

      Most of them want to prescribe a pill for every condition, as a first line of attack instead of as a last resort.

      The statement that they “like their jobs” means nothing. What’s not to like about an income well into the six figures? Thieves can like their jobs, also.

  30. Damian

    Is there any insurance my sister can get she just turned 19 and her medicaid was cancelled.?
    We live in Atlanta, GA. My sister just turned 19 and her medicaid was canceled, im trying to see if there’s any coverage or medicaid she can apply for. She has Lupus and kidney malfunction due to her lupus her treatments and medications are to expensive for us and were really struggling with the bills and trying to pay for her treatments. Any help or information will be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

  31. Misty Snow

    What is the best treatment for Lupus Rash?
    My Dr. keeps prescribing different medications, mostly steroid creams for my rash I get from Lupus. None of them seem to work long term, though they all seem to work at first. What is the best medication?

  32. sloan7907

    Non vertigo dizziness. Help!?
    I am a 19 year old female. I have had 3 concussions within 6 months of each other two years ago. I had had constant migraines for a year after the last concussion. I have since then received a DHE infusion treatment for the migraines. I am now pain free for a year, but a constant non-vertigo dizziness with periods of debilitating light-headiness has decided to stick around. I have been given multiple sets of blood work including lupus, lyme, B-12 deficiency, CBC, and Thyroid. Blood work revealed an extremely low iron level, for which iron supplements were given and the levels are back to normal if not slightly higher. Still the dizziness persists. I have had multiple MRI scans to find out if the dizziness and pain was from the concussions and the only thing found was a small shadow in my left frontal lobe, which was determined to be normal and to have most likely been there for years. I have had a ECG and a halter monitor which showed nothing but my heart leaning a little farther to the left, but normal and non harmful. My blood pressure is normal as are my sugar levels. If anyone has any similar symptoms and has had success in finding out the cause or seeking a treatment please let me know. I am not a sophomore in college and am transferring closer to home because of doctors appointments. My next step is acupuncture, but I am not really hopeful at this point.
    I have seen an ENT specialist twice as well, all is well in that department. I have seen a vestibular therapist who has not been able to shed any light on this nor give me suggestions. I have been cleared of any anxiety and panic disorders by a psychologist, who was quite confused as to why I was there at first. I have been on a plane three times since the accidents and they have not seemed to make this dizziness worse during or after. Medications have not worked.

    It is NOT motion sickness. TRUST ME. None of those drugs work.


  33. Solei K

    Is there funding for children with autism?
    I live in Michigan and have a nephew with moderate autism. He’s in need of therapy and a few other forms of treatment that I’m unfamiliar with. My brother makes in the 90k-100k range, but he’s the sole provider for the household. Also, my sister in-law has various health conditions including MS, lupus (not sure I spelled that right), mixed connective tissue disorder, and arthritis just to name a few. Needless to say, much of their income goes to their medical treatment and medications for my sister in-law. Their insurance doesn’t cover much of either of their needs. I know they make a lot, but you’d be surprised how quickly that gets depleted. Does anyone know of any foundations, state funding, or organizations that could help?? Most of the state funding is income based and don’t take into consideration that a lot of their money goes to her treatment as well. Any SERIOUS advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!!

    1. t-rexs

      brother makes too much money == sorry thats the real world – have a child like that on 24K a year and refuse handouts and then think bro has it bad

      help is out there but its for the poor – under 30K

      he has a good job

      his insurance will handle his needs including mental therapy for the child

      sister in law gets her own disability that you probably haven’t been told about called SSI and she is probably on Medicare for her issues – her parents probably put her on it as an early teenager with her laundry list

      if not then she should have been

      sister in law is an adult she can get her own assistance for her needs – she sounds mentally capable — she can get aid herself for her conditions that way brothers money can help the child

      real world sucks, sorry but assistance is for the poor and brother is hardly considered that with or without dependently ill child

  34. Stacey

    Pleas help me?!?! Docs are too lazy to look into it.?
    Since I was a child I started to have widespread musculoskeletal pain. It started in my knees and in my wrists. Now I am 27 and the have consistent but intermittent pain all over my body. This includes sharp pains in my knee caps-especially when I drive, fiery feeling in my wrists-especially when I use my hands, and in the last year soreness in my spinal area from my neck all the way down to my butt. The soreness often goes up my arms and down my legs. The soreness is more intense in my butt/lower back though and the worst of my pain is in my knees/wrists. Like I said, the pains are not knew and they are progressing. I do have IBS, but no tender/trigger points and I am not depressed. I tried physical therapy but it only intensified the pain. I tried occupational therapy and no improvement. I also do not suffer migraines as most fibro patients do. My docs ruled out any type of arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and tendinitis. I’ve never had any MRI/CT scans done, and the docs think I’m making this up. Even though I keep trying to tell them the pain has been around for several years, they ignore it and say that it is all in my head and that I need counseling. This is so frustrating and agonizing, because they are supposed to be helping but are completely ignoring my condition. I never ask for pain medication because it never works anyway, so I’m not sure what reasons would influence me to make up the pain for over 10 years. One last thing, lately I notice that sometimes I will be in a store or standing somewhere and briefly blank out, not knowing where I am. But I will quickly regain my composure and everything will be fine. My sister-in-law is an RN and says I seriously need to see a neurologist and she doesn’t understand why they aren’t doing any tests. She’s known me since I was 14 and knows I am not making the pain up, so it is frustrating her also. What could be wrong with me and what should I do? No only will help ??? I’m at a dead end. They keep sending my in circles doing the same treatments that never even helped before, but they continue to ignore it. I even took lyrica and prozac against my better judgment and it didn’t help after month, but they are annoyed that I am looking for more answers beyond a pill or qick fix. Please help me or send me in a direction where I can find help. I have a 1 year-old to take care of and this pain is ruining my life. I asked the doc to renew my disabled placard and he refused, but it ended up resulting in me falling down a steep flight of stairs due to the intense pain. He could care less and told me to deal with it. Is this how docs usually tread chronic pain sufferers?
    I should also mention that I do have problems concentrating/comprehending/confusing things, but am also told often that I am quite articulate. Sometimes I have dyslexia type symptoms.
    Umm . . . I’m sorry lady. What are you talking about? I’m using my health to escape my situation as a single mother and from taking care of my son alone??? WTF are you talking about? I never said I’m alone and I never said I’m a single mother. See everyone, this is how unfair and inaccurate diagnosis’ are made. She is the perfect example. She made a rash judgment about me being a damsel in distress single mom and I never said that even in the least bit. I appreciate your advice lady, but please don’t judge me without having the facts. I’m not avoiding my son in any way, I absolutely love being about him and the rest of my family who are always there for me. They are just as frustrated as I am!

    1. Valerie

      I agree with your friend the RN. Discovery Health Channel and Mystery Diagnosis. Your doc may have missed that class. Go to a medical center such as a teaching hospital. It’s not all in your head. If you have ever watched mystery diagnosis, that’s the classic diagnosis for “I don’t know and you are bothering me.

  35. dragonstar

    i was recently diagnosed with Narcolepsey and a seizure disoreder.I have had 2 doctors diagnose me with Systemic Lupus and 1 that said, no I didn’t have Systemic only Discoid. I have taken treatment prescribed by an Interologist for Systemic Lupus, which is an anti Malaria medication, it was awfull! I truly feel like I am gonna die, daily! I have been through 19 surgeries and last month my dr recomended that I see a Neurosurgeon for ANOTHER surgery on my back. I am 33, a single mom of 2 kids with no close family, and pretty much no friends, no social life at all, but I wouldn’t beable to maintain a social life anyway.plzzzzz, I am so overwhelmed and exhausted, everything is an effort and I have no energy. I do not want to live this way. what scares me the most is that every year, it gets worse. this cannot be my life, I had dreams and goals I want to play with my kids, right now, I can’t even drive because I had a seizure and ran my car into a parked truck!!! so now there is a medical restriction on my drivers license. I want a job and friends,a boyfriend, I want to drive and take my kids on vacation. I see people all around that don’t appreciate the fact that they are healthy, that they have jobs and friends and family, they take so much for granted. Is there a place that helps people with medical problems like mine? where do I look, go, who do I talk to? what do I do? PLEASE help, I need to know. I do not use drugs, or drink, or smoke. I am on to much medication for any of that, though I wouldn’t do it anyway. I am becoming really depressed and secluded. I don’t leave my house except to go to another Dr, counceling appt. boring!!! what would you do??? I hate living like this.I also have pointless, random racing thoughts constantly and my whole body burns and aches. I am having seizures (multiple) daily I am constantly in pain and feel like my body is going to collapse daily. this sucks soooo bad.

  36. PrincessAsh23

    Do you have Lupus? What kind? What medications do you take and are they working for you?
    Just curious to see who has Lupus and what meds they are taking. My doc gave me Naprosyn (it works for inflammation), Phenergren (for nausea and sleep, it works), Tramdol/Ultram for pain (it sucks) and Percocet for pain (starting to lose it’s touch). Also, my hands, fingers, legs and shoulders ache. Is it possible I might have Rheumatoid Arthritis? I am so tired and my body hurts. Some days good, others bad. If you have Lupus or RA, what treatments seem to work for you??? Any suggestions???

    1. christibro40

      Hi, Im Chris, I have Lupus, and a few other autoimmune diseases. When it comes to medications for Lupus, Its very hard to say what will work for one individual or another. i do know this. When it comes to narcartics, you can take one for only so long before it starts to loose its potency, soon the body becomes resistant to its ability to aid in pain managment. I have been on them all. From Vicoden to oxycontin and morphine. Right now, even with pain, I am on Vicoden. I keep it to 2 a day so I do not oversaturate my body, and build a resistance. It seems to be working. Naprosyn taken over long periods, can eat away at your stomache having long term affects, I dont take it or anything for joint pain speciffically. I have had Lupus diagnosed for over 12 yrs, undiagnosed since my teens. When it comes to your hands, fingers, legs and shoulders, it may be possible you are experiencing Fibrthe brain, giving fibromyalgia on top of it, and would need a different class of medication entirely.

      In my case I am on Plaquinil, Ive benn off/on Cellcept (I have somthing called cebritis which affects my brain, causing migranes and seizures) and it can make them worse, while making other symptoms better. I was on IV Cytoxin for it a Chemotherapy/immunosuppresent last year. But over the years, I have been on prednison, Methotrexate, Imuran, As well as amptrityline, and other antideppresent. which were not perscribed for the depression, but for muscle pain. If you have nerve pain, they perscribe things like nuerotin and other medications that work on your nervous system.

      Lupus, changes it face all the time and is called the great pretender, and medications usually have to be changed often, or altered. You really need to go back to your rhemotologist, have a good talk with him/her, and be reevaluated. It seems your symptoms are changing, and that it may be time that new medications may be needed. I do not think you have RA, but they can test your blood to be sure, it sounds more like you may have fibromyalgia. which I will give you some links for, and require very different meds than what your on now.

      I do co-own a Lupus/autoimmune support group, we address these issues, as well as general life issues. you are welcome there, to make friends, chat, and gain access to the files and links. But you need to get to a Dr. and get re evaluated. I will provide some Fibromyalgia links, RA links, Lupus links as well. Good Luck,

  37. Jade

    For those of you suffering with chronic fatigue and pain,what has helped you the most?
    I have tried several different approaches and many different treatment plans/medications. Nothing has worked. I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus and Fibromyalgia in 1996. I am constantly in pain and always tired. I REALLY want to wake up refreshed and not in extreme pain. I feel like my life is passing by and I am unable to do all the things I want to do. I have no energy and this is especially upsetting because I would love to do more fun things with my children. They just got out of school for the summer and I would love to go have fun with them.

    1. Clwcch

      Wow, that sucks…….I’ll have to look into what SLE Lupus and Fibromyalgia is (since 96?)! How did they diagnosis this?? Is there any med. for it that you take? Ya said ya have plenty of energy for your husband?..lol j/k I know what ya mean about life passing by……. I’m now going through something bad as well, been since 8 months ago……….short story …….was a running fool (as I told ya that craziest story race) was in best shape of my life (I’ve done over 250 5K’s in a 14 yrs. span) and slowly but surely something starting to happened, which hasn’t been explained yet?! Been to doctors more in last 8 months (7-9 times) then I’ve been in my last 15-20 yrs. Blood work is all normal…. Now I can’t do anything physical, everything wears me out…..something inside of me feels like I’m dying or killed very slowly!! Perfect ex…being a competitive runner my heart rate use to be around 38-44 in morning, ever since like last Oct. it’s 60-66….don’t think I have chronic fatigue, I just pray someone finds out soon!!

  38. Ladybug

    Are there scholarships for people with my illness?
    I have Lupus, Evans Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Sjogrens. Are there scholarships for ANY of these? I’m asking because, thanks to my various hospital stays, treatments, and medications, my family cannot afford to send me to college. I have a 4.5 GPA and 32 ACT, if that is relevant.
    Did you even read my question?
    I’ve already been accepted, by the way. I’m not looking for sympathy; I’m looking for financial aid due to medical bills.
    I’ll definitely try googling it.
    To JD: Thanks for understanding. My family is struggling because of my expenses, but my dad makes way too much money for me to qualify for most grants and loans. Most scholarships don’t take medical bills into account, or at least not the ones I’ve seen so far.
    I know that there are scholarships for other disabilities and illnesses that I’ve seen at school, like epilepsy, asthma, deafness, blindness, etc. That’s why I am curious.

  39. LuLuBelle

    Cystic Acne treatment?
    I have only recently begun to have terrible acne, and the doc did say that there is some cystic acne. I cant see a dermatologist as there are none available at all in my area, and my GP told me he wont prescribe anything till fall because of the reactions of these meds to the sun. He did recommend an over the counter product, but after one month it began to irritate my skin to the point it was burning. So–the acne is worsening and it HURTS. Isnt there something I can do or use? I have really, really sensitive skin.

    I am SO sick of this. I also have Lupus, but I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with it other than causing a severe reaction to a combination of sun and medications….Please help if you can….but please don’t say proactive solution…..thanks.
    I really appreciate everyones help!
    Please remember I cant go to a dermatologist; there just ISN’T one around here, trust me I have been trying for ever:(

    The OTC product I was using was PanOxyl.

    I also cannot any drugs that can cause reactions with the sun, as I already have Lupus which causes me to get hives and sunburn even before any meds:(
    Well, found something that works very well for me, immediately! I am using Dove Sensitive Essentials face wash with Dove Day Lotion SPF, then at night I wash with Dove, then put on Aloe Gel, then use Garnier “A” spot treatment or crest toothpaste, and I cannot believe how well its working!!!

    1. berkeleygirl

      Here are some REALLY good, and very inexpensive ways to treat most acne at home. Try each method (unless you’re allergic to the ingredients) until you find one that works best for you. Good luck =) BTW, I know some of these may sound bizarre but try them…what have you got to lose other than the acne!!

      1. Put toothpaste on your acne before going to bed. (Make sure it is paste not gel). It should reduce the swelling of acne noticeably.

      2. Dab egg whites on your acne and leave on for 20 minutes or overnight. It’s supposed to pull the infection out of the blemish.

      3. Wash acne infected areas twice a day with warm salt water. This reduces oils in the skin and helps to dry the acne up without further agitation.

      4. Use ice on acne before going to bed. This works best on pimples that have not yet formed a head. It reduces swelling and helps to prevent scarring.

      5. Wash and dab acne with cotton balls that have been soaked in vinegar. Let dry; do not wash off immediately.

      6. Place strawberries leaves over your acne and the alkalinity will help to reduce the swelling.

  40. abelincolnbuff

    My husband’s mother recycled my Christmas gift to me from last year. How can I respond?
    I spent a lot of time picking out a quality gift for her last year, and was shocked when it turned out to be the nicest thing she sent (back) to me this year!

    What makes this serious is that my husband has cancer, I’ve been severely ill as well, and my son is too young to drive. Since we were too ill to buy each other any gifts to speak of- her boxes were the only ones under our tree and we thought it was nice at first. Unfortunately, she seems to be playing hurtful mind-games: sending my son and husband some normal stuff, but sending me calendars, key-chains, and other trinkets connected with her charity mail. She has also sent: stamps, thank-you cards, and a disposable camera. Since she already admitted to sending “messages” in mail and gifts that someone in the family is not writing or giving enough thank-you cards- all this seems fairly obvious.

    I wanted to get along with my mother-in-law, but she actually seems angry about my years going to the hospital for plasmapheresis/chemo/surgeries, and other treatments. I stopped discussing it much. However, when I am too ill to do something she wants me to do for her son- she says I am “too upset” to do it, and finally she admitted that she never believed that my illness was “real/worthy of attention” (I’ve had a rare life- threatening LUPUS plus complications). Unfortunately, I am the only one taking care of her son and my boy- and I don’t feel like I can dismiss my husband’s mother. On one hand, he may need to get calls from her, but on the other hand, I may now have cancer as well and I’m tired of being completely ignored about my health while she writes us about her latest medications etc.. We all feel like her behavior is cold- even my boy, who was the first one to notice her attitude with the gifts, but none of us knows what to do, as her attitude shows in many other hurtful ways as well.

    I would like GOOD answers to this, please- from people who have had experience with either hardship, in-law relations, and/or etiquette. I would also like a Christian perspective to this- since I would like to be as loving and genuine as possible. Most of the answers I got on a similar thread were idiotic, and I’d like to have a real thought to consider.

    1. Ms. Bou

      I am so sorry to read this post. You have enough to deal with, your husband being seriously ill and your illness, these both must make it difficult to deal with normal family dealings let alone a family member who seems to have an agenda. Don’t let this unhappy woman spoil your holiday, that is clearly part of her agenda. Enjoy the closeness of your little family and ignore your mother-in-law’s antics. I realize that is easier said than done. But, as you said yourself, you want to maintain some contact because of your husband’s illness. Let the nastiness she sends out go right over your head and just be kind and loving as much as you possibly can. I realize this is difficult and if it weren’t for both you and your husband being ill, I might advise you otherwise. But, it’s not worth the extra energy to get upset and it only upsets you more and makes your illness more difficult to deal with. Save the energy to deal with the more important things in life. Having some fun with your family, a night of movies and hot chocolate sounds a lot more appealing than writing a letter dealing with a situation that will only get more out of control. In a way, this is taking the moral high ground, but the reality of it is, that this is the healthiest way of dealing with a no win situation. You take care and know that you have a good heart and a lot on your plate right now. Others can see that even if your mother-in-law can’t.

  41. popstarbria

    Does any one else have Crohn’s Disease?
    I’m 13 years old and I have Crohn’s Disease along with R.S.D. and also Juvenile Arthritis. I could possibly have lupus. I’ve finally figured out how to control most of the Crohn’s Disease flare-ups with natural remedies but my other problems are full fledged still! RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, will literally make my legs turn blue, cause me to lose any feeling in my legs and arms and I cannot use my legs sometimes when the flare-ups are really bad! Juvenile Arthritis is something else I could possibly have. No doctor has confirmed it, yet and I’ve had to travel out of town to see rheumotoligists before because the ones in my town didn’t know what to do with my conditions!!!

    When I was 6, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Now keep in mind that this was after coming to the hospital about twice a week for about 4 years because my Crohn’s flare-ups were so bad! My mom is a redhead, I like to call her hothead!, and thankfully she won’t take no for an answer!! She was extremely persistent in trying to find the cause in my horrible stomach pain even though almost every time we went to the doctor, they would tell her I was just fine! This was all before I was diagnosed. Eventually, she found a doctor that somewhat understood what we were going through (mainly her at the time, because I was very young) and tried all the possible treatments that could help ease the disease. Even today, there is no cure for Crohn’s Disease!! At 6, the doctor that helped us diagnosed me with Crohn’s Disease and put me through a series of medications including some that children aren’t allowed to take. I took Methotrexate for a long period of time and cannot think of the other medications right now. I now have to wear glasses because of the medicines I took and my family and I are pretty sure that the medications I took caused my other conditions. We’re pretty much certain that the medicines cause my RSD.

    Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) is an illness that causes the lower and upper extremities to turn a bluish color and causes the extremities to become numb. When I first had a flare-up, it was when I was 11 and my parents thought it was a blood clot. So did the doctors. We went through a series of tests that day because I had to go to the hospital. I was admitted for a week and during that time, I had to get an epidural!!! Yes, that thing pregnant women get! I had to get it because my legs were hurting so bad they had to numb them! We’re still not sure if what I have is RSD, but it’s all we got for now!

    I know this is long and sorry but I only gave you two of my illnesses! lol If any one else has any thing I have, please give me tips on how to control it! Anything will help!!Thank you!!!

    1. Loz

      Hi there. I don’t have Crohne’s Disease, but I’m 25 and I’ve had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (the correct name for RSD) since I was 14. It started in my right knee following a minor operation, but it now affects almost my whole body and ahs put me in a wheelchair because of some of its secondary effects that no amount of physio or medication has been able to counteract. I’ve never heard of medications causing CRPS/RSD – it’s almost always initiated by some sort of injury or other trauma.

      I wish that I could tell you how to control it – I’ve been through pretty much every recognised treatment with no real success. I guess that my only advice for what it’s worth is to take each day as it comes and to recognise that you are going to have bad days. Don’t give up by any means, but know your limits and boundaries, and know when it is time to say ‘okay’ I’ve had enough and when it is okay to push yourself that little bit harder.

      If I can help in any way, please feel free to email me.

  42. luzclari

    Are there any treatments for getting rid of nodules in the Thyroids other than surgery?
    My rheumatologist ordered me to get Lupus Panel blood work done about a month ago and one of the tests indicated that my anti-thyrroglobulins were high; however, my thyroid tests came out within normal limits which indicated that it was all part of my auto-inmunne problems but it hasn’t destroyed my thyroids yet so he sent to an endocrinologist anyways for evaluation. The endocrinologist explained that it was antibodies attacking my thyroids and that I may or may not develop hypothyrodism in the future but that they were working right. He checked my neck and didn’t feel a bump or anything but asked me to have a thyroid sonogram done just in case I happened to have a very small nodule and guess what? it turns out that I do.. it is very small, like less than a cm long but Im very worried about it. I just wanted to get some experiences of people out there who’ve had the same thing. Did the Dr. prescribe any medications to shrink it, did they perform a biopsy automatically? or did they have surgery done right away? I have another appt. on Wednesday but Im a little anxious in the meantime.

    1. Agnodice

      There are no medications or other treatments to remove thyroid nodules. The issue with thyroid nodules is that some thyroid nodules can be thyroid cancer. Most nodules are not cancer and actually require no treatment unless they are large and compromise other structures. The doctors will sometimes perform fine needle aspirations to obtain the thyroid nodule tissue and look at it under the microscope to determine if cancer is present. Not all thyroid nodules need to be evaluated by fine needle aspiration. Since your nodule is small, it would be less likely to be cancer. Your Endocrinologist will determine if fine needle aspiration or observation is most appropriate in your case. If the thyroid nodule is not secondary to cancer, then no treatment is necessary.

  43. breeze1

    would it be appropriate to discontinue prescribing 7.5 milligram lortab bid?
    after two years treatment with it and also methotrexate, xanax 2mg tid because the doctor is now saying there is no medical basis to be taking the medications. Althouth medical records were lost in a flood, which wasn’t her fault. they did support and ana positive for lupus and she is drawing disability for anxiety and panic which is well documented. THe cut off of that massive dose of xanax will undoubtabllly create massive withdrawals, possible seizures and panic episodes for at least three weeks. I know it will be a medical emergency,,

    1. mysti

      No, I don’t think it is appropriate at all to discontinue those meds cold turkey! That is irresponsible on the part of the physician. The meds need to be tapered off if he wants to dc. I think I would be looking for another doc. And you’re right to be concerned about severe withdrawals and panic attacks if Xanax is suddenly withdrawn. It might even be wise to go to the ER and explain what happened to the doc there. They might give a small script and a referral to a new doc.

      Um, that answer by “Pierre” below makes absolutely no sense.

  44. Jay guy

    What would you do in my situation?
    I was sick from 17 to 22 and my hair got thin around age 19 ontop better hasn’t ever thickened back up ontop not that I’m a lot better?

    Could this be from one of the extreme treatments I was on different steriods and verius unpopular medications like remicade and sevral other ones relating to my condition?

    They never found out what it was,crohns, lupus I had extreme symptoms of both but im better now so its werid.

    Will this keep me from dating?

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