Caught a virus and starting to experience severe headaches? If you start to have severe viral infection headaches, then you should check them out. It will be a good idea to ensure that your symptoms do not point to a case of meningitis. There are serious consequences from having meningitis.So what is meningitis all about? This is an infection in the membrane that surrounds your brain. Brain and spinal cord infections can be very dangerous because they cause inflammation, which places pressure on your nerves.

This will cause you to have a viral infection headache.Inflammation can also cause the following symptoms:* Fever* Severe headache* Feeling confusedSevere inflammation can cause these symptoms:* Brain damage * Stroke* Seizures * DeathA bacterial infection or virus causes meningitis. The body can usually fight and beat an infection. However, when the infection travels into the blood stream, it can then go into your brain and spinal cord fluid. It can then affect your nerves and move into the brain causing inflammation and swelling.

This can damage or kill nerve cells and cause bleeding in the brain. It can also cause you to have a viral infection headache.Brain swelling is very dangerous because the brain is a soft organ in a hard box (the skull). If the brain swells, there is nowhere for it to go, except against the walls of the skull. This is what causes the most damage.

There are several causes of meningitis.

These include
* Bacterial infection
* Viral infection
* Fungal infection
* A reaction to medications
* A reaction to medical treatments
* Lupus
* Some forms of cancer
* A trauma to the head or back

Bacterial meningitis is the worst type because it can kill you. It often begins as an upper respiratory tract infection. From there it travels through your blood vessels to your brain. Then it can block up your blood vessels inside your brain triggering a stroke and brain damage. Viral meningitis is the most common form.

Usually viruses that enter your body through your mouth before going to your brain and multiplying cause it. You can find these viruses in the mucus, saliva and feces.

Other viruses that may cause meningitis include:
* Chicken pox
* Flu
* Mumps
* Genital herpes

Anyone can catch meningitis. This is especially true if your immune system is weak. Meningitis often begins like the flu does. You may get a rash.

The major symptoms include:
* Running a sudden fever
* A severe headache
* Stiff neck
* Dislike of light

Bacterial meningitis must be treated quickly. Severe bacterial meningitis will require intravenous antibiotics. On the other hand, antibiotics cannot be used to treat viral meningitis because they do not kill viruses. Whether you are having bacterial or viral meningitis, what would be best for yourself is to get plenty of rest and give your body a break. In the meantime, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and go easy on your diet.

Do follow the recommendations by your doctor during this period. Your viral infection headache and other symptoms will start to subside as your body recovers.

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what are lupus symptoms

27 thoughts on “What Are Lupus Symptoms

  1. Candace

    My legs and hands keep falling asleep and fingers hurt and turn splotchy red when cold. Why could this be?
    Im 17 and I got diagnosed with lupus last year and sense then have showed new symptoms and I’m wondering if something else autoimmune is going on. In addition to my lupus symptoms I have been getting migraine, lower back pain and abdominal pain. But the thing I have noticed the most is my legs and hands keep falling asleep. Also anytime I touch anything cold my hands turn red and splotchy and began to hurt really bad. Is there any other autoimmune problems that this could be?

  2. in COGNITO *

    does methotrexate cause fertility issues or other complications after molar pregnancy?
    It’s been 5 years since and I’ve had a daughter and adopted a son.

    does methotrexate cause fertility issues or other complications

    Also I’ve developed Lupus like symptoms (joint pain, photosensitivity, pos ANA, Nephritis, mouth sores)
    Can this be caused by a molar pregnancy ot metotrexate?

    1. sokokl

      The Lupus type symptoms could be coming from the Methotrexate, but I would recommend getting in touch with your rheumatologist as well to see what they say, and also I would recommend checking with your pharmacist and OB/GYN to see what they say about the potential for infertility with this medication.

  3. flawless1212

    What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?
    I have the positive ANA but no lupus. I have muscle pain everywhere with fatigue and sometimes my heart will race but my doctor says my heart sounds good. Any advice?

  4. Holly

    Hello! For the past week or so i have noticed i have been really tired and depressed, however, that could be d?
    Hello! For the past week or so i have noticed i have been really tired and depressed, however, that could be due to me being off my Zoloft. The past week or so i have also been noticing i have been getting really light headed and dizzy alot and my lips and arms seem to get tingly here and there… I goggled tingly lips on Web MD and it brought up Lupus symptoms….I am a very big worry wart and just was looking for some medical advise. Please help!

    1. ★☆✿❀

      I can 99% guarantee that you do not have Lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease. It does not develop over a week or so. The symptoms you describe are no specific to any condition. It’s likely you either have a viral infection or it’s related to the Zoloft. You should speak to your doctor and in future do not google your symptoms!


  5. roxemarie

    Is it possible to have lupus even though non of your family has lupus?
    I have tested positive for lupus, and I have many lupus symptoms. My doctors believe I may have lupus, but I have not been officially diagnosed with lupus. All of my family members are very healthy. No one in my family has any illnesses. No one in my family has ever had any type of autoimmune disease. I am the first and only person. Is this possible and how could this be?

  6. Kristina

    High levels of total complement (ch50) and c-reactive protein. What does that mean? Do I have Lupus?
    I came up negative on the ANA but I had high levels of total complement (ch50) at 63 and high levels of c-reactive protein at 6.9. I have almost all the Lupus symptoms including the chest pain when breathing in sometimes. Do I have Lupus? What do those test results mean?

  7. wonderer

    what symptoms 1st appear in someone with lupus or scleroderma?
    what are the 1st symptoms usually experienced if you are suffering with lupus or scleroderma, do symptoms persist or can they come & go.

  8. chickyboo222

    What is the difference between Lupus and Fibromyalgia?
    I have sever joint pain all over my body, and have other symptoms such as dry skin, irritable bladder and depression. Both syndroms seem to fit well and my blood results came back inconclusive.
    My Specialyst Dr’s are just as confused.

    What is the major difference between the two?

    1. Ailionora

      Lupus is where your body attacks it’s own cells causing immune responses and pain. Fibromyalgia pain is more neurological. Although not everyone with fibromyalgia experiences this, a feature of fibromyalgia that from memory lupus doesn’t have, is for the ability in fibromyalgia for the pain to start in one area and then spread throughout the body. Has the rheumatologist done a trigger point test to indicate fibromyalgia?

  9. deebot

    What steps can I take to help relieve a Lupus patient?
    My girlfriend has Lupus. And when ever we go out together, sometimes her kidneys hurt really bad. And I panic because I don’t know how to assist her because I am not a doctor. But What can I do, in the meantime to help relieve her pain? I can’t stand watching her to be in such pain. I feel helpless at times like this.

    1. gotham158

      My sister had lupus symptoms and she changed her diet to a vegan one. Within a year she got completely better.

      Tai Chi also does wonders, as my sister did this and it helped with overall relaxation and blood flow throughout the body.

  10. ElevationKB R

    Tourette like symptoms from a reaction to medication. How to get it under control?
    Hi, I have been diagnosed with stage 1 chronic kidney disease and I also have some lupus symptoms. I take a ton of medication and I believe I’m having a very bad reaction due to them. Here are my symptoms…

    – Jerking, involuntary movement
    – Very detailed oriented when I speak (I explain everything even for the simplest sentences.)
    – Easily upset
    – involuntary movement of my mouth

    Does anyone know what type of reaction this is called?

    1. Melody

      This sounds like tardive dyskinesia…a disorder that causes involuntary muscle contractions that can result in involuntary movements and postures in various parts of the body, particularly chewing or lip-smacking movements of the mouth, jaw and face.

      It can be caused by dopamine agonists– which include psychiatric drugs, and some anti-nausea drugs.

      You need to talk to your doctor about this. the involuntary movements can become permanent.

      How do I know? I have tardive dyskinesia myself, though mine effects my entire body, which makes it impossible for me to walk.

      You need to talk to your doctor about this, ASAP. You don’t want to ignore this. It needs to be adressed before it gets worse…or possibly permanent.

  11. Battlebatty

    How can I tell the difference between Fifth disease and Lupus?
    I have red blotches on my face, some minor rashes and i had a few ulcers last week, I just recently developed the blotches.
    My parents think I might have lupus.
    I have never been so scared in my life.

    1. SleepyRadish

      Fifth disease is something children get. Classic Lupus symptoms are: butterfly rash (redness on cheeks and across bridge of nose), sores in the nose or mouth, fatigue, joint pain, and dry mouth. Go see your family doctor. He can initiate some of the testing. A positive ANA (blood test) with a negative RA (blood test to show arthritic inflammation) would indicate Lupus. If he thinks you have it, he can refer you to a Rheumatologist. Please don’t be afraid. I was diagnosed with Lupus over 18 years ago. I take daily medication that keeps things under control.
      Anyway, it might be something else! Go get checked out, so you can quit worrying. Best of luck to you.

  12. GK

    Why does sunlight make lupus symptoms worse?
    I know you shouldn’t be out in the sun much if you have lupus and that it makes it worse. I’m just wondering why/how it makes it worse but I don’t feel like looking it up myself.

    Please don’t pretend I’m smart when it comes to medical terms; dumb it down for me if you can.

    1. Linda R

      When the ultraviolet A or ultraviolet B light hits the skin, it can cause changes in the DNA in the skin cells. Your immune system gets stimulated to react. But with lupus your immune system will attack anything, including you, if it is stimulate. The light can also activate the dendritic immune cells in the skin.

      Cover up and use sun block. Even lupus kidney disease can flare because of exposure to UVA and UVB light.

      If you are going to live successfully with lupus, you have to be very active in managing your disease. This means seeing the doctor as suggested, taking your meds, following your treatment plan AND learning as much as you can about lupus.

  13. Miss J

    Are there other medical conditions that create similar symptoms to those of depression and anxiety?
    I am doing a little research. I have found a considerable amount of overlap in symptoms that are typically diagnosed as depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. I have looked into Epstein-Bar Virus, PTSD, Anemia, ADHD, Thyroid, and Sleep Apnea. It is amazing how much the symptoms overlap. I’d like to know if there are other conditions that cause or mimic symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. I would be interested in doing further research.

  14. karl j

    What r canine lupus symptoms, what is prognosis. Need to add to the Vets knowledge hopefully?
    my Boston Terrier/Shiz-tsu is at vets he is unable to locate cause of flucuating fever, some drooling, lack of appetite.White blood cell count at the bottom of the scale. All other tests (kidneys, Liver) coming back normal. Was being treated to some infection in esophogus being given anti-biotics. Would like to offer vet an alternative diagnosis

    1. Pam

      Systemic Lupus Erythematosus(SLE): is one of several diseases known as “the great imitators” because its symptoms vary so widely it often mimics or is mistaken for other illnesses, and because the symptoms come and go unpredictably. Diagnosis can be elusive, with patients sometimes suffering unexplained symptoms and untreated SLE for years. Common initial and chronic complaints are fever, malaise, joint pains, myalgias and fatigue.

      Discoid Lupus symptoms: normally starts as loss of pigment around the nose. There may be scabby sores or just scaling of the nasal tissue. The surface of the nose may change from its typical cobblestoned appearance to a smooth surface.

  15. julie

    What kind of Neurological symptoms do you have with Lupus?
    I’m being tested for lupus after being sick for 2 yrs and I have tons of neurological symptoms just wondering if these are common symptoms for lupus. here are my symptoms.
    Burning stinging headaches, dizzy, lightheaded,vertigo, seizure type incidents, sharp shooting pains in head, also get weard sensations on my body like warm water pouring on me. Any info will be appreciated. If you have any neurological symptoms from Lupus pleas list them for me. Thanks!

    1. Linda R

      Some lupus patients have neurological symptoms, some do not. Lupus symptoms vary widely from patient to patient.

      Headaches could be caused by lupus or by Raynaud’s phenomenon or other things. Many lupus patients have Raynaud’s, a condition in which stress or cool temperatures cause the nerves to tell the blood vessels to clamp down and restrict blood flow, usually to hands and feet, but can also cause headaches.

      Lightheadedness can be caused by a number of things as well. Lupus patient are often anemic, When you are anemica, there is not enough available oxygen in your blood, which could account for light headedness or dizziness.

      Vertigo usually has to do with the inner ear. Lupus can cause inflammation anywhere, including the inner ear.

      I am not sure what you mean my “seizure type” incidents. Do you lose consciousness? Do you convulse? Some lupus patients do have seizures. But seizures can be caused by many other things.

      Lupus patients with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (sticky blood) which causes clots may have TIAs or ministrokes. This could account for your head pain and seizure type incidents. Ask to have your blood tested for this.

      As for the weird sensations, please find a clearer way to describe that as well. If you tell the doctor that you have “seizure type incidents” and “weird sensations on your body” you are not helping the doctor get to the root cause of your problem. If these weird sensations are painful, you could have neuropathy which sometimes comes with lupus, or diabtetes, or multiple sclerosis, or other things.

      As a patient your job is to give the doctor the best and clearest information possible. It is the doctor’s job to connect the dots. A diagnosis of lupus is made based on family history, your medical history, a wide variety of lab tests and after everything else is ruled out. There is no definitive lab test for lupus.

      To do your job, keep a symptom journal including
      1. a clear description of the symptom
      2. when it started
      3. how often it happens
      4. how long it lasts
      5. what makes it feel better
      6. what makes it feel worse
      7. to what degree does it interfere with your activities of daily living

      Then create a concise summary and bring a copy for your doc and a copy for you.

  16. §♫♪‹(•¿•)›☼»-(¯`v´¯)-»\

    Can Lupus be diagnosed on clinical symptoms alone or is the blood work required?
    I have 9 of the 11 indicators of Lupus. My blood work will not show Lupus.

    1. Toray

      According to my reference, you need to have criteria to confirm the diagnosis, but they do not have to serology indicators.
      There are some lupus that have negative markers but positive for SSA and SSB (aka anti ro and anti la). These are markers for Sjogren’s syndrome; however if they are positive with negative ANA, then you have lupus.

      disclaimer: for discussion only please consult your physician

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