Safety signs are a must in any work area which involves a lot of employees and also dangerous jobs. These signs convey a lot of information and a few industrial signs also warn the people in the work place against potential dangers too. There may be a few work areas which will require advance warning signals to the employees or even for new visitors. Accident prone sites also must have these safety signs in order to ensure the safety of their employees as well as people who visit the industrial zone.

And it is indeed a fact that without these safety signs or industrial signs we would be a lost lot. There are different types of safety signs that are essential in a work area. Here are just a few to mention:

>> OSHA signs: OSHA signs will help identify workplace hazards, dangers and also clearly state precautions with the help of safety signs. The danger signal is used to indicate immediate hazards, caution signal is used to alert people of the potential danger, warning signal is used to indicate yet another hazardous situation, notice like no trespassing boards and others help in avoiding confusions. Safety first boards are used to provide information related to first aid, sanitation, health and other general safety.

>> Tags and labels: These are all about helping identify people of the temporary hazards with the help of safety tags that will help in preventing accidental injuries and damages in property. OSHA labels are placed indoors or outdoors so that the employees are ensured of safety wherever they move in the work area. Lockout tags are used to prevent unexpected start up of machinery and equipment. DOT placards and labels help in marking packages, vehicles and containers with the appropriate DOT symbols as well as warnings. Equipment status will help in ensuring regular monitoring as well as inspection of the things in the workplace.

>> Marking paint: Different kinds of paints are used to meet different purposes. Chalkboard spray and paint for instance are ultra hard scratch resistant finish and allows a writeable surface.

>> Cones and barricades: Safety cones and visual barricades are used to draw attention and also create visual barriers so that the traffic flow is channelized. There are the pedestrian barricades as well as the channelizers too along with the reflectors, lights and flares.

>> Exit and fire safety: The exit and fire safety signs are used to direct the employees to fire hoses, fire extinguishers and nearest exits in emergencies. Exit safety, fire extinguishers and no smoking signs are the most common ones.

>> General safety ID: This is used to communicate the information related to job site and also promote safety as well as identify important areas that come in with general safety signs.

>> Safety Mirrors: These mirrors are installed so as to the help people provide with greater levels of protection and eliminate blind spots.

>> Traffic Controls: These safety signs will help in controlling parking as well as speed in warehouses, lots and drives with the appropriate traffic signs, parking signs and more.

All in all, the industrial signs and safety signs ensure that the employees are absolutely safe in the work area.

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