Graves' disease is the only kind of hyperthyroidism that has inflammation of the eyes, swelling of the tissues around the eyes, and bulging of the eyes. Graves-Basedow disease, also known simply as Graves' disease. Graves' disease is the most common form of hyperthyroidism. It occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid gland and causes it to overproduce the hormone called thyroxine.

When the thyroid is too active, it makes more thyroid hormones than the body needs. High levels of thyroid hormones can cause side effects such as weight loss, rapid heart rate and nervousness. The thyroid gland is under continuous stimulation by circulating autoantibodies against the thyrotropin receptor, and pituitary thyrotropin secretion is suppressed because of the increased production of thyroid hormones.

Patients with Graves' disease are usually treated with antithyroid drugs like propylthiouracil, methimazole, and carbimazole. Patients may also be treated with radioactive iodine to destroy the hypersecreting thyroid cells. In some cases, surgery may be necessitated although proper preparations may be made as surgical removal of the thyroid gland in hyperthyroid patients is dangerous.

Alternative Graves disease treatments also involve avoiding foods that may exacerbate the disorder. These foods include broccoli, sweet potatoes, almonds, and wheat. People affected with Graves disease are also asked to avoid caffeine, sugar, and artificial sweeteners when on an alternative diet. A good diet would have whole grains, fresh vegetables, and proteins.

The leading cause of thyroid enlargement in developed countries, Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder that is characterized by dimpled skin, goiter, and an increased production of thyroid hormones in the body.

These hormones are vital for your metabolism running properly and your growth. Graves disease comes into play when your thyroid doesn't produce enough or it produces too much of thyroid hormones your body needs. When your body doesn't produce enough of the hormones it is called hypothyroidism.

If you have Graves' Disease, or any other form of hyperthyroidism, and are considering radioactive iodine to treat your condition, you might want to first look into other types of treatment methods. Many people don't realize the potential consequences of receiving treatment with radioactive iodine.

The symptoms of this skin condition include the white patches that can be found in the skin including the face, torso and limbs, white patches in the mucous membranes, around the eyes, mouth and nostrils, the premature graying of the hair and sun sensitivity. If you have been observing these changes in you skin and body, chances are, you have been suffering from Graves Disease.

You can minimize the Graves' disease symptoms like fatigue and jittery with healthy diet that will make your metabolism and immune system work at its best. The hyper active thyroid glands produce excessive thyroid hormones that speed up every process in your body including your digestive system that leaves you with lack of nutrients and minerals.

The problem is that Graves' Disease can be life threatening if the symptoms are not controlled, and as a result, I didn't take my high pulse rate and palpitations lightly. I did consider receiving a combination of the conventional medical treatments and the natural treatment protocol, which I do recommend for some patients.

These vitamins are a good way to treat Graves Disease but apart from taking in drugs and health supplements, modern scientists today have discovered a better means of treating this illness and it is through taking up the right diet.

Graves disease treatment, at the early stages of the disease, is important to prevent further complications. Apart from the traditional clinical treatment of the Graves' disease, there are many natural alternative treatments available that can help treat the disease without any serious side effects.

Graves Disease is the main cause of hyperthyroidism and is caused by a defect in the immune system.

The possibility of Graves disease and premature menopause affecting you at the same time is high. This is because it can possibly cause premature menopause. This disease is a form of hyperthyroidism.

Graves Disease is a kind of disease which causes a malfunctioning of our thyroid gland thus causing hyperthyroidism.

Graves disease is the world's leading cause of thyroid gland enlargement. The thyroid gland is located in the neck, and enlargement of it can lead to goiter, which is, to say the least, uncomfortable.

Graves disease natural therapies include cruciferous vegetables, which are considered to be very good suppressants of the production of thyroid hormones. But the best of them is the radish.

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