The Two Sides Of Adhd Child Treatment

By Tobias Higgens

The help a child suffering from the ADHD condition needs, comes on two sides. One of them is represented by medication that helps controlling the physical impulses, skills, behavioral problems that could create problems in certain occasions. The second part of the treatment is counseling. Psychological help, therapy with a specialist is required. It will help the child overcome the emotional and mental issues that he finds hard to understand, helps the child to improve the self esteem and to see himself with different eyes, and, establish new relations and new methods of communicating and understanding with the parents. Parents, on the other hand, may need counseling too, in order to better understand the special needs of the child affected with the disorder and to establish new and proper ways of dealing and controlling the young one’s behavior. In very young children, most of the therapy is focused on the parents.

There are various types of therapies that need to be taken to make things easier for both the children and their families: psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, social skills training, support groups, parenting skills training. Each of these branches will help improve in different ways the life of a child and his family.

The support given by behavioral therapy is meant to help dealing with immediate issues and finding more effective ways on making changes. Sometimes it is better and easier to change things and feelings than to make them comprehensible. Practical assistance, helping organizing in daily tasks, schoolwork, homework, events that involve physical or emotional charges.

A better connection and communication can be established between child and parents with the help of support groups. A larger number of people sharing the same difficulties get together on a regular basis for discussions on the disorder topic. Everyone’s experience is gathered and conclusions may be drawn. In these groups one can find which method worked or helped improve another’s behavior, which failed, latest research in the matter, specialists are called for lectures and counseling. Sharing the successes and the frustrations has a good effect on people. Some national organizations will be reminded later in the document.

Help through psychotherapy leads not to eliminating the symptoms or causes of the disorder but tries to reach the patient’s mind and make him understand the situation, accept it, dealing with difficult situations, thoughts, emotional control and understating. Understanding what one has to deal with will make his or her life easier.

Offered by therapists in groups or individuals, parenting skills training refers to find new ways of approaching their children. Means and techniques for a good management on their children’s behavior. Some activities are required for observing patterns in a child’s behavior. Praising and criticism are also required for establishing a deeper relation with the child. Techniques like the use of token or point systems for immediately rewarding good behavior or work, “time-out” or isolation to a chair or bedroom when the child gets out of control, this method will help the child to calm down and avoid stressing situations, “quality time”, enjoyable and pleasant time spent together when the parent must observe and praise the child’s qualities and skills.

Social skills training will also help children learn new behaviors. This kind of training will help a child fit in a group of other children when playing, in school and other environments and interact with them. The purpose is to make them understand the signals that people around him are sending in order give an adequate response. It is based on theory, teaching a child to wait for his turn in a game, to share toys, to ask for help or to help others and practice.

The behavioral pattern of a child will change if the system of rewards and penalties is properly used, showing improvement. A parent or teacher should encourage good or desired behavior in a child suffering from the ADHD condition. Stimulation plays a very important part in the development of good patterns of behavior. Used often, tokens or rewards will stimulate the child in following the rules that are imposed to him. Importance must also be given to what those rewards represent because they must be things the child likes and desires, otherwise he may loose interest. Over time, the child will learn to control themselves and to choose the appropriate behavior for every situation he has to deal with.

A difficult situation for a child with ADHD is not an impossible task. The management and structure of every kind of problem must be given a great attention from the parents. Dividing tasks into smaller steps for example, could lead to its solving. A parent’s attitude towards his child will have a great effect so it is important for parents to get help too: Stress management, relaxation, exercise. These will help the parent dealing with the child’s problems and behavior more calmly.

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