When we feel an intense romantic connection with our partner it is natural to kiss them passionately. We also kiss our special friends and affectionately (or not) give our relatives a peck on the cheek or forehead. There are many different types of kisses all with different meanings and intentions behind them, so be careful that you are not sending the wrong message when you plant that kiss. To help you the following is a guide to some of the different types of kisses and what they mean.

The French kiss – this is the most popular kiss and it is believed to be called this because at the beginning of the 20th century the French had a reputation for more adventurous and passionate sex practices. It involves parts of the mouth and stimulates the rest of the body. The objective of this particular kiss is the meeting of the two tongues and it means passion. But one should be careful in doing this because it may be a step too far for some and can be a cause of rejection if your partner is the shy type.

The cheek kiss – this is a friendly kiss and is considered good etiquette on first dates. This is done by placing one's hands on a partner's shoulders and brushing the lips across the partner's cheek for a short period of time. It is sometimes referred to as the woodpecker kiss because it is just a quick peck on the cheeks. .

The polite kiss – this is somewhat similar to the cheek kiss and the woodpecker kiss but coupled with more uncertainty. The questions on one's mind could be 'should I kiss her on the cheek or just make a kissing sound next to her ear?'

The forehead kiss – this is a sign of respect and gratitude. We do this mostly to our grandparents and older relatives, giving them a nice kiss on the forehead because we are glad to see them. The person giving the kiss provides comfort to the one receiving it.

The earlobe kiss – this is a playful kiss. One wants to kiss somebody on the earlobe to initiate something more passionate such as sex. It should lead to something extremely intimate.

The neck kiss – same as the earlobe kiss. This stimulates the one being kissed to go for it and is very sexy and exciting. This means lust and it is more of an 'I want you kiss' than an 'I love you' kiss.

The closed eyes kiss – this is suitable for people who fancy fantasies. They want to experience romantic fairy tales, perfect for first timers and idealists. It is also looked for by some as a sign that one's partner is fully focused on them.

The eyelid kiss – this is performed when the partner is sound asleep. It's like saying I love you without waking the partner up and is a very loving and intimate kiss.

The hand kiss – this is done by holding the partner's hands and gently raising it to kiss it. This historically served as an indicator of great admiration and deference to a lady. Although today it is probably usually done in jest.

So it seems a kiss is not just a kiss after all!

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