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the lupus diet recipes

8 thoughts on “The Lupus Diet Recipes

  1. Anonymous

    Do you cook for your dog? If so, please share your recipes!?
    With all the problems with poisoned dog food, we’ve finally decided to cook for our dog, instead. So far it’s been baked chicken, brown rice, and chopped up carrots/spinach. If anyone else is cooking for there dogs, please share your recipes, so we can offer a little variety to our girl.


    1. Leyton


      I hope this will help you out, and I encourage you to ask more questions.

      I am going to assume that your dog has no major medical issues, if this is not the case, please let me know what is going on.

      I have spent months learning about the best way to feed our dogs, both online and offline, talking to many people in person, on the phone and over the internet.

      I don’t like to tell people that there is a hard and fast right and wrong way to feed, so that is often too inflexable for people and many people will not follow some diets for some reason or another regardless of how much it helps your dog.

      Feeding your dogs is much more simple than what your are doing right now. Actually if you continue to feed what your feeding right now will, your dog will likely get very ill. Dogs need the calcium and other nutrients in bones. They can be substitutes from other sources, like supplments, but that is expensive and inferior to using the real thing.

      Dogs do not need any vegetables, no rice, no grain. They can have a small amount of vegetables if you must use them for some reason,(like if you really have to have the fiber in the diet to help with digestion for some reason, this normally is not necessary).

      Here is what you feed:

      Just about any meat at all you can find at the grocery or meat market;
      whole chickens
      beef / chicken liver, gizards
      beef cuts
      whole rabbit
      sheep / lamb

      Go to the grocery and buy what is on sale, but your want meaty meat, chicken is the eaist to start with, and many people stay with chicken all the time. The best thing to do is to buy a whole chicken, with liver if possiable, otherwise, buy a container of liver.

      You will want to feed about 90% meat and bones, and about 10% organ meat (liver, gizard)

      Now you have 2 choices, depending on your dog and what you are comfortable with, either just throw a large piece of chicken down on a plate / floor for your dog, or feed the whole chicken if your dog is large enough. This is the eaisest. Do not cook the meat in any way, do not microwave. no heat. period. defrost is fridge if it is frozen. Bacteria are not a problem for dogs unless they are heavily immunosuppresed (chemothearpy) or are severly ill (stage 3/4 cancer, late stage lupus nephrtis, sepis, kidney failure, severe hepatic disease, etc.), you already know if your dog is this sick.

      If you do not feed comfortable allowing your dog to just chew up the meat and bones, which most dogs do quite well, but get be a bit conconerning for dogs that tend to swallow there food without chewing.
      If you dont want to feed the meat with the whole bones, you can either smash the bones up with a hammer or you can get a grinder and grind up the meat with the bones, and serve it as as ground meat and bones, raw.

      Feed the whole chicken, either at once if your dog is big enough or cut the chicken up and feed it in parts, but feed the whole chicken over a few days.

      Fairly simple hun?

      Your dog will thrive! He will love his food, just about every dog I have ever seen loves raw chicken. It is easy to feed, no cooking, no vegies needed, no rice.

      This idea i presented to you will either likely produce many questions or you will be offended by the concept and will look elsewhere for answers.

      I am happy to answer more questions for you, just let me know.

  2. Dovie

    Most healthy diet?
    I am a generally healthy white 41-year-old female with a pretty poor diet due to trying to keep my weight down. I do know that I suffer from anemia, but iron pills and vitamins don’t seem to be the best way to raise my hemoglobin. I would rather do it by eating a healthy diet.

    My boyfriend is a healthy white 56-year-old male who had bladder cancer a couple of years ago, but has since recovered. He does smoke, but is currently trying to quit. His diet is fairly good, but could be better.

    Anyway, my question is this…………..

    We are both very interested in a healthy diet and we would like to make whatever changes are needed to bring about optimum health. What kind of diet do we consider? Where can I find additional information on the diet, like recipes, shopping lists, etc..?

  3. j.manning48

    19yrs old with severe anemia?
    I’ve had symptons since middle school and dropped out of highschool because of my habit of passing out almost daily, severe migraines and dizzyness, and i was very pale. They finally diagnosed me at 17 and by then i had a 3something bloodcount and had to have an emergency transfusion. My mother is anemic and has been diagnosed with lupus for 2yrs now and she is 49. I take a iron liquid because i have a very narrow throat. My new doctor says she wants me to get checked as my iron level keeps decreasing and she wants to know where it’s going(These are her words). My menstrual cycle was heavy but has gotten lighter. What do you guys think? Can you grow out of Anemia? How do i keep my iron up?

    1. Sur La Mer

      Beauty & hair products are only good UNTIL you wash them away again.

      Number one rule: stay out of the sun. Like Mario Lopez, he’s a Mexican descent, but he won’t even stand outside in the sun to do a photo shoot for a tanning lotion. Julianne Moore is one of those, who like to protect her skin from AGING. She walks in the shade. I grow up in Asia for 13 years, so I was dark, but it took more than 13 years to the color I have now. Less soaking in the tub, pool, ocean. Causes the skin to get wrinkles.

      Your tan will fade after several months even years, depends how old you are now.

      I’ve been protecting myself from the sun since I was 9.

      1. Because I don’t want to look like a farmer.
      2. Because I get too hot.
      3. I want to look like movie stars & models, they have blemish-free skins.
      4. I don’t want to look like an old prune or get moles on my neck & face like my aunts.

      No matter, I still got Discoid Lupus (Google it), caused from the sun. It took 12 years for them to fade. Tried all kinds of lotions that were prescribed to me, and none of them worked. More & more now I protect myself and I take my wide brim hat everywhere I go, or use an umbrella. In Asia, they use umbrella all the time. Here in the States, people started to catch on, and I see people walking w/umbrella, they are used on the beach, and they sell patio umbrellas. It was invented for a reason and also to protect us from getting skin cancer. Wear long jackets, or denim a lot. Even inside a car, the heat alone from the sun can tan anyone.

      While in HS, I frequently wear a floppy hat. Thank God, those are now back again! I’ve use a wide brim hat, even in the car to avoid glare. Long drives I put a blanket over the window, and my umbrella comes with me everywhere.

      Protect your hands most of all by using gloves in every thing you do, spring, fall, winter, and chores etc. Your skin will remain baby soft even after you’re in your 60’s. The only thing you’ll need is hydrogen peroxide $1. (visit their website for more tips) and a wash cloth to exfoliate. They’ve been used for centuries, use along with bath & body wash when you take a shower.

      Washing less often, builds the natural oil your hair needs, to get them smoother, shinier, silkier, softer. Man-made products are just temporary, until you wash them again, and at the same time washing off the natural oil your hair NEEDS. Hair products just absorb on your hair if they’re dry, like a sponge.
      Jessica Simpson have figured it out, she said she wash her hair every week. She used to abuse her hair, then start selling hair extensions because her hair starting falling from all the chemicals, but she woke up and found out how to keep her hair healthy AGAIN.

      When you wash your hair with one of those nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients in the product don’t actually end up in your hair, they wind up down the drain… along with all the money you spent on the shampoo. It is HOW you use to style your hair or what styling tools that damage the hair, and what chemicals you’re adding to the hair, not the shampoo. Tampering your hair with chemicals, heating straightening tools . . . . prevent your hair from getting silky, shiny, soft, & smooth.

      All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature.
      If you’ve straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
      Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” – Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don’t expect to look like you’ve stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you’ve changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results.

  4. sweet

    my hubby was just diagnosed with lupus and told to count calories, really watch the fat and sodium- are there any cookbooks that have really good recepies and will give me all this info about each serving and dish? i’ve been looking but haven’t found a really good one yet. thanks so much
    ps i would really like one with more white meats (chicken and fish) or lean meats and that the receipies not be to complecated or time consuming! thanks!

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