Frequent Tests in Diagnosing Lupus

Author: Groshan Fabiola

Lupus is a medical, condition that affects one or more of your internal organs. Unfortunately, there is no known cause for lupus. The best way to diagnose lupus in by test that are run in laboratories. There are three types of lupus and there are many test that can diagnose all these lupus types.

The first ever test for diagnosing lupus was called lupus erythematosus. This lupus test is a cell test. It has to be repeated many time for it to give a positive lupus. After more than one testing, a percentage of almost ninety people can be diagnosed with lupus. But not any kind of lupus, but the systemic type of lupus. However, this test is not specific for this lupus type. This particular test can also be positive in people that suffer from arthritis, not lupus. People that have rheumatic problems can also test positive in this lupus test, although they do not suffer from lupus. Another test that is used to dignose lupus is called immnuoflourescent antibody. Unlike the first test, this one is more used in lupus cases and it also give better results in diagnosing lupus. If you have systemic lupus and take this lupus test, it will turn out positive. Actually, this particular lupus test is the most accurate test for diagnosing lupus that exists today. If you take this test and it comes out negative, then it is very likely that you do not suffer from systemic lupus.

However, if this lupus test comes out positive, you will not be diagnosed with lupus right away. What this test shows is titer, that is characteristic for lupus. However, if this particular lupus test comes positive, you may have other problems, not necessarily lupus. To actually be diagnosed with lupus, besides this lupus test that you have to take, you must also have symptoms that can indicate this condition, lupus. If the test comes out positive and you also have some lupus symptoms, then doctors will diagnose you with lupus right away and no more tests need to be taken. If you only have one or two lupus symptoms and the test for lupus comes positive, the diagnose is still uncertain. You will probably have do some more tests in order to be diagnosed with lupus. Doctors also use biopsy’ s of the rash on your skin to diagnose lupus.

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