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This article will discuss a new lupus treatment that does not involve drugs. Lupus also known as SLE is a common systemic autoimmune disease affecting 1.5 – 2 million people in the United States alone. Most sufferers are female with females being 9 times more likely to be affected than males. Lupus is commonly treated with prescription medication. But is there another way to help ease the symptoms of lupusc

This article will present a new lupus treatment. Many autoimmune disease have benefited from a holistic approach. An approach that acknowledges that symptoms are just an expression of an underlying problem in the body, and fixing this underlying problem is the real secret to true health. Otherwise you are just covering up your symptoms continuously while the real cause of the problem continues. That is the big difference between symptomatic drug care and a holistic approach. So in essence this may not be a new lupus treatment but a new way of looking at treatment.

A new lupus treatment should use diet and also the mental and emotional facet of wellbeing. Numerous food items can bring about autoimmune reactions as well as cause inflammation. Probably the most frequent contributors tend to be wheat and dairy. A couple of food items which are the norm within our contemporary diet. It will be possible that daily you may be irritating the body through eating these foods. Once we eliminate these food types we let your body plus your immune system to settle down and start to work much more normally. We will look to substitute these foods with nutrient dense foods which are packed with vitality and bring back health. We will also employ supplements to help you restore the body, re-balance the immune system and reduce inflammation.

The nutritional and food side is but one facet of the new lupus treatment, another requires the mental or emotional element. The part of our emotions on our overall health can’t be overlooked. Stress is thoroughly associated with our immune system as well as inflammation. Understanding how to manage our emotions and stress is definitely an easy method to assist bring back health to the physical body. What is great about these types of natural methods is they really don’t require placing dangerous chemical substances into the body, once you understand what to do these methods are simple to adapt and as earlier mentioned they tackle the main reason for the issue.

When starting a new lupus treatment that is holistic in its approach at times it can be hard to know where to start. I recommend reading and learning more about these types of approaches. It will give you a better overall appreciation of how it all works and then when you see the bigger picture you can start making changes. Slowly start to implement changes so you don’t become overwhelmed. And overtime you will have made all the changes you need to regain control of your body and health. You have nothing to lose by trying a non-drug approach to managing your lupus. So why don’t you start learning more about this new lupus treatment today.

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Lupus Nephritis Treatment In India

What is lupus nephritis c

Lupus nephritis is an inflammation of the kidney caused by systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a disease of the immune system. SLE typically causes harm to the skin, joints, kidneys, and brain.

The causes of SLE are unknown. Many factors may play a role, including : –
genderSLE is more common in women than men hereditya gene passed down by a parent infections viruses environmental causes…
What are the symptoms of lupus nephritis c

Lupus nephritis may cause weight gain, high blood pressure, dark urine, or swelling around the eyes, legs, ankles, or fingers. However, some people with SLE have no overt symptoms of kidney disease, which must be diagnosed by blood and urine tests…..

How is lupus nephritis diagnosed c

Diagnosis may require urine and blood tests as well as a kidney biopsy.

Urine test : – Blood or protein in the urine is a sign of kidney damage….

Blood test : – The kidneys remove waste materials like creatinine and urea from the blood. If the blood contains high levels of these substances, kidney function is declining. Your doctor should estimate your glomerular filtration rate based on your creatinine score….

Kidney biopsy : – A biopsy is a procedure to obtain a tissue sample for examination with a microscope. To obtain a sample of your kidney tissue, your doctor will insert a long needle through the skin. Examining the tissue with a microscope can confirm the diagnosis of lupus nephritis and help to determine how far the disease has progressed….

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Diseases In The Lupus Family

There are a vast amount of patients who walk into a clinic desiring relief from their allergy issues. But what about those patients who suffer from Autoimmune diseases or Autism, also? Is there an allergy link there that the patient may not even be aware of? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease and that the prevalence is rising. Researchers have identified 80-100 different autoimmune diseases and suspect at least 40 additional diseases of having an autoimmune basis. These diseases are chronic and can be life-threatening. Autoimmune disease is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in female children and women in all age groups up to 64 years of age. Then add Autism in it’s now epidemic and climbing rates. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with autism. These statistics mean that every 20 minutes another child in America is diagnosed. [1]

Although there is much additional treatment necessary for both autoimmune disease and autism the fact remains that allergies play a significant role in these health concerns. When a patient walks through your office door with symptoms or diagnosis of one of the over 80 various autoimmune diseases, wouldn’t it be wise to address immediately any allergies that patient may have? Autoimmune disease studies are finding the correlation of allergies triggering the disease itself. A new study by researchers at Children’s and the University of Washington (UW) identifies a connection between allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases. The study was published in the April 1 edition of Nature Immunology. “Our study implies that allergic and inflammatory diseases may actually trigger autoimmune diseases by relaxing the controls that normally eliminate newly produced, self-reactive B cells. This is important because many autoimmune diseases are caused by self-reactive antibodies produced by such B cells” said Dr. David Rawlings lead researcher and section head of Immunology at Children’s Hospital and the UW. [2] If an allergy can actually trigger such diseases quick implementation treating those allergies is simply basic common sense.

In regard to autism, which not only affects a child but extends beyond to his / her family, schooling and as we are discovering; society in general every possible aspect for treatment must be considered. Therefore any allergy link needs to be addressed. Dr. Stephen M. Edelson from the Autism Research Institute writes, “People with autism are more susceptible to allergies and food sensitivities than the average person; and this is likely due to their impaired immune system. The best way to stop a reaction to a particular food substance is to remove that food from the person’s diet. Other treatments include taking nutrients to strengthen the immune system and giving the person sublingual drops, i.e., very small amount of the substance. In general, it is important that people realize that allergies and food sensitivities can affect one’s health and behavior, but these problems are treatable.” If treating these allergies is as simple as Allergy America’s sublingual drops makes it, shouldn’t every doctor offer this simple therapy as a means to help elevate symptoms in those suffering with autism?

Often we miss some of the basic measures that can produce relief from various ailments because we bypass the immediate opportunity for treatment, instead jumping ahead to tackle the greater issue. With sublingual drops, immediate treatment and recovery from a patient’s allergies not only happens, but in the case of autoimmune disease and autism, could also assist with reduction from symptoms or perhaps triggers of the disease manifesting itself.

1. American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. (2008, November 22) Autoimmune Disease Stat Sheet

2. Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center of Seattle (2007, April 6). Connection Between Allergic Diseases And Autoimmune

Cutaneous Lupus Treatment

Malignant melanoma is a cancer which usually starts in the skin. It is one of the rarer types of skin cancer but causes the majority of skin cancer related deaths. It causes the greatest number of skin cancer-related deaths worldwide. Early detection of thin cutaneous melanoma is the best means of reducing mortality. Melanomas are divided into 4 main types. Superficial spreading melanoma is the most common type of melanoma. About 7 out of 10 (70%) are this type. Melanoma can also start in the mucous membranes of the mouth, in the eye or other places in the body where melanocytes are found. Nodular melanoma occurs most often on the chest or back. It is most commonly found in middle-aged people.

Lentigo maligna melanoma is most commonly found on the face, particularly in older people. It grows slowly and may take several years to develop. The primary symptom of any skin cancer is usually a mole, sore, lump, or growth on the skin. Melanomas are most common on areas exposed to the sun. Certain types of melanoma have worse prognoses but this is explained by their thickness. Local recurrences tend to behave similarly to a primary unless they are at the site of a wide local excision since these recurrences tend to indicate lymphatic invasion. Various chemotherapy agents are used. Radiation therapy is often used after surgical resection for patients with locally

Surgery – remove the melanoma and a ring of tissue around it. Chemotherapy – to kill cancer cells that have spread throughout the body.Radiation therapy – to kill cancer cells that may have spread beyond the tumor. Applying a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, every day. Wearing protective clothing, including hats and sunglasses. DTIC therapy is associated with a response rate of 15 to 25%, with only 5% of patients achieving a complete response. Only interferon alpha-2b has been shown to be effective in the adjuvant setting. Radioimmunotherapy of metastatic melanoma is currently under investigation. Randomized prospective studies show that 2-cm margins are appropriate for tumors of intermediate thickness.

Malignant Melanoma – Prevention and Treatment Tips

1. Applying a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, every day.

2. Wearing protective clothing, including hats and sunglasses.

3. Surgery remove the melanoma and a ring of tissue around it.

4. Chemotherapy to kill cancer cells that have spread throughout the body.

5. Radiation therapy – to kill cancer cells that may have spread beyond the tumor.

6. Laser treatment may be used to treat melanoma which has come back in the skin.

7. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and be aware of the intensity of the sun.

8. Ultraviolet radiation from sunbeds has a similarly damaging effect to intense sunlight.

Cutaneous Lupus Treatment Pregnancy

At some time in most people’s lives a rash can develop. These can be caused by many different things such as allergies to certain foods, chemicals or metals, heat, insect bites or reactions to certain medications. People may resort to the use of an over the counter topical cream containing steroids for rashes, if the problem persists for a number of days. These may do the trick and work in most cases, although some people will have to seek medical assistance there is no response.

Certain rashes occur due to infections or illnesses such as shingles, rubella or measles. These will disappear after appropriate medication is taken for the particular condition. Skin problems that occur as a reaction to medications will normally disappear soon after it is changed or discontinued.

Allergic reactions to certain foods may be more difficult to diagnose, as the patient will have to undergo a number of tests to determine which foods they are allergic to. Some rashes associated with the general term eczema can be treated by using both a moisturizer as well as cortisone cream. However, there can be stubborn cases as well as severe ones that do not easily respond.

In many cases, depending on the diagnosis, use of a topical corticosteroid cream is helpful. Butt it is essential to read the instructions on the label, as prolonged use of topical steroids for rashes can cause problems.

There are many products that contain fragrances or dyes, that can irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions, and over the counter corticosteroids can help control the itching, swelling, and redness. Corticosteroids should not be used on a small child without speaking to a physician. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and absorbs everything that is rubbed into it and prolonged use of corticosteroids can cause liver, heart, lung and kidney problems.

Use of oral steroids such as prednisone can actually cause skin problems, including acne on the face, chest and back. With prolonged steroid use, the skin can become thin and bruise easily, while others develop stretch marks and thinning hair, or women may grow facial hair. They are used in certain contexts to treat delayed puberty, certain types of impotence, and body-wasting in AIDS patients. Illegally they are used in the sports world to build muscle.

Steroids should be used with caution, and never for longer than recommended on the label. They can be beneficial in most cases if appropriately used. When stopping the use of oral steroids one needs to taper off them according to the doctor’s instructions.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Lupus Nephritis

Lupus in Pregnant Women

Author: Groshan Fabiola

Lupus is an affection which usually affects women and oftenly it has been said that women who suffer from lupus cannot become pregnant due to their condition. Much more, specialists deny this affirmation, 50% of all women with lupus who become preganant can have a normal preganancy and deliver healthy babies. On the other hand, some women may face complications and lose their babies in the early stages of pregnancy.

Furthermore, even though many lupus pregnancies are totally normal, women risk to face problems during the period of their pregnancy. Pregnant women with lupus should be supervised by an obstetrician until the pregnancy ends and in this case the risk of the mother’s health is diminished and normal babies can be borne. Moreover, women who suffer from lupus should follow the physician’s instructions, they have to adopt a special diet and lifestyle and not in the last place, delivery must take place in a hospital.

First of all, even though, women in remission tend to have less trouble than women with active lupus, a good, healthy diet might help a lot during the pregnancy. So, some of the golden rules that a pregnant woman with lupus should follow are: proper medication, regulary visits at the doctor, an healthy food diet, no bad habits like smoking or drinking and also they should avoid pills that might put in danger the life of the baby.

Secondly, pregnant women may face certain symptoms such as lupus flare, rashes which ca appear due to an increased blood flow in the skin, new hair growth during pregnancy and also severe loss of hair after delivery. What is more is that 20% of lupus patients tend to have a sudden increase in blood pressure, protein in the urine, affections which are known as toxemia and require a serious treatment and even immediate delivery. Another serious complications that may occur to lupus pregnancies are the presence of antibodies which interfere with the function of the placenta. So, these antibodies also known as antiphospholipid usually cause blood clots, including blood clots in the placenta, exposing the placenta to high risks. it is important to mention that many lupus patients have an antibody known as anti-ro or anti-SSA which may affect the unborn babies and exposing them to a syndrome known as neonatal lupus. Moreover, in many cases women who suffer from a severe form of lupus have to pass through a caesarian section in order to save he premature baby.

Taking all these into consideration, pregnant women who suffer from lupus can have a normal pregnancy if they follow an appropriate treatment and have a balanced lifestyle. Furthermore, it has been considered that most medications taken by SLE are safe to use during the prganancy due to the fact that they don t get through the placenta and in this way the baby is not in danger. Moreover, these medications might help the unborn baby to mature and also they are used in order to fight against complications such as toxemia of pregnancy.

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So if you want to find more about Lupus or more details about lupus treatment please follow this link

Lupus Cancer

Is Lupazol An Effictive Lupus Treatment?

Author: John Howard

Lupazol is a nutritional supplement that can be used safely by any person so as to boost the immune system. It contains no toxic elements that can create side effects. All the ingredients of Lupazol are hundred percent natural which have been used by millions of people for thousands of years for improving the immune system of their body. So it is considered as one of the best available medicine that can boost the immune system of the body.

All the ingredients used to make it are very effective to improve the total immune system of the body. The key ingredients of formula include Mannose Glycan, Galactose Glycan, Fucose Glycan, Glucose Glycan, Xylose Glycan, N-acetylneuramic acid, N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylglucosamine.

Mannose Glycan in this medicine is very effective to strengthen the excretion system of the body. By strengthening excretion system of the body you will be able to regulate the inflammation factors that cause discomfort to your body.

Galactose Glycan is used in this medicine with an intention to improve the intercellular communications of the body. It will promote wound healing and stimulate the calcium absorption ability of the body. It can again help you by regulating inflammation factors.

Fucose Glycan is used in Lupazol is effective to maintain nerves, kidney and reproductive system of the body. It can also improve the hydration system of the skin of the person who consumes this medicine.

Glucose Glycan will help you to improve the memory and to stimulate the calcium absorption ability of the body. Glucose that plays a key role in regulating the immune system is also helpful in increasing the cellular communication of the body.

Lupazol uses Xylose Glycan to promote the growth of healthful flora of the intestines of the persons consuming this medicine. It will help you to increase the nutrient absorption from the intestine to strengthen the immune system of the body.

N-acetylneuramic acid in it acts as an immune modulator in the body. N-acetylgaactosamine and N-acetylglucosamine in this medicine help to regulate inflammation factors and to promote the health of the joints of the body.

A person who consumes this nutritional supplement will be able to feel the positive results of these medicines within a few days of consumption of medicine. It is available in capsule form and the maintenance dosage will normally be two capsules a day. The natural ingredients in the medicine make it hundred percent free from any side effects.

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Lupus Definition

A Brief Education About Lupus and Treatment

Author: Hamza Davis

Lupus is an autoimmune illness where the immune system of the body produces antibodies which start attacking itself, producing inflammation of the skin, joints, blood vessels and other areas. Some of the premier symptoms are homogeneous to those common with arthritis, Lyme affliction, and fibromyalgia such as swelling and pain of the joints, sometimes with a fever.

Bounteous cases also have a characteristic rash that appears across the nose and cheeks, which consists of pinkish to red coloration of the skin and raised red bumps. The following vitamins and minerals have been shown to be beneficial in the management of Lupus and its multitudinous diagnostics .

Vitamin A helps stave off eye disorders, skin disorders like acne, cancer, colds, influenza and other infections. It elevates immunity and acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin A is needed for skin and mucous membrane health, bone and teeth formation, and protein utilization. It helps postpone the aging process.

The B vitamins advocate healthy nerves, skin, eyes, hair, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and brain function. The B vitamins are also coenzymes involved in energy production. B complex is significant for elderly people and a deficiency can mimic Alzheimer’s malady.

Vitamin C performs hundreds of functions in the body. It is crucial for the production of antibodies, strengthens connective tissues, helps reduce the duration and severity of a cold, assists with wound healing, and protects other vitamins from oxidation.

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is an anti-oxidant that hold backs the fats and fat-soluble Vitamin A stored in the body from breaking down and combining with other substances that may be harmful to the body. It also protects red blood cells from rupturing.

Zinc is required for the production of both RNA and DNA, the basic building blocks of the body. It assists the body in making the 200+ enzymes and is essential in the development and continuous normal functioning of the central nervous system. Zinc also plays a role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Magnesium is essential for every major biological process. It is necessary for 300+ enzymatic reactions and is vital for calcium metabolism. Magnesium is not a trace mineral, but a major entity in our bodies.

Calcium performs numerous vital functions in the body. It combines with phosphorus to strengthen bones and is crucial for nerve conduction, muscle contraction and heartbeat. Calcium also helps hold back cramps brought on by exercise by avoiding lactic acid buildup.

Iodine is crucial for the health of the thyroid gland and is essential for the production of two key hormones that relief regulate a host of body processes including resting metabolic rate, heart rate, heat production and energy levels.

Manganese is involved in protein, fat and energy metabolism. Its primary function, though, is as an antioxidant. Manganese is an essential part of biochemical reactions that affect bone, cartilage and brain function.

Copper is heavily involved in the production of hemoglobin. It is also involved in the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the integrity of bone, cartilage, skin and tendon, and elastin, a major component of large blood vessels.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral required by the body in inadequate quantities. It is also a potent antioxidant. Selenium is necessary for proper calcium and vitamin C metabolism, helps convert blood sugar into energy, decreases platelet aggregation and helps champion cardiovascular health.

You should work closely with your physician in the management of Lupus. Discussing the vitamins and minerals listed above before beginning to take any of them is of utmost importance. Some vitamins and minerals may have conflicting reactions when taken in combination with certain over-the-counter and prescription medications.

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Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus Pictures

Some things about lupus rash
Submitted by: Fabiola

More than 90% of people with lupus have skin symptoms, and it was seen that these symptoms are more common in whites than in African Americans.

In those patients who have systemic lupus erythematosus there can appear many types of rashes, while the classic lupus rash is a redness on the cheeks.

A special characteristic rash is the one brought by discoid lupus, which manifests as red skin patches on the skin and scaliness and can lead to scarring. It often appears on the face and scalp and can lead to loss of scalp hair.

Hair loss can also occur because of the immunosuppressive medications, or with flares of systemic lupus erythematosus, even without skin rashes in the scalp.
An erythematous rash in a butterfly distribution on the face can show the presence of the acute cutaneous lupus erythematosus. Located in both cheeks and across the bridge of the nose, this blush is slightly edematous and appears usually after sun exposure, persists a few days and heals without scarring. It is known that there can appear erythematous lesions in other areas of the body too.

The subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus is dealing with localized or generalized lesions, may involve any part of the body and the erythematosus lesions may resemble a drug reaction as they involve palms and soles. The lesions are usually pruritic, and the maculopapular rash usually occurs after sun exposure. Most of the time, these lesions heal without scarring, but there exists the possibility that persistent lesions that become crusty to heal with only slight atrophy of the skin.
Chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus can appear anywhere, although usually it affects scalp and ears, and the rash may be pruritic. At the beginning, the lesions are erythematous, slightly elevated papules or plaques, in time they become raised, bright red, edematous, then the center becomes depressed, the colour fades and becomes atrophic, and the edematous red periphery slowly enlarges and becomes irregular with some telangiectasias. We must also mention that there are follicular plugging characterized by small round areas of hyperkeratosis in older lesions. It was seen that usually, these lesions heal with scarring and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

If the lesions that are involving the scalp are erythematous and scaly, the hair usually grows back, but if the lesion heals with scarring the hair loss is permanent.
Lupus Panniculitis, appears as deep nodules, shows lesions situated below the skin in the subcutaneous tissue, and it is known to heal with a deep atrophy of the involved area.

Neonatal Lupus is seen in newborn babies, develops rash similar to the annularpolycyclic rash seen in subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, and the bullous lupus erythematosus develops blisters which contain a clear seurous fluid, and may range from 3 to 40mm in diameter, the lesion resolving spontaneously usually without a scar after a week, but reappearing periodically.

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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus In Dogs

Stay Still, Lupus!

Author: Mitamins Team

Categorising lupus helps in lupus treatment(

Lupus is a chronic and presently fatal disease of the immune system, a type of self-allergy, whereby the patient’s immune system creates antibodies which instead of protecting the body from bacteria and viruses, attack the person’s own body tissues. As with all immuno-related syndromes, natural lupus treatment offers an important rebalancing option amidst the harsh medicinal options available to you.

How can the symptoms of lupus be recognized, so that lupus can be treated right?

Lupus disease can be only recognized by the doctor, through comprehensive examination and consideration of symptoms and their history. Currently there is no single test that can definitely say whether a person has lupus( or not. The main symptoms are extreme fatigue, eye problems, mouth ulcers, miscarriage, joint/muscle pain, depression, facial or other rashes, hair loss, and fever.

When can lupus be triggered?

Lupus can appear any time in your life, but still there are moments which wake up lupus letting it came to life: at puberty, after childbirth, through sunlight, during the menopause, after viral infection, as a result of trauma, after a prolonged course of medication. In knowing how to treat lupus naturally, one must take account of the common features of these symptoms. Lupus symptoms tend to occur after major changes in the context and natural circumstances of your life. So when facing major life changes, take care to naturally treat lupus by smoothing any rough edges and anxieties that appear in your life and consider lupus when naturally treating lupus symptoms: a series of hard to diagnose body issues.

How to treat and cure lupus?

Unfortunately there is no foolproof cure for lupus at present. Lupus sufferers must be under medication and the constant control of their GP. However they must learn to live with the disease and to learn to ease its symptoms by taking up natural lupus treatments. And this is where natural lupus treatments( come in. Here is how to proceed and make progress in your life while naturally treating lupus: become well-educated about lupus, rest a lot, try to resolve stress, depression, pain or anger, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and fluorescent lights, develop new interests and skills if wished and if able.

Amino acids, fats and vitamins to treat lupus naturally

Dietary supplements, as core natural treatment packets, are an essential part of any autoimmune disease healing process. When the body is in a state of inflammation due to lupus, more free radicals will be produced. These free radicals can harm cells. To counteract these free radicals, antioxidants are needed. Some of the best antioxidants are vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, and bioflavonoids. Amino acids help to relieve stress and anxiety, which may lead to flare-ups of lupus. Changing the types of fats that you eat can also help you to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body, thus naturally treating your lupus. If you eat fish or other foods that are high in essential fatty acids, the inflammatory chemicals will not be produced in as high a number leaving you freer to pursue your happy and productive life.

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