Lupus Fatigue Depression

There is no doubt that the damage caused by endometriosis is 2-3 times serious than other disease's. And many sufferers have suffered the pelvie cavity pain more than 10 years before be diagnosed with this disease, which is a new discovery published on the Human Reproduction by researchers from NICHD and University of Washington.

The sufferers are more likely to affect the painful disabling diseases such as autoimmunity disease, Endocrine disease, anaphylactic disease, chronic pain and fatigue. Pamela Stratton, a researcher from NICHD says “this is the first time for us to find the connection based on endometriosis group.” After Pamela Stratton and Washington University's doctor – Ninet Sinaii, analysis more than 3500 women's dates which are with it and more than 90% females are in fertility age.

From the article, another important character present in this disease has been found. The symptoms such as pain can be existed for a long time before it is diagnosed. Although it is uncertain that can the chronic pelvis pain be prevent by early diagnosis and treatment, the chronic pelvis pain should be diagnosed timely and treated immediately, especially for young girls. When women tell doctors they have such pain like chronic pelvis pain, doctors should take the it into consideration.

As to some researchers, it is interesting that there are some connections between the endometriosis and autoimmunity disease, because almost 1/5 endometriosis patients have the complications, and about 30% among the 1/5 patients have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. And there also are some sufferers have autoimmunity disease and Endocrine disease. although the possibility of affect chronic fatigue syndrome is 10 times higher, the chance of affect Hypothyroidism is 7 time higher and the chance of affect fibromyalgia is 2 times higher, it is common for patients to suffer from other autoimmunity disease like systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren syndrome, rheumatic arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and so on.

“The consequence of this research is helpful for those women whose disease still severe after diagnosis and treatment” said by Stratton. “Those women not only need to treat their endometriosis, but also the autoimmunity disease.”

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lupus fatigue depression