4 Different Types Of Lupus

There are a lot of breads that have been around. Their taste has either lived for centuries now and has fed a lot of people, or they have just been created by someone off a successful experimentation. The aged ones have probably gone through a lot of recipe and ingredient revisions. Their taste has been aged so that it would reach quality and perfection.

Some may have tasted bitter; some may have tasted sweetened. Some may have been designed for the whole world to appreciate. Some may have been designed for a specific part of the world to appreciate. It just varies a lot, from taste preferences to the culture of the country.

Here are some types of bread that the public has baked and eaten throughout the course of time:

White Bread – Probably the most consumed type of bread in the world. It is 77% wheat flour and some ingredients like edible seeds and flours can be added.

Wholemeal Bread – Consumed for health purposes because of bran and germ. It is made out of wholemeal flour.

Mixed Grain Bread – Made from combinations of any flour, any grains and any seeds.

Cracked Wheat Bread – Contains wheat grains that are cracked and stuffed in.

Fiber White Bread – Contains a higher amount of Fiber compared to the regular white bread. Additional bran or powdered fiber is added to the ingredients to achieve high fiber count.

Rye Bread – Contains rye flour and wheat flour.

Sourdough Bread – Contains sour taste and has a thicker structure compared to the normal bread.

Damper – An Australian outback bread delicacy. Its ingredients are totally raw, flour, water and salt.

Lavash Bread – Flat bread which contains regular bread ingredients and is baked in oven on a metal plate.

Bagel – A crusty Jewish bread delicacy which is ring-like. It can be flavored and coated.

Pita Bread – Flat and circle bread made from regular bread ingredients. The steam inside the dough is isolated to have a 'pocket'. This pocket is used for fillings.

Naan – Crisp and flat bread whose surface looks like a pizza. It is cooked in a clay oven to produce its original flavor.

Chapatti – A round Middle-East bread delicacy; Made from fine wholewheat flour, called atta. In India, they are used as plate for other food to be put on.

Steamed Bread – Chinese bread steamed and filled with sweet paste or grinded meat.

Gluten-Free Bread – Contains ingredients that are organic (rice, potato etc.) It has a brittler structure compared to gluten breads.

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4 different types of lupus