Trichomoniasis or most commonly known as Trich and is considered to be the main cause of vaginitis. It spreads through external water sources and is also considered to be a sexually transmitted disease or STD. It is manly the infection of the urogenitical tract.


Motile flagellated protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis is the root cause for the infection Trichomoniasis. With this parasite, worldwide around 174 million people are affected and it is the sexually transmitted infection and making it one of curable infection in the world.

15mm is the average size of Trichomoniasis (not visible to naked eyes). This parasite’s reproduction occurs every 8 t o12 hours. Of the infected female partners 67% to 100% and male partners 14% to 60% this parasite Trichomoniasis was isolated. It is unclear that more than male why females are affected more.  Zinc contains are found in the fluid prostatic is one of the harmful chances to trichomonads.



-Swelling in the scrotum (A pouch of skin that contains epididymides, lower portions of the spermatic cords and the testes).

-Pain while urination

-Discharge of urethral

-The majority of the males have no symptoms


-Vaginal discharge

-Itchy, smelly and typically foamy and frothy discharge

-During urination pain is possible (a sensation which is unpleasant that ranges from discomfort to agony and mild. It also has emotional and physical components)

-Itching in vagina

-Gray green or yellow discharge

-Infected females upto one third have no symptoms

-When the itching is started you have to take the medical care

Treatment: Self Care At Home

The treatment to this infection is of the choice antibiotics of the doctor. In addition some medicine therapies are available to the antibiotics. No scientific evidences support these therapies for use. Without an doctor’s consult and antibiotics which is appropriate should not be used this is called home therapy (using your own medicine),by doing home therapy it would lead to many sexually  transmitted diseases which are very harmful to our body like Chlamydia or  gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. To increase the parasite killing activity you can add the juice of lemon to the following douches:

-One quart of water to one quart of vinegar

-Yogurt douches

-You can also try aromatherapy which helps to reduce the irritation during urinal

Medical Treatment:

The choice of the treatment is metronidazole (flagyl) except in the first trimester of your pregnancy and also it is important to note that not to consume alcohol during the drug consumption. This treatment is very large single dose which is effective very much. Partners should take care that though your partner might not have the symptoms it is safe to have your partner is evaluated and treated or else you may be infected.

May be your partner may be given a very large dose of this treatment or will be treated of the period of seven days. Or your doctor may not give the prescription without routinely examining your partner.

-So to avoid this infection safe sex and hygiene are helpful to prevent this infection.

-Do wear condoms during sex

-Towels and swimsuits should not be shared (until 45 minutes, because trichomonads are active till 45 minutes)

-Before and after intercourse do wash

-After swimming the public pool do have a shower

To Your Health!

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