People who do not practice safe sex, has an active sex life and has sex with multiple partners are at high risk of having sexually transmitted diseases or STD. One may not know that he or she is already infected until symptoms or signs come out in the open.  This is when a patient begins to have doubts on his or her health condition. Symptoms among men and women are different from each other. Women are more susceptible to have STDs than men.

Here are some common symptoms and signs of STD:

For women, they may experience itching, pain during sexual intercourse and when urinating, rashes, swelling, bump and lumps, smelly vaginal discharge and skin discoloration. On the other hand, men may feel pain in the testicular area, pain when urinating, blood discharge from the penis, bumps or blisters and itchiness.

Symptoms showing-up may vary depending on the disease. Some diseases may show signs as early as forty-eight hours after the sexual intercourse, others may take longer. However, these signs and symptoms may not apply to all types of STDs. Some STDs are asymptomatic diseases. This means that the disease do not show any signs or symptoms at all. This makes it difficult to detect if one has been infected with the disease. Such STDs are Chlamydia and gonorrhea.

The only way to have one’s doubts be checked is through a reliable and accurate STD or HIV testing. These tests help one detect if he or she is infected with STD. This could also mean that one diagnosed should start consulting a doctor and seek treatment. There are STDs that can be treated and there are few that are not. So, depending on the disease, the doctor should know what type of treatment should be given to the patient.

There are lots of methods that one can choose from when it comes to STD testing. If one wants to have fast results given to them, quick or rapid STD testing may be taken. This can give results in as quick as twenty minutes but still as accurate as possible. Other concerned organizations offer a more affordable STD testing for those who are having financial matters and think that testing is expensive. Another way is the confidential, private or anonymous STD testing. This is done for people who wants to keep their privacy while taking the test and obtaining the results. Confidentiality is important for people who are suspecting of having been infected with a disease because STDs are serious matters to deal with. This is aside from the fact that your health and life is at stake in the situation. There are several STD testing clinics that are specializing in helping those who have matters with STDs. They are now available in many states all over U.S.

Detecting the disease early can give the patient the right advice and guidance that he or she needs. The patient may also seek the help of a doctor for proper treatment and prompt medications if possible.

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