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Dehydroepiandrosterone acts as multi-functional steroid carrying biological effects in the animals and mammals. The nick name of dehydroepiandrosterone is dhea.

Reports reveals that dhea is largely available steroid in human body consumed with sulfate ester. In our biological system dhea emerges from adrenal glands along iwth synthesizing de novo in area of brain. One can see dhea lying on androgen receptor in two forms in metabolites such as androstendione, estrogens estrone and estradio. Dhea also called as sigma-1 agonist serving as neurosteroid in the body commonly.

There are many brands one c an see of dhea who is in competition for the best produciton of dhea in varied ranges. Several other forms one will find in the list of dheas such as dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate which is another form of sulphate. And this is mainly having the usage in sulfotransferase present in liver, adrenals, and small intestine. In most of the c ases dhea is considered as dheas in blood of the human body three hundreds times higher than the usual free dhea present in the human body. Dhea as of now not resulted inot any kind of negative effects in animals and mammals. Also dhea helps in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus patients. In the year 2001 the usage of dhea has got the approval by U.S food and drug administration. Now one can avail dhea from loc al stores and through online.

People suffering from heart ailments will get little relief as dhea helps in the reduction of cholesterol and serum lipids. Although it is seen that to some extent dhea helps in the treatment of alzheimer’s disease but still not supported by many medic al faculty. One should also understand the concept that dhea supplementation in people do not revealing go

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