If you are suffering from one of several different medical ailments including chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme, Lupus, organ deficiencies, fibromyalgia or other conditions, then you may be considering using a Rife machine to treat your condition. Likewise, if you are simply feeling poorly, run down or not up-to-par or in optimum health, you may also be thinking about exploring the use of a Rife machine to help improve your physical state. If you are considering the use of a Rife machine, there are many reasons why it is worth a try.

Why Try a Rife Machine

A Rife machine is a special device that is used to expose your body to different frequencies. The idea behind a Rife machine is that every organism- including disease causing organisms- has their own frequency. When viruses or other unhealthy organisms that cause disease are exposed to modified forms of their own frequency, (known as MOR), these organisms can be destroyed and your body can be restored to its own natural energy frequency and, in turn, can be restored to health.

Rife machines have been successfully used by many patients to treat or manage various medical conditions and if you are suffering from one of these conditions or otherwise feeling poorly, here are a few reasons why trying a Rife Machine may be a good idea:
There's little or no risk of unpleasant side effects. Everyone knows that when they go to the doctor and are given pills, the pills come with a laundry list of potential side effects that sometimes sound worse than the original problem the pill was intended to treat. With a Rife Machine, on the other hand, there are essentially no side effects at all to exposing your body to the frequencies on the machine. This means that you have nothing to lose by giving the Rife Machine a try as a treatment method. Rife machines have been around for a long time. The first Rife Machine dates back as far as the 1930's. With almost a century of use and development, the Rife Machine obviously has been effective at helping people- otherwise, people would no longer be using the machine. A long track record of success should be enough to make trying the Rife Machine worth your while. You may be surprised at how well it actually helps. A rife machine can do more than just treat illness. There is a difference between being healthy and simply being not sick. A rife machine can help you to achieve optimum health by ensuring that you are able to restore your body to the natural frequency that is intended. A number of toxins and impurities that you are exposed to on a daily basis can change your body's natural frequency in unhealthy ways and a Rife Machine works to fight these effects.
These are just a few of the many reasons why you may wish to try a Rife Machine if you are experiencing any type of medical problem. While every patient and case are different, you too may experience the healing power that many prior Rife Machine users have been witness to firsthand.

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