Preventing Renal Failure after Getting Severe Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis forms as a result of SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) attacking one's kidneys.Renal failure is the end stage of kidney failure, so people always are anxious to hold back the coming of renal failure after severe lupus nephritis. Except for the tips in diet and daily details, treatment is essential for patients to prevent renal failure.

“I got the medication from my rheumatologist and nephrologist. However, it seems that all the drugs can do nothing and kidney function is lowering down all the time. I do not know what the wrong is.”

Before patients get treatment, they need to know what type of disease is and discuss with doctors to know what the key point is. Lupus nephritis is an autoimmune disease and need a treatment for the disordered immune system.

Patients with lupus nephritis have a crazy immune system that could not tell the difference of body cells and foreign invaders. So it can hurt any part of the body including the skin, joints, blood and kidneys. Kidney is also the victim after lupus nephritis. So patients need a treatment to regulate the immune system. Immunotherapy is one suitable treatment for severe lupus nephritis.

In order to prevent renal failure, immunotherapy adopts immune regulation and immune protection which both can stop destroy from disordered immune system and repair kidney tissues to improve kidney function. Immune regulation turn to Chinese medicine for help for Chinese herbs could give much nutrition and essential elements to balance the coordination of organs and tissues. So it can help to return their immune system to normal.

Immune protection is the main therapy for preventing renal failure. Immunotherapy is used in this step and it can produce many new and healthy cells for kidneys. These cells can provide new blood vessels, glomeruli, renal tubules and so on for kidney, so they have energetic again and filter many toxins for people's body.

This therapy can provide cells for people instead of repairing damaged ones, so it can improve the body from root. Lupus nephritis is not terrible and preventing renal failure is not dreaming, for immunotherapy can return health to you.

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3 thoughts on “Sle Treatment Guideline

  1. AJ

    My Rheumatologist confirmed that I am + Anti DNA Antibodies.. But he will not confirm it as Lup?
    I am 41 years old Asian Indian male. Here is the history on my medical health:
    In July 2008 first time I had felt severe knee pain and went to artho surgery doctor for diagnosis .He did X-ray and found no issues.
    Later after few months, I started getting severe pain in both my knee and finger joints and swelling .So I went to another doctor and he diagnosed that I have + ANA and recommended me to a Rheumatologist.
    My rheumatologist did more blood & Urine work and diagnosed me with Positive Anti DNA Antibodies and high on Uric Acid. So He put my on Plaquenil and Pain killer for one month .Its been 2 weeks and I had 2 times severe pain (Flares).

    My issue is, this pain mostly happens in the evenings & nights, may be once or twice week and makes me tired and painful. But after that – everything becomes normal, I don’t find any issues, till I get another flare.

    In my past I had Vitiligo (White patches), kind of Alopecia(Spot hair loss).I am worried those issues are related with this problem!!!!

    My questions are
    1) Am I in right treatment path or should I be taking any other medications.
    2) Also what tests should I ask the doctor to do further?
    3) Just Plaquenil would be enough to control this disease.
    4) What are all other problems or issues that I may face in the future.
    5)Will this decease can affect my kids(5yrs old boy & 2 yrs old girl) ,Should I get them checked too!!

    I am really worried and scared by reading all these news about SLE etc.
    Any advice with similar symptoms or prior patents on this issue is highly appreciated.

  2. venus974

    why are thyroid meds Meds causing debilitating headaches?
    I’m actually asking for my Dad- He’s been to sick to do research. He was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 30 years ago( but is positive he had it for many years before that) so for the past 30 years he was on medication, I don’t know which ones, but then he started getting such bad headaches that he can’t move or think- I read it might be IIH, Idiopathic intracranial hypertension. I just found it in an artical about someone having this from thier meds, and my dad said he Had all the same symptoms. . On top of that he is hypoglycemic and if he can’t eat his blood sugar drops and the headache doubles. He gets so sick he can’t eat, can’t move to eat. His Doc tried 3 other meds and all do the same thing. He’s only OK if he stops taking them, but his Doc says that’s not an option. Anyone have any ideas of what’s going on and why for 30 years there was no problem?

  3. bricktobrick

    can a person go blind from Lupus?if so how can you tell?
    My friend has Lupus and she said she is going blind from it,what I like to know is how can she or her doctor tell it is from Lupus?

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