All too often for men and women facing urological care issues, finding products for sensitive issues in local medical stores can be troublesome or undesired by patients. Urological problems for men and women can be troublesome and life affecting. Urinary complications are not easy topics to discuss with one's doctor, or even one's closest friends! But it's important to know that urological problems should be discussed, treatment should by sought and men and women of all ages should seek medical advice to combat the onset of continuing urological problems.

Some of the common symptoms of a urinary problem might include burning sensation while urinating (the most common form of a urinary tract infection); a strong urge to urinate, but not being able to pass much urine; fever and back pain; a feeling of not being able to completely empty your bladder, or leaking urine (incontinence). Both men and women can face these same symptoms, and if so, should seek medical advice and possibly urological care and supplies as needed.

Urinary incontinence is mainly focused on the involuntary leaking of urine from the body. The amount could range from just urine spotting to heavy flows of urine. Urinary incontinence is almost always a result of a treatable medical condition, but is often not treated quickly due to the nature of the condition.

Fortunately, urological care is available. Male and female catheters are available for both men and women to deal with various urological issues. One way that urological problems are treated are through the use of intermittent catheters. Intermittent catheters are typically single-use urinary catheters in which users urinate once into it and then dispose the catheter. The catheter is inserted into the women's bladder for urinating. This type of catheter is also available as a closed system catheter, preventing bacteria from entering the catheter. The urine catheter is enclosed in a sleeve or bag so hands do not touch it and introduce bacteria.

Symbius Medical is committed to helping our customers understand and work through urological care issues. Among the catheters for urological care that we carry are: intermittent catheters, closed system catheters, coude catheters, external catheters, leg bags, urogical care accessories and more. Above our products stand our clinical experts who are knowledgeable about urological care products, how they are used, applied and cleaned.

Additionally, Symbius Medical takes care of the entire insurance issue. For medical customers who are eligible for products from Symbius Medical, the company takes care of processing customer insurance claims with many primary or secondary insurance providers. That gives Symbius an edge over its competitors, and a heartfelt appreciation from its customers.

Symbius Medical backs up every medical supply and product that we offer. Contact us today for your urological needs, and any other needs related to home medical equipment such as respiratory & urological supplies to mobility products.

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