What are skin lesions?

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Capable of determining what works in the battle to turn back a disorder as difficult to understand and hard to isolate or identify as lupus is a puzzle indeed. Initially you have to identify the challenge. Churchill?s Medical Dictionary defines lupus as ?a multisystem sickness of not known ethiology.? The American Journal of Medicine calls it ?a chronic inflammatory sickness of the connective tissue resulting from not known effect.? _ Oh, there is a aid: ?unknown causes.?

A slight extra facts comes from the academic American Encyclopedia, which state that skin lesions is an autoimmune disease in which the body bring about abnormal antibodies that assault regular body tissue as though it were a foreign invader. Currently we are arriving somewhere! I will get back to this issue in a minute.

On behalf of those of you uncertain, baffled, or dismissed by traditional medicine, here are the signs. Dicoid lupus is a skin disorder characterized by a rash over the nose and cheeks in a butterfly pattern. One more form occurs in a consequence of particular prescription medication. The most usual – SLE ? causes joint ache and inflammation, fever an fatigue. A little less than half of people with lupus get facial rushes. No single observation diagnoses the sickness, but in the majority of cases 50-90 percent), patients test positive for lupuserythematosus cells, white blood cells that wipe out other white cells. Of the approximately 500,00 lupus patients in the United States, largely are women. About 1 in 700 women aged 15 to 64 is afflicted. If not alleviated, SLE can result enduring injury to the kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, nervous system, joints and skin.

What are these abnormal antibodies that assault average body tissue? People who study this are starting to consider they are what is called antiphospholipid antibodies. Phosphholipids are charged with fighting invasions of fat molecules in cell membranes. At what time phospholipids are destroyed or minimized by a high-saturated fat-processed food diet, the organ of the body turn into bloated with fat, and cannot function correctly. At what time the body bring about antibodies that kill phospholipids, People who study this call them antiphopholipid antibodies.

Fresh examination points to DHEA. From me to you: Cutting edge study found nowhere else that might mean a breakthrough for lupus sufferers! People who study this at the Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, California, recently designed a research seeking to decide by the therapeutic benefits of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in ten female patients with mild to moderate SLE, DHEA is a naturally taking place adrenal hormone. The women were given 200 mg of DHEA vocally for three to six months, with the patients improving a sufficient amount to reduce their need for prescribed corticosteroids.  The People who study this conclude that DHEA ?holds potential as an new therapeutic agent for the treatment of mild to moderate systemic skin lesions erythematosus.

Dr. Wright has found that in women with lupus, 80 percent were low in the hormone testosterone, and recommends that physicians with lupus patients act upon a hormone panel. At what time it comes to DHEA, it is paramount to use it with a reliable doctor?s supervision as too much of it can effect male pattern baldness- especially in women. The maker of DHEA are at this time battling the FDA system in order to acquire this natural substance to health food store shelves, by the way they succeeded in doing so, DHEA can be bought in several health food store.

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