Prescription medications have a lot of side effects that can even lead to worse problems. That is one of the main reasons why most people would go for natural cures to combat this disease. A common natural cure for the symptoms of lupus disease is willow, which is very effective in easing the muscle and joint pains that are usually experienced when you have lupus. Other than that, this is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent that is used for joint inflammations. The part of the willow tree that is used for this purpose is its bark. The bark extract is recommended to be taken in thrice a day in 5 ml amounts.

Certain practices can help you with your lupus disease so that you can prevent exacerbation. There are foods that you have to avoid, limit and increase. Totally avoid alfalfa since this can mimic the signs and symptoms such as flares. You will have to limit cow’s milk and beef products, taking them only in small amounts. As for the ones that you have to increase, consume fish in bigger amounts since these are rich in omega-3, the fatty acids that will help your body cope up with the illness. You can also take in some herbs and supplements such as flaxseed oil, black walnut, and other helpful supplements to help in the cure of these symptoms of lupus. Colloidal silver is also gaining attention in the cure of lupus since it is antibacterial, anti-arthritic and anti-fungal. If you have noticed, colloidal silver targets three symptoms of lupus.

The treatment of the symptoms involves home care too since this is very important for your recovery and for the maintenance of your health status. Stress management is something that you can do, because researches say that stress is actually a triggering factor for the exacerbation of lupus. Engaging in activities that are not too tiring is also encouraged to keep you mobilized, preventing your joints from losing their function. However, you have to keep that at a minimum because you easily get tired, and you won’t like the effects of exhaustion.

And because natural treatment methods are being preferred for the symptoms of lupus, you should take advantage of this recently developed natural cure for lupus. Be more informed of this treatment for symptoms of lupus by visiting

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