There are foods for gout that you need to include in your daily meals so that you can get natural relief from your condition. When a patient has gout, his body is known to ineffectively metabolize uric acid and thus produce arthritis (in the feet's smaller bones) and acute pain episodes.

Dietary management for gout is focused on decreasing uric acid in the body system; as well as in managing other kinds of diseases that may come along with gout like obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension. A patient with gout is usually recommended to follow a low-purine diet.

Purine is a naturally occurring substance in foods and in our body cells. Purines provide the chemical structure of plants', animals' and humans' genes. Totally avoiding purines is not possible, so the best for gout patients to do is try to limit purine from their food intake.

Foods With High-Purine Contents

All alcoholic beverages are high in purine. There are also some types of fish, shellfish and seafood that have high purine levels such as mussels, herring, scallops, codfish, sardines, anchovies, haddock and trout. Meats like venison, veal, turkey, bacon and organ meats should also be avoided by gout sufferers.

Foods With Moderate-Purine Contents

Foods containing moderate levels of purine should not be included in a gout diet like beef, pork, ham, crab, shrimp, lobster, asparagus, lentils, kidney beans, spinach and mushrooms.

With all these numerous delicious foods you must not eat, perhaps you are wondering if there is any other food you can safely eat. Do not feel deprived because of this because there are still many kinds of foods you can enjoy eating.

Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are helpful in flushing uric acid out of the body. However, complex types of carbohydrates can provide you with this amazing benefit. Such carbohydrates can be found from enriched whole grain rice, breads, potatoes and pastas. There are also other fruits and vegetables containing complex carbohydrates.

Low Protein

There are low-protein foods that you can include in your meals such as poultry, soy and lean meats. Lean meats refer to those cuts of meat containing the least amount of fats. A better choice than meat is tofu that is made from soybeans.


Fruits generally contain little to zero purines so they are excellent gout-relieving foods. There are also many kinds of vegetables that can bring respite from pains.

Red-blue berries can be consumed by a gout patient such as strawberry, blueberry and cherries, bananas and tomatoes are also ideal fruits to eat. Vegetables that can be eaten are celery, parsley, cabbage and kale. Pineapple and other foods high in bromelain; foods rich in vitamin C like red bell pepper, oranges, mandarin and red cabbage; essential fatty acids from salmon, tuna and flaxseed; low-fat dairy products; carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, cocoa and chocolate may all be safe to eat when suffering from gout. When you have gout and you want to get natural relief, remember to also drink a lot of water and lots of fresh fruit juices.

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