We don't realise when a horse is not racing, eventing, jumping, or just running around the paddock, that your horse's legs are put through a great amount of stress on a daily basis. This constant wear and tear day in and day out on the animals joints can lead to a breakdown in the fluids of the horses joints. Without this fluid, the bones begin to rub together this causing potential damage to your horse's cartilage and ligaments. Your horse's performance, mood and health are all affected greatly.

Joints supplements used in the right circumstances may helpful: horses with arthritis, orthopedic injuries and hard working, competing horses. When it comes to treating the horse's joints, unfortunately, far too many horse owners wait until it is too late. They wait until their horse begins showing signs of pain and discomfort. It may potentially be avoided with a little bit of prevention in the form of taking Canterflex Equine a joint supplement.

Canterflex Equine Joint Supplement is made from premium grade organic certified Green Lipped Mussel powder, from mussels sourced in the pristine waters off New Zealand's South island. Canterflex is made using top quality Green Lipped Mussels, the mussels are hand opened and then the flesh is processed to maintain the high Omega 3 and 6 content as well as the Glycosaminoglycans that are naturally present in the Green Lipped Mussel. Canterflex is created using the very highest quality mussels and most up to date processing methods to create a top quality powder.

Green Lipped Mussel powder has been used in animals for many years with multiple studies showing an improvement in arthritic symptoms.

Joint supplements providing the means for healthy joints in your horse isn't a one-step practice. In fact it requires multiple steps of progression that involves a healthy, nutritious diet, supervised exercise and weight control. Joint supplements are not a quick fix, miracle drug that provides immediate results. It takes time and dedication on your part to help your horse overcome its joint injuries and problems. An effective therapy routine matched with the proper equine supplement like Canterflex Equine may help your horse achieve a long life of fitness and well-being. So start your young horses on a joint supplement like Canterflex Equine each day in there feeds.

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rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis

13 thoughts on “Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

  1. Megan

    What should I do about my recent rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis?
    I turned 21 five days ago and have just been diagnosed with the beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis. I’m really not handling it well, I just need some advice about things I can do to keep my mind positive because it is so hard at the moment.

  2. ~GiRLiE~

    What are some things that cause joint pain?
    I recently went to the doctor b/c of pain in my joints, arms and legs. The doctor did blood work and was expecting the result to be Rheumatoid Arthritis but the labs came back negative. What are somethings that could be causing my pain. I’m only 27 so….

    1. ★☆✿❀

      You can still have Rheumatoid Arthritis with negative blood work. In 20% of patients with RA they have no positive blood work, it’s called sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis.

      You really need to be assessed by a Rheumatologist. They can insure that all the correct tests have been run and they can look at your symptoms to see what diagnosis they think fits best.

      Age is irrelevant. Arthritis can affect anyone and any age. I’m only 21!


  3. brillianteva

    What kind of medical history to look for prior giving Oxycontin as a nurse?
    Do I need to consider:
    Family history?
    Current diagnosis? She has osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
    She also had elective surgery to her left hip 2 days ago.
    Current medication? This patient is on Dicofenac
    What is the rationales behind these?
    Why do i need to consider above when administrating oxycontin?

    1. Aiden

      For the patient’s safety, you need to consider documented hypersensitivity to oxycodone (the suffix “contin” means slow release”).

      Current meds? Diclofenac is fine, but ask about MAOIs, other CNS depressants (you don’t want to knock out her respiratory drive), and tricyclic antidepressants (oxycodone may increase toxicity of TCAs).

      Comorbid conditions? E.g. caution in COPD, emphysema, and renal insufficiency.

  4. SAH

    What’s the procedure for getting tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    I’m 24 and my doctor wants me to get blood work done for this because we thought it was tendinitis in my elbows, but now the inflammation has spread to my hips knees and ankles. I was just wondering what the procedure is; how big is the needle, how much blood they need, and which part of the body they give you the shot.

    Also, if anyone has any home remedies instead of western medicine this would be great too. Thanks!

    1. ★☆✿❀

      Firstly, if this turns out to be Rheumatoid Arthritis, you don’t have time for home remedies. RA is a very serious disease. You can speak to people who were slow to get a diagnosis and treatment and you’ll find it’s not a pretty story. I know one lady whose RA has spread to her lungs and brain and she has severe joint deformity. You need to seek treatment ASAP if you have RA.

      The needles aren’t big and they’re not a big deal. You’ll feel a little jab and they’ll probably take 3 or 4 vials. They take it from inside the elbow. Make sure they do as many of the tests as they can now so you don’t have to go back again.

      Good luck.


  5. Anonymous

    What pain killers do they normally prescribe for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    What pain killers do they normally prescribe for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    My mom was recently diagnosed and would like to know if it is potent enough, and if I could take a few and she wouldnt notice, like every day if i were to take a few, would she notice?
    I’m not a moron. I’d feel bad about it; that’s whi I woudl only take a little bit, but she can get refils right?

    1. ★☆✿❀

      Yes, she would notice and so would her doctor. Doctors know that they have prescribed enough medication to last a set amount of time. If your mother runs out before this set period of time her doctor will know. Your mother might be accused of looking for drugs and over using them, and then be refused any more medication.

      It’s hard to know what your mum is being given. It could be steroids, anti-cancer drugs or anti-malarial drugs. None of these are going to make you feel good. They’ll probably make you hungry or throw up. They can also make you prone to getting infections because they dampen your immune system.

      Why do you want to take them? It makes no sense to me. Your mother is probably struggling with her diagnosis and the medication she’s having to take, without worrying about you trying to take them. It sounds like you’ve got a problem.


  6. rhonalexc21

    What is the best treatment for rheumatoid arthritis?
    My husband is 44 and was just diagnosed. He just completed additional bloodwork and xrays. At his next appointment in one week we are suppose to discuss treatment options. Any advice?

    1. gangadharan nair

      The American College of Rheumatology has defined (1987) the following criteria for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis:
      * Morning stiffness of >1 hour.
      * Arthritis and soft-tissue swelling of >3 of 14 joints/joint groups
      * Arthritis of hand joints
      * Symmetric arthritis
      * Subcutaneous nodules in specific places
      * Rheumatoid factor at a level above the 95th percentile
      * Radiological changes suggestive of joint erosion
      At least four criteria have to be met to establish the diagnosis, although many patients are treated despite not meeting the criteria.
      Pharmacological treatment of RA can be divided into disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), anti-inflammatory agents and analgesics. DMARDs have been found to produce durable remissions and delay or halt disease progression. In particular they prevent bone and joint damage from occurring secondary to the uncontrolled inflammation. This is important as such damage is usually irreversible. Anti-inflammatories and analgesics improve pain and stiffness but do not prevent joint damage or slow the disease progression.
      Please see the web pages for more details and images on Rheumatoid arthritis.

  7. ♥ DDC ♥

    Could a service dog help someone with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?
    Like an almost 15 year old girl that has very sever rheumatoid arthritis and has to be laid up in bed for about 40 days during the school year (each year since 6th grade) and has to be in a wheel chair some days. Could a service dog be useful for this person to help them get through the day better/easier? Thanks for your answer in advance!

    1. lil_farfa


      A service dog can do things like pick up dropped objects, help her brace, help her walk, help her get up.

      First, the question that must be answered is if she is eligible for a service dog. The diagnosis is not what is important. What is important is how the diagnosis affect the person. To have a service dog the individual must meet the ADA definition of disability. That is they must have a physical, medical, or psychological disability that significantly negatively impacts one or more major life activity.

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