Ulcer Types, Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

Before going to types I would like to tell you what exactly ulcer is?

It is an abscess. This means a wound with green and yellow pus. The different ulcers are classified according to their location along the digestive track.

Different types of ulcers are –

Peptic Ulcers – This is the most commonly found ulcer. It is formed in the stomach or the upper part of the small intestine, called the duodenum.

Stomach ulcer – When an ulcer is formed within the stomach is known as gastric ulcer. The most common cause of gastric ulcer is a stomach infection associated with the Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) bacteria.

Mouth Ulcers- Wounds that develop in the inner padding of the mouth are referred to as mouth ulcers.

Esophageal Ulcers – Esophageal ulcers are lesions that occur in the food pipe.

Genital Ulcers- Genital ulcers are caused due to sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, genital herpes, or thrush. Nonsexual causes of genital ulcers are infections caused by yeast, scabies, pyoderma, genital trauma and Behcet's disease.

Skin ulcers – These are the open wounds on the skin.

Bedsores – Bedsores are caused in patients who are confined to bed due to some debilitating illness or are on their way to recover in .

Symptoms And Causes

The symptoms and causes are as Follows

Sometimes Surgeries and certain treatment results in forming of ulcer. Caffeine is known to total abdomen sores, which may be a catalyst to promote gastric acid formation. Stool contamination, through eating or drinking foods/water with the H. Pylori bacterium. Smoking is known to increase the chances of one getting peptic ulcers. Emotional stress exaggerates the ulcer pain. Anxiety syndrome can cause peptic ulcers . Intestinal bleeding from a past situation, makes it simpler for an ulcer to develop. Intestinal blood losses from a past situation, makes it much simpler for an ulcer to develop up. The H. Pylori bacteria can be taken through your lifestyle, by being contaminated during childhood. A disorder called, Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, can cause ulcers . Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, like naproxen salt, pain killers, etc. Are known for the destructive results of abdomen acids.
Burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen. Vomiting and nausea. Discomfort. Tiredness and weakness. Pain in the abdomen, hours after a meal. Escalation of pain as nighttime and early morning come around. Weight loss. Anemia. Blood present in stool. Swelling and scarring, narrowing the intestinal opening.
Treatment :

Along with reducing stress and changing way of life, doctors deal with stomach and duodenal ulcers with several types of drugs. Among the several drugs according to me best is the Generic Prilosec /Losec (Omeprazole).
Generic-Prilosec is used to avoid ulcers and to treat other conditions where the stomach produces too much acid. It decreases the amount of acid made in the stomach. You can even save a lot on Generic Prilosec – Omeprazole.

Dosage :
Take one capsule per day, before a meal. Or as directed by the physician.

pictures of mouth sores associated with lupus

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