This article will discuss a new lupus treatment that does not involve drugs. Lupus also known as SLE is a common systemic autoimmune disease affecting 1.5 – 2 million people in the United States alone. Most sufferers are female with females being 9 times more likely to be affected than males. Lupus is commonly treated with prescription medication. But is there another way to help ease the symptoms of lupusc

This article will present a new lupus treatment. Many autoimmune disease have benefited from a holistic approach. An approach that acknowledges that symptoms are just an expression of an underlying problem in the body, and fixing this underlying problem is the real secret to true health. Otherwise you are just covering up your symptoms continuously while the real cause of the problem continues. That is the big difference between symptomatic drug care and a holistic approach. So in essence this may not be a new lupus treatment but a new way of looking at treatment.

A new lupus treatment should use diet and also the mental and emotional facet of wellbeing. Numerous food items can bring about autoimmune reactions as well as cause inflammation. Probably the most frequent contributors tend to be wheat and dairy. A couple of food items which are the norm within our contemporary diet. It will be possible that daily you may be irritating the body through eating these foods. Once we eliminate these food types we let your body plus your immune system to settle down and start to work much more normally. We will look to substitute these foods with nutrient dense foods which are packed with vitality and bring back health. We will also employ supplements to help you restore the body, re-balance the immune system and reduce inflammation.

The nutritional and food side is but one facet of the new lupus treatment, another requires the mental or emotional element. The part of our emotions on our overall health can’t be overlooked. Stress is thoroughly associated with our immune system as well as inflammation. Understanding how to manage our emotions and stress is definitely an easy method to assist bring back health to the physical body. What is great about these types of natural methods is they really don’t require placing dangerous chemical substances into the body, once you understand what to do these methods are simple to adapt and as earlier mentioned they tackle the main reason for the issue.

When starting a new lupus treatment that is holistic in its approach at times it can be hard to know where to start. I recommend reading and learning more about these types of approaches. It will give you a better overall appreciation of how it all works and then when you see the bigger picture you can start making changes. Slowly start to implement changes so you don’t become overwhelmed. And overtime you will have made all the changes you need to regain control of your body and health. You have nothing to lose by trying a non-drug approach to managing your lupus. So why don’t you start learning more about this new lupus treatment today.

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