Almost every woman in the childbearing age suffers from one level of ovarian cysts. The good news is that only few of them are cancerous. If this is the case the ovarian cyst has to be treated as fast as possible. So how do you know you suffer from an ovarian cyst? If you notice a stabbling pain which usually occurs on the lower back you may suffer from an ovarian cyst. Of course there are some medications which will help to stop the ovarian cyst pain, however, a lot of women do not like taking any kind of drugs but prefer the natural approach. Below you can find some relief techniques to treat ovarian cysts. The most common way to treat ovarian cysts naturally is applying heat to the affected area. A heating pad will almost always do the trick so having one at home (and even at work) is a good thing to have. But if you want to pamper yourself while relieving the ovarian cyst pain, you can give yourself a long hot bath. Also changing the way you eat is another recommended technique. There are certain food items that can intensify the pain and there are some that relieve the pain. Try to avoid spicy food as much as possible because of the certain chemicals present. Also avoid food that is rich on estrogen such as red meat, diary products and tomatoes. Lastly try to avoid food that contains iron. Cancer cells feed on iron this is why it is extremely important to avoid iron rich food. The pain you experience from ovarian cyst is hard to deal with. However, following these tips can somehow lessen the pain you feel. In case the pain becomes unbearable, you should talk to your doctor and ask him for further methods to relieving it. Taking over the counter drugs might be a good idea – However, if your doctor wants you to take prescription drugs try to avoid taking them. As many times pain medication has addictive qualities and other unwanted side effects. One last thing you should note: simple functional ovarian cysts will not require any treatment. Most likely your doctor will tell you to take birth control pills and this in most cases solves the problem.

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4 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

  1. Luigi fan

    How do i start off my report on comparing Lou Gehrig’s and Multiple Sclerosis?
    I have to write a report on comparing Lou Gehrig’s and Multiple Sclerosis and I don’t know how to start it off.

    1. eilonwy82971

      Start with brief intro about neurological disease. For the specific diseases, you’ll want to compare the causes of these diseases, the signs & symptoms; how they are diagnosed; how they are treated; and what the outlook/prognosis is for the patients with these diseases.

  2. KimLuvsIsaac

    I have multiple sclerosis for a month and my ears keep buzzing and feels like something stuck in my throat ?
    I was newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and my ears keep buzzing and everytime I swallow it feels like somethings stuck right at the edge of my throat.I have numbness and tingling real the ear and swallowing thing a symptom to what can help it it’s driving me crazy?

    1. pcheesewhiz

      Hi Kim. Unfortunately when you have multiple sclerosis your brain gets what I call “mismessages” from your nervous system. While there is nothing stuck in your throat, your brain thinks there is. Many of us who suffer from MS experience all sorts of sensations that are false. As an example, I felt as though my back was on fire for a couple of months. Then that symptom went away but it was replaced by another-I had the feeling that something was crawling up my arms and legs. I would swat it, but when I looked absolutely nothing was there. Multiple sclerosis can be very maddening and there is no doubt about it. I wish I could take your discomfort away. I have had MS for 18 years now. It took me ten years to get a diagnosis. Like you I was bedeviled by my symptoms. I now take a drug that works for me, belong to an internet group, and belong to a group sponsered by the MS society. All this helps me keep a perspective. I see my neurologist regularly and she is good at prescribing drugs that treat my symptoms. My heart goes out to you. Over time you will adjust. IF it is any consolation to you, I was blind in my left eye on and off for six months when I was first diagnosed. I could barely walk and my speech was so slurred, people could not understand me. Believe me, hon, your symptoms are mild compared to what many people go through. It takes time to adjust and in many intances counseling can make all the difference. Hang in there!

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