Vitiligo is a skin disorder appears because of change of skin coloration. Vitiligo word is derived from the Latin word 'vitelius' that's meaning is calf. At first it was discovered by Aulus Conelius celsus in his work generally known as DE- Medicna. Major symptom of Leucoderma is appearance of white patches on depigmented organ of skin, then there are some other symptoms such as changing of hair color, involvement of skin mucous membrane and some time affected retina of eyes.

It is very difficult task to find exact reason but most accepted read is that it is linked up with melanin cells. Melanin cells are special sort of cells find in inner layers of skin, main function of melanin cells are production of 'Melanocytes' which are actually responsible for coloration of skin, Melanocytes produce pigments and they gave color to skin, with this theory vitiligo is easy to understand, loss of pigments can alter your skin color. Dermatologists elaborate number of factors that are known as causes of bearing pigments loss i.e.
Heredity Insufficient nutritious factors Physical illness Excessive usage of anti-biotics, vaccination, and sun exposure Chemical exposure Associative disorders such as diabetes, pernicious anemia Inflammatory skin disorders
Diagnosis of vitiligo is very easy because of white milky spots/patches appears on different organs that are facing Depigmentation, that's simply indicates skin disorder vitiligo. Initially spots remain on limited area but after that it size and spread process become larger and progressive respectively by vitiligo pictures you can easily identify specific vitiligo spots. Patches can appear on every organ of body usually on face, arms, legs, knees, finger tips etc. it can appear in both sexes regardless of age factor. Vitiligo skin disorder is commonly found in America, Europe, Australia, and rare in Asian and African regions.

According to American vitiligo research foundation (AVRF) it is incurable disorder. No appropriate cure is yet available for Leucoderma but treatments are available for re production of melanin cells. Many kind of vitiligo treatments are available for regimentation such as

Medical Therapies:
Oral psoralen photo chemotherapy (oral plus) Narrowband ultraviolet Excimer Laser Topical corticosteroid Topical immunomodulators Topical psoralen plus ultraviolet
Surgical Therapies:
Autologous Skin graft Blister Grafting Tattooing (micro pigmentation)
Homeopathic and herbal treatments are also well known in fact vitiligo treatment in USA is greatly based on herbal products as they are free from side effects and permanent source of regimentation, many sort of vitiligo cure oil, tabs and lotion, creams are used for pigmentation .surgical and medical therapies are used when patient required quick regimentation then artificial ways of recovery is used but both medical and surgical therapies have unaffordable side effects, in this regard only one example of Michael Jackson is enough to realize danger of side effects.

michael jackson vitiligo lupus pictures

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