The moringa oleifera tree is now considered by many as a miracle tree for its medicinal benefits. The trees leaves are typically utilized to make moringa extract which includes anti-inflammatory components. Moringa also carries anti-toxins, anti-oxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids to develop one's wellbeing and immune system. With these perks, the World Health Organization, the European Union and other none government offices in the world appreciate moringa. To combat malnutrition, countries like the Philippines and Africa cultivate moringa trees to be utilized as components for drugs and cosmetic products, and also as products from bulk production and wholesale of its oil and powder form.

One of the most imperative functions of moringa is the truth that it inhibits the COX-2 enzyme which is accountable for swelling and pains in the body. In this case, lupus and the battle in opposition to it comes into the situation. In a nutshell, Lupus erythematossus is an illness with unknown reason which leads to the inflammatory conditions of several parts of the body counting the kidneys, joints, and the skin. Another truth about lupus is that it can influence anybody without thought to their age and sexes, and you can anticipate that things are not going to be pleasant. In addition, the pain of the production of the COX-2 enzyme particularly throughout the constant flare ups could be hard to bear. No one really understands what causes these flare-ups and many sufferers of lupus are continuously on the guard of how to stay away from them. This states that sufferers need to keep away from sunlight and eat foods rich in omega 3. The way of life of the lupus sufferer can be very costly because of all the drugs they need to take to inhibit the disease. Moringa being a cheaper form of alternative medicine and a source of nutrition, aids the sufferers to decrease their bills.

As it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties it is thought to be to be safer to use on the long term than the NSAIDs which can be addicting or can cause some unwanted unwanted side effects. There are lots of side effects to anti lupus drugs can do to a person. For example, it can affect the kidneys, the circulation, the digestive system and many more parts of the body. Apart from being less toxic, taking in moringa is also more effective. Now moringa is made in many forms and to name a few there are moringa leaves and powders which can be acquired in bulk over the Web.

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medications for lupus side effects

15 thoughts on “Medications For Lupus Side Effects

  1. Charming Sociopath

    How can i stay healthy when taking an antibiotic for a long time?
    My doctor prescribed me tetracycline for my acne and he said i’ll have to be on it for a while until my acne “burns itself out”.I looked online at the side effects and one serious one is drug induced lupus and a weak immune system.It says if you take multivitamins then it will make the medication less effective.So how can i boost my immune system and stay healthy while on this medication for a period of time without lessening its effectiveness..Thanx.

    1. sokokl

      You could try taking acidophillous (a product to help with reducing the potential for yeast infection), but this is an example only.

      I would recommend checking with your doctor and pharmacist as well to see what they say.

  2. Elizabeth

    What is a word with the definition difficult to deal with?
    I’m typing a paper and I need a word that will summarize how something is difficult to deal with.
    This is the sentence: While determining diagnosis accuracy is going on in some studies; there are others that are testing different medications so as to try and cure some of lupus’ _______ side affects.

    1. techno-not

      Lupus’s most bothersome

      Also, try shifting your sentence for clarity. “While some studies focus on determining accuracy of diagnoses, other studies focus on testing various medications to find remedies for some of lupus’s most bothersome side effects.”

  3. Mia Drummond

    ive been sick and i have my 3rd chemo treatment this wed?
    Okay so i have been sick with the flu, including everything from terrible sick stomach, lack of appetite, cough, stuffed nose, diarrea (sorry if TMI), i vomited once yesterday, and ive been sleeping 15-16 hours each day.
    Anyway i also couldnt take my medication (lupus) yesterday cause my stomach was so upset.
    And i ave my 3rd chemo treatment this wed.
    How will being sick affect the treatment?
    Also i can barely take my pills, i get a terrible sick stomach, what can i do to help with that?

    1. ELLY B

      Don’t you have a helpline you could phone? You need to see your consultant/nurse practitioner as normal before your treatment and he/she will decide. Most of those symptoms could be chemo side-effects anyway.

  4. Phil M

    Has anyone had any side effects to CellCept for arthritis? Is it Safe?
    I have been prescribed CellCept and I want to get some feedback on any serious complications or minor side effects. Anyone can relate?

  5. Edge

    How to prevent pimples from appearing whilst taking prednisone? that’s the only huge side effect?

    Does it cause histimine secretion or something so that I can take anti histamine?? I got good looking skin naturally but when consuming prednisone in large quantities for a long time, my face gets so much pimples ! My body aswell, why? How to prevent that

  6. kenbfos

    How do I deal with lupus with out taking drugs?
    I have had lupus for three years, but I just started get treatment from a lupus specialist at Magee womens hospital. I take a small dose blood pressure medication. But my doctor wants me to take plaqunil and prednesone. But those drugs have so many side affects and I hear so many bad things about how they help one thing but then something else breaks down, Then you are on this cycle of adding on medicine after medicine. I want to live, but I don’t want to lose my eyesight, have liver problems, or other complication caused by these medicines. I know their has to be a way of life change, or natural medicine that will help and have less or no side affects. I lived three years without medicine or help. But I do notice that I had more flares lately. I need to make a decision, I recieved my plaqunil in the mail a week ago, i need to decide if I am going to take or find something else that help to present to my doctor at my next appointment. I want to live but not taking alot of medicine

  7. idiotbox2005

    What will happen if I skip taking my prescribed medicines for over a week?
    I have severe Lupus Nephritis since 2003. I was prescribed by my doctors strong medications that (according to them) help control further spread of the disease in my system. The trouble is, in the next four years of treatment, my medications increased from a dozen to up to 43 different pills a day that were a combination of immuno-suppressants, anti-osteoporosis, anti-cholesterol, anti-diuretic and anti-hypertension. It’s like 3/4 of them are there to counter the side effects of the prescribed suppressants. So what made me skip everything for a week now was because I began hating each one of them due to their bitterness. I’m at a loss so could anyone please tell me what to do? Your concern is highly appreciated.

    1. christibro40

      Hi, I have Lupus, and autoimmune hepatitis, like you I take strong, meds, some with very unpleasent side effects, immunosuppresents, at times Ive been on IV chemo, I take liver meds, so many. For I think one month I just totally forgot my liver meds, I felt fine in that area. plus like you I was rather tired of popping so many pills in a day. It just gets tiring and the side effects can be horrendus. well my liver was going into failure, and at the same time I got cebritis of the brain. both together landed me on IV Chemo for almost 6 months.

      If you or if you have already stopped taking your meds for the nephritis or any of the other things, your kidneys will totally shut down, and you will probablly need one of two things. Dyalisis, and or a transplant. also with Kidneys and Lupus, that really is what most lupus paitents die from if your not careful. Im going under the assumption that your on high doses of cellcept of the nephritis. Im on it right now for a flare, like you Im having some side effects, that I need to talk to my dr about. but the good news is you rebeled and only skipped 1 week. you can easily get everything back under control and start again.

      I co-own an online support group for those with Lupus and similar diseases. we all hate what we deal with. but we all have to realize we didnt ask for this, we dont deserve it, but we have it, and this is our lives, we just have to cope with the cards given to us. I think what you did is rather naturaual. I think most of the people in my group have either done it, thought of it, or held back on taking a perscribed med at some point. Just because we get angry, sad, and miss what we were. But at some point we just accept what is. But with Lupus Nephritis, you have to be super careful. and though the pills and side effects stink. to live and get the nephritis under control, you have to take the medication for nopw at the perscribed dose. we have a memeber with nephritis, and she was put on a very high dose of cell cept, but it worked, and they are now lowering her dose slowly.

      I hope this helps

  8. Taylor L

    What does lupus do to the different organs of the body, and what would the symptoms include.?
    One of the characters in a story I am writing is dieing of lupus in the early 1940’s. Her character is suppose to have had flares of the disease for years and years, but the disease is becoming more and more serious until a point where she is so weak she can barely walk. Is that far-fetched?

    1. Linda R

      I attended a funeral for a member of my lupus support group. She was 36 and died of a stroke. She had antiphospholipid antibody syndrome that often occurs with lupus.

      Half of us will have kidney disease. There is a woman with lupus in my apartment complex whose kidneys have totally failed. The doctors have stated that she would most likely not survive a transplant. She is on dialysis 3 times a week. The lupus nephritis will ultimately kill her.

      I know a man whose wife died from lupus when it attacked her liver.

      A young woman I know died of lupus kidney disease while waiting for her third transplant.

      I nearly died from lupus in 2003. I had bone marrow failure, pancytopenic anemia, pericarditis (very common in lupus), pleurisy and pleural effusions (also very common), and beginning renal failure.

      As recently as 20 years ago, a diagnosis of lupus was considered a death sentence.

      The meds we take to try and control the lupus have some nasty side effects. I know two lupus patients who have had avascular necrosis of the hips from high doses of steroids. Both women have had both hips replaced. One was only 22 at the time. Many of the immunosuppressive drugs we take for the more serious cases predispose us to cancer because they suppress tumor necrosis factor.

      90-95% of lupus patients have joint pain and inflammation. At my worst, I could not even stand to shower.

      PS My lupus is well controlled now through a combination of medications, regular medical monitoring, and a very proactive approach to managing the disease.

      PPS I think your character is dying not dieing. And her character is “supposed” not “suppose” to have had flares. You might want to consider having someone proof read your story before you submit it anywhere.

  9. angeldevoid71

    I have Lupus and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on helping dry skin?
    I have been living with Lupus for about a year now and have episodes where my face gets very dry, flaky and sometimes itchy (butterfly rash). The skin around my eyes and my eyelids get very dry. The skin turns a deep shade red/purple and sometimes is painful to the touch. I also get dry patches on my forehead and chin. Does anyone have non prescription remedies to make my episodes subside easier?

    1. Karl

      This is something that you really must talk with
      your doctor about. Its important that he or she
      know this. It may be a side effect of medication
      you are now taking. And furthermore, before you self
      medicate, you need to find out it it will interact in a
      negative way with your current medications.

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