Symptoms for gonorrhea are almost similar in men and women, with some slight differences due to difference in anatomy. In men, it mainly involves the urethra. In women, gonorrhea has an effect on the urethra, but can also involve other organs of the reproductive system quite easily. As a prompt, the urethra is the little tube that allows urine to drain out of your bladder.

Women can often have a gonorrhea infection devoid of any overt symptoms, containing cloudy urine. People with symptoms will experience a itching and burning when they try to urinate. A thick green-yellow discharge will frequently be seen coming from the urethra. Sex can become quite painful during a gonorrhea infection. From time to time, joints can turn out to be involved during a gonorrhea infection, causing indications similar to arthritis.

And certainly, let’s not discard cloudy urine. Cloudy urine and gonorrhea are seen jointly in many cases of this infection. The cloudiness is caused by a discarding of the bacteria in to the urine stream. Once the infection is cured, the urine is supposed to be clear up as well. It is quite likely to have a gonorrhea infection with no cloudy urine however, so clear urine does not rule out the likelihood of a gonorrhea infection.

Gonorrhea is a widespread disease and many peoples are victim of this STI or sexually transmitted infection. The author of this article has made a blog in order to guide people about Gonorrhea, its pictures, complications and guidence.

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