Lupus is a disease resulted when the body’s antibodies start attacking one’s own tissues. This then results into inflammation affecting blood cells, lungs, kidneys, heart and skin. Lupus in some cases can result into skin rash called lupus skin rash. Lupus can strike the persons from any age group but frequently women of childbearing years are it’s pray. The severity of lupus skin rashes vary from person to person and can range from mild to disabling.

In lupus, the immune system of body gets skewed and body itself produces autoantibodies that attack the patient’s own tissues. This whole phenomenon results in redness, pain and swelling in the affected parts of body. Systemic lupus erythematosus and discoid lupus erythematosus are the two types of lupus found in the patient’s body.

Diagnosis of lupus is a difficult task and there are no certain specific symptoms that can lead to diagnose of lupus. All lupus patients respond positively to anti – nuclear antibody test that help in finding that whether the autoantibodies will react with cell nuclei or not.

There are some symptoms which when recognized, one can be sure of lupus. Patient usually encounters the difficulty or chest pain that is resulted by the inflammation of the lining of the chest cavity or heart. Arthritis is the other problem from which lupus patients generally suffer. These patients are very much sensitive and they develop red rashes as a result of exposure from sun. Blisters or rashes on mouth and nose are also formed in lupus patients. Kidney failure is the other serious result resulted from lupus.

It is advised that if lupus symptoms are diagnosed at an early stage, situation may be under control. One can follow some steps to prevent oneself from hazardous effects of disease. Anti malaria medication has proved useful in fighting against lupus skin rashes. It prevents the rashes from going into blisters that are far more dangerous than simple lupus rashes. Rest is an important factor in controlling the symptoms. One should take out some time to have some exercises and work outs as this helps in curbing the disease at early stage. One should avoid sun exposure to prevent the formation of any red rashes. Proper check up by doctor is very necessary as it helps in estimating the seriousness of disease. One should strictly follow the medication written by doctors to prevent him from getting the situation worse.

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  1. Ona

    Delaying or Reversing Lupus?
    I am originally from Turkey. My sister died of Lupus when she was 28 years old (I knew this from 3 months; I did not know exactly the disease name). I immigrated five years before of her death to Canada. I did not have details at that time as I did not ever hear of Lupus and it did not take long i.e. 9 months and she died. I do not know about my family history of Lupus except of my sister case. My sister was healthy, it started after she got penicillin bills to treat a flu but I know she was a photosensitive from her childhood.

    My little only son (4 years old) got his yellow hair from my sister and he is also a photosensitive (His cheeks get red when he is exposed to sun). He got a cold in March 2011 and was prescribed penicillin by the GP. He started after that unexplained fever with no other symptoms that comes every 2 weeks for 4 days with a pain in his legs/hands (He is not able to walk when he has that). He started to be fatigue, and I noticed his weight loss. I went with the child to the GP doctor and he said the child has tonsils then was referred to an ear and throat specialist where he said he needs his tonsils to be removed. This took like 4 months. Last month, the child started to develop loss of hair around the hairline, his hands and feet are frozen cold even in a moderate weather. We went to a pediatrician and he made blood and urine analysis and said all results are good and forwarded us to Rheumatology Children Clinic. This month the child developed red face while he is in home (replaced all white fluorescent by yellow lamps) and the child will feel weak when he is in malls and was telling us his feet hurts. I saw a red rash when he was in the mall last week but the rash disappeared after 15 min after we went out. He developed a salmon rash in his back while he was sick from 10 days but it is now disappeared. He has night sweats. I called the Rheumatology Children Clinic to accelerate seeing a doctor and they said we will be called in Dec. My child health is degrading and I am watching.

    I am crying everyday and not sure what to do. I did nto sleep for 5 months. I started to learn and read about Lupus. I read that Canada has cold weather, hard cold viruses, very clean, higher UV light and all of these parameters may accelerate the disease. The disease has two parts genetic and environment. It may Canadian environment accelerate the disease. When I discussed this with the doctor, he said so what about your sister?

    Should I return back to Turkey? Is there a chance to delay or reverse the disease if I do this? I’ll lose my good work position in Canada but If it may help the child, I will do it. Is there any hope? I am overreacting i.e. I should wait for the Canadian clinic diagnostic in January?

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      I’m so sorry that you and your son are going through this. I know it’s difficult to not think the worst. But it sounds like there’s something going on.

      Have you been back to your Primary Care doctor? He/She should be able to order the blood tests that the rheumatologists would order. This way if they show something positive you should get some answers and treatment at the first appointment rather than having to wait for them to order the blood tests and wait for the results. If he has positive blood tests they should rush him through quicker too. Your doctor should be able to ring up and say that it’s urgent. It’ll probably be more effective coming from him/her than from you.

      Is there any way you can pay to go privately? I know it took me 3 months to get in to see a rheumatologist, but we paid to go privately and I could be seen next week.

      I don’t know about the health care in Turkey, but I know Canada is considered first world/first class, so you probably won’t get better health care if you go anywhere else. This may also be naive, but with Turkey’s earthquake, it may make it more difficult also.

      Your family doctor should be able to give him for temporary relief in the mean time. Usually paracetamol and a NSAID anti-inflammatory like Naproxen will be given, but always consult your doctor for the recommended dose.

      It is VERY relevant about your sister. Lupus and other autoimmune diseases are found in families.

      If it is an emergency or something you’re unsure about go straight to the ER! It’s better to be safe than sorry!

      I wish you all the best and I hope you get some answers soon!


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