There are many forms of skin conditions that can cause irritation. There is a particular type of skin condition called Discoid eczema. This skin problem mostly occurs with adults and is shaped like a coin and the skin is reddish in color. The rashes are generally located on the torso or lower legs. In appearance, the rash can be mistaken for ringworm and is very itchy. It can also secrete clear fluids especially if it has gotten a bacterial infection.

Even though this particular skin inflammation tends to erupt on the lower legs, it can affect any area of your body. The other areas where it is commonly found are the back, bottom, and arms. The rash will eventually crust over, become scaly and is always very itchy. Scaly patches can appear on the lower legs, wrists, head or forearms due to scratching the intense itch, which in turn causes it to become more irritated. The initial onset of this skin problem can be due to a minor insect bite or a burn on the skin.

This skin rash is often called varicose eczema when the rash appears down the legs, around the veins. This rash will look like patches that can last for months. The patches range in size up to several centimeters span, however the skin between the patches may appear normal, but still be irritated and dry. The symptoms of this rash can be very itchy or have no extreme irritation at all.

Once these circular patches clear up, they will still leave their mark for awhile. This can last for several weeks to a couple months. These marks can either be lighter or dark than your normal pigment. It is important to always protect your skin as this form of rash tends to occur as a result of skin damage. Try to keep your affect skin away from chemicals like various detergents. Even excess water usage can aggravate your skin.

Discoid eczema is not due to hereditary or genetics but tends to affect middle aged to elderly men. It is not associated with other illnesses like asthma and is not a result of food allergy or poisoning. This rash cannot be passed to others but you need to be aware of any bacterial infection that may occur from scratching and tearing the skin.

8 thoughts on “Lupus Rash Pictures Symptoms

  1. The One

    Lupus Rash or other type of rash?
    Is there any other condition that causes a rash around the sides of the nose?

    I had this during the summer, it would get worse when i was outside in the sun, one day when I went to the pool it was really really noticeable. I always have a redness around the nose, I have seen pictures of the butterfly rash from Lupus and it seems so similar, I do have other symptoms like joint pain (was told I had arthritis as a child but couldn’t see another doctor about it), I do have fatigue but I thought maybe its because I’m underweight from losing weight when I found out I had Celiac (an autoimmune disorder)

    1. Kitty

      The only way to know for sure is to see a Rheumatologist to confirm. They will look at your rash and run blood work such as an ANA, (anti-nucleur antibody) if it is a high positive, you have a very good chance of having Lupus. Rosasia (sp?) can look similiar which is just an adult form of acne. Even somebody very fair and sensitive to sun may get a rash. So see the Rheumie and GOOD LUCK!!

  2. kkayona

    lupus??? help, please!! ?
    so, about two years ago i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.. when they did all the blood tests, they were also positive for lupus, but the doctors never did anything because i didn’t have any ‘outward physical signs’ of it.. well, yesterday i noticed a small rash on my face (across my cheeks) and i sent a picture of it to my mom (who works for a doctor) and she showed it to him and he said it definitely looked like a ‘butterfly rash’ (a symptom of lupus’).. so, now, i’m wondering, how likely is it that it is lupus? i’m really really worried..should i be? or am i worrying over nothing?

    1. Desi

      You have reason to be concerned. This is a common symptom or sign of lupus. It means your body is beginning to produce symptoms of active disease. You need to follow up with your primary doctor and get the ball rolling. You don’t need to suffer unnecessarily with some of these symptoms that will occur, the sooner you treat them the more control you’ll have maintaining your illness.

      * They may consider further testing at this time. Auto-immune diseases can be tricky to diagnose. Because of the, “butterfly rash,” they may rule out the rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus alone may be the culprit for your aching and swollen joints. I wish you luck…I suffer from an auto-immune disease myself. You’ll have good days and bad, I’ll say a prayer for more good ones!

  3. Melissa F

    Please Help Me! I’ve Had An Itchy Rash That Has Lasted Four Months. Lupus Rash?
    I’ve had a rash that started on my upper back that appeared after tanning one night. I’ve tanned before and never had this happen so I didn’t think it could be the tanning bed. Well I continued to tan and the rash begin to spread to my chest and then down my arms and on top of my hands. Then it spread over my cheekbones and over the bridge of my nose. It only appears in sun exposed areas. It’s stings, and itches and feels like it has a fever. It’s dry, scaly and shiny looking. I’ve spoken to several doctors and they all blame the tanning bed even though it’s been several weeks since I’ve been in one. When I get into the sun or around heat it seems to flare up more. From the pictures I’ve seen on the internet it resembles the lupus rash, especially the one on my face. I’ve had almost every symptom of lupus with other problems I’ve had but it seems like lupus rashes are not itchy nor do they have fever like mine. I’m a white female and I’m 28 years old. I’m also starting to see white spots all over my skin where the rash is present, like sun spots. I’ve tried-benadryl, hydrocortisone, bactriban, neosporin, nystatin, and various other anti-histammines etc. nothing relieves the itch or burn. This is driving me mad and becoming very bothersome. If anyone could please help me I would appreciate dearly. Thanks

    1. Dog Rescuer




  4. nicole.stamand

    Allergic reaction or Lupus?
    I put on makeup one afternoon to go take pictures at the walmart. While applying the makeup, I used this new pencil eyeliner (I had used it once before). I accidentally put too much, so I grabbed a cotton ball and doused it with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion to remove the eye makeup. I rubbed the cotton ball ALL over my eyes and cheeks. I finished putting on makeup, and I left the house. Later that day, I got into an argument with my husband and I cried a little bit. About an hour after I cried, I noticed my face turning really red and spotty, even all the way down to my chin, but mostly around my cheeks and under the eyes. I took a Benadryl because my husband said it looked like an allergic reaction. I got really tired from the Benadryl and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning, my face felt kind of funny – like I couldn’t open my eyes all the way. I looked at my face in the mirror, and my eyes (above and below) and cheeks were swollen and puffy. I looked pretty scary. I immediately told my husband and we got in the car and drove to the doctors office. He said it looks like an allergic reaction, and he gave me Prednisone 6 day pack, and told me to take Claritin during the day and Benadryl at night. Well, the Claritin during the day and the Prednisone works great – but Benadryl barely works at night. Around bedtime, my face starts to get a little itchy and I see some redness and swelling. It is now day 3 of the 6 day Prednisone pack and my facial swelling has completely gone down, but around night time I’ll begin to see a bit of redness. Sometimes on my left cheek under my eye, and sometimes on my right cheek under my eye. I am worried because I was reading online about Lupus and it presents itself in a rash on the face. I don’t have any of the other symptoms of Lupus, but my question is, can Lupus make my face puffy and swollen? To me, I guess it sounds more like an allergic reaction, but my doctor said if the swelling doesn’t go down by Monday, that I should come back in because it could be something “different.” When he said “different” what does he mean?? Anyone have any ideas? I’m really scared.

    1. Doc

      Most probably is allergic reaction from eyeliner, or some other make up that you used that day.
      Lupus can give a read colored skin on your nose and cheeks (in a form of a Butterfly), but its not itchy, and its not swollen. So most probably its not Lupus.
      I believe that after taking the full dose of Prednisone this allergie will be cleared.
      When the doctor says maybe its something different, he just want to explore other possibilities.

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