There are no fixed jawline acne causes which normally affect persons in their adulthood and not in the adolescent years of their life. This problem comes as a surprise to most people who thought that their problems of pimples and acne are over with their teenage days and that they could now forget about skin problems.

Jawline acne appears on the jaw line, cheeks, chest, back and buttocks of the person, mostly in women who are past their teens. Unlike the acne in the teenagers, this is a painful problem and has many factors contributing to it. Jawline acne is also deeply embedded in the tissue and not like the acne that bothered the teenager and was only on the surface of the skin. This is a deep lying one and leaves scars that are much deeper too. This is referred to as cystic acne and if not treated immediately can leave terrible deep lying scars which will take a lot of invasive methods to get rid of.

Jawline acne cause in adults and especially in women is because of hormonal problems and hormonal inactivity. This could be brought on by consuming too much of dairy products which contain a lot of hormones. If the jaw line acne cause is diagnosed because of hormonal inactivity, then taking a course of pills for birth control would help it. On the other hand if dairy products are the culprit it is better to avoid them for a while and see if the acne subsides.

Sometimes certain cosmetics can bring this on, so it is better to check them out and see what the reason could be. Jaw line acne cause is sometimes a moisturizer that is too rich and greasy and clogs the pores on the face. Hair sprays and other hair products that are used too close to the face are another cause of Jaw line acne as they clog the pores and cause acne eruptions. Using oil on the hair and especially when it falls over the face for some women is another cause of clogged pores which bring on jawline acne. The base and pancake make up which are sometimes used by women should be avoided if there is a tendency for acne. It is best to avoid using stuff on the face which can bring on the problem of jawline acne and more so when one is prone to it.

Unlike other forms of acne the jaw line acne is not easy to treat and needs more aggressive treatment. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics along with external ointments and medications for this problem.

4 thoughts on “Lupus Rash Pictures Malar

  1. samekid480

    How long does a lupus butterfly rash last?
    I’m currently being tested for lupus (blood work) and I’ve already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’m wondering how long the butterfly rash last because I have had similar rashes, but they appeared to me to look more like too much sun (not scaly) than a rash and they would disappear a day or two later. It just appeared to be a sunburn on my cheeks and nose, even if I wasn’t out in the sun too long. Does this sound like a malar rash? I can’t seem to find too many pictures on here. Thank you!

    1. Linda R

      If you are one of the people who gets the butterfly rash, and not all of us do, it will come and go. It’s very individual, so no one can answer that question.

      If you want to see the wide variety of lupus rashes, type “google images” into your search bar then type “lupus rash” and you will get tons of pictures.

      The malar rash typically does not occur in the fold that runs from the nostrils down to the corner of the mouth.

      Many patients have lupus and fibro in overlap. (Just went to a conference on that today.)

      Good luck with your hunt for a diagnosis.

  2. pickle80

    I am not a doctor but this does look like the lupus rash. It is categorized as being a “butterfly” like in appearance. I would get a second opinion with another doctor to see if I do have lupus especially that you present with many lupus like symptoms. For your doctor not to do anything after loosing over 100 lbs in 2 years. that alone is a good reason to get a second opinion. Get a full check up with labs and maybe get a referral with a Rheumataligist

  3. mgnysgtcappo

    Sounds like Lupus could be a possibility. You have some of the signs and symptoms. I would go see a rheumatologist as soon as I could. Have an ANA test. If it comes back positive then Lupus is a distinct possibility. If it’s negative then you don’t have Lupus but something else is going on. Just make sure you follow up with the doctor and don’t stop asking questions until you feel better or you feel like a treatment is working for you.

    Good Luck!

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