There are many forms of skin conditions that can cause irritation. There is a particular type of skin condition called Discoid eczema. This skin problem mostly occurs with adults and is shaped like a coin and the skin is reddish in color. The rashes are generally located on the torso or lower legs. In appearance, the rash can be mistaken for ringworm and is very itchy. It can also secrete clear fluids especially if it has gotten a bacterial infection.

Even though this particular skin inflammation tends to erupt on the lower legs, it can affect any area of your body. The other areas where it is commonly found are the back, bottom, and arms. The rash will eventually crust over, become scaly and is always very itchy. Scaly patches can appear on the lower legs, wrists, head or forearms due to scratching the intense itch, which in turn causes it to become more irritated. The initial onset of this skin problem can be due to a minor insect bite or a burn on the skin.

This skin rash is often called varicose eczema when the rash appears down the legs, around the veins. This rash will look like patches that can last for months. The patches range in size up to several centimeters span, however the skin between the patches may appear normal, but still be irritated and dry. The symptoms of this rash can be very itchy or have no extreme irritation at all.

Once these circular patches clear up, they will still leave their mark for awhile. This can last for several weeks to a couple months. These marks can either be lighter or dark than your normal pigment. It is important to always protect your skin as this form of rash tends to occur as a result of skin damage. Try to keep your affect skin away from chemicals like various detergents. Even excess water usage can aggravate your skin.

Discoid eczema is not due to hereditary or genetics but tends to affect middle aged to elderly men. It is not associated with other illnesses like asthma and is not a result of food allergy or poisoning. This rash cannot be passed to others but you need to be aware of any bacterial infection that may occur from scratching and tearing the skin.

4 thoughts on “Lupus Rash On Legs Symptoms

  1. betsy_51783

    Does anyone have discoid lupus and is pregnant?What are your symptoms? How do you deal with them?
    I am about 9 weeks pregnant and I cannot take my medication to help prevent the rash. Every day about 2 hours after I wake up I get a flare up on my hands, arms, legs, ankels, neck and chest and they seeming to get worse. Is this normal? I can’t get into my dermatologist for 2 weeks and none of my other doctors will touch the lupus issue. HELP!

    1. Linda R

      Call the dermatologist back and be very firm about getting in earlier. If they gatekeepers still refuse, ask to have the doctor call you that day. If that does not work, call your rheumatologist.

      Personally, I would look for another dermatologist ASAP. Lupus patients need to be able to see their doctors within a reasonable time when there is a problem Two weeks is not reasonable. It is most likely the receptionist who is the obstacle. Asking the doctor to call you should by pass him or her. Don’t bother telling her your whole story. You can also fax the doctor explaining your symptoms clearly and asking him or her to call you ASAP. You can also call after hours and get the doctor’s service and leave a message with them if you think your other approaches are not getting through to the doctor.

      You might also call your ob/gyn and ask if over the counter cortison cream is permissible during pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy the doctors who treat your lupus and your obstretician should be working hand in hand. You will be the one who has to make that happen.

  2. Anonymous

    could my symptoms equal lupus?
    I am a 20 year old white female. I have had a very sever scaly rash on my scalp belly and legs for almost 3 years now. Around the time it first showed up I had a doctor tell me it was psoriosis but no medication has ever made it go away. I have a rosy colored painless redness that goes across my cheeks and nose. I always have ulcars in my mouth and never really think anything of it. Ever since I was little I have had terrible kidney infections and have been hospitalized twice for them. I am always sleepy and never feel like I am fully rested. I am nervous that this is all sounding like lupus symptoms. could anyone give me any feedback before i go to a physician?

  3. House, almost MD

    I don’t really see any appreciable rash on your face in any of those photos. If you think you might be getting lupus, go get the blood tests for it to make sure you are not in the early stages. Based on what you have said so far, I am confident that you do not meet the diagnostic criteria for lupus. However, it is definitely something you should keep an eye on and if you have other bothersome symptoms you should go to the doctor and get tested for lupus since you have a family history.

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