If you are looking for hemorrhoid pain relief, then look no further. This article will explore the common causes and some great tips for getting easy and fast relief. Hemorrhoids are also called piles and are swollen veins near the anus. They can be classified as external or internal. The internal are located in the passage way of the anus. When they protrude to the outside they will appear like tiny grapes. What follows are some unique ways of getting hemorrhoid pain relief.

When hemorrhoids are external they are near the entrance of the anus and look like a lump of blood clot. Both varieties of hemorrhoids share the same symptoms of itching and pain around the anus, bloody stools and pain with bowel movements.

Having hemorrhoids may cause you to worry because it may seem like an impossible thing to treat. Just before we discuss some easy ways to get hemorrhoid pain relief, we want to make sure you know the truth about what causes hemorrhoids.

Genetics do play a role in having hemorrhoids. You may have a genetic predisposition to getting hemorrhoids, just like you inherited your hair and eye color. They are also the common result of excessively straining with constipation and defecation. You must increase your fiber intake, keep well hydrated and regularly exercise to also keep your bowel movements regular. The use of laxative will not help with hemorrhoid pain relief and may even cause more irritation.

For easy hemorrhoid pain relief, one of the simplest things to do is to apply some petroleum jelly to your anus. This will do wonders to ease the itching and inflammation in the area and will also allow stools to pass more easily. This will make the biggest aggravator of hemorrhoids-hard stools, much less painful. For a more natural option aloe vera can be applied to the area.

Aloe vera is good at hemorrhoid pain relief due to its soothing nature. It is also very helpful at healing so it can be handy for the hemorrhoids. It is also vital to make some changes to your diet to help with softening your stools.

A change in diet can be a great hemorrhoid relief treatment. You should start by having more fresh fruit and vegetables as these will soften your stools. Also decrease the amount of diary and flour as these promote hardness in stools. Adding fiber high foods like flax, oatmeal and bran are good also.

Natural hemorrhoid pain relief can also be found with witch hazel. This can be applied directly to the wound and will speed healing. It will ease the itching also. It is important to ensure your hemorrhoids stay dry and not damp to speed healing. Using toilet paper can result in irritation for some people, so you may find it easier for hemorrhoid pain relief to simply wash with water.

The above article will provide you with a good understanding of the reasons behind your hemorrhoids and some easy remedies for hemorrhoid pain relief. Starting with your diet and in conjunction with some of the other tips, you should be feeling better in no time.

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