Properly diagnosing systematic lupus has proven to be quite a challenge for doctors and health care specialists. The person suffering from lupus can either go to the family doctor or a rheumatologist in order to see what the problem is. The patient can also help with the diagnosing by properly explaining what he is feeling and what the problems are. A proper communication between patient and doctor is always needed if the correct treatment is to be chosen to better fight the disease.

Helping with the treatment of the patient is quite a reasonable army of professionals. The rheumatologist can help with the arthritis and other disorders with the joints, bones or muscles. Clinical immunologist can help with the treatment of lupus by dealing with the immune system problems that the patient is suffering from. A whole other bunch of people puts a lot of effort in helping the sick person. Nephrologists help with the kidney problems, hematologist help with the blood disorders, dermatologist treat the rashes on the skin and other disorders and the neurologist specializes in disorders of the nervous system. Besides all this professionals that help a lot in the treatment of the different symptoms of this illness we have nurses , psychologists and social workers that can also lend a hand in battle for the well being of the patient.
Good scientists and the help of modern technology have helped a lot in the development of countless treatments for systematic lupus. Doctors now have a large variety of treatments from which to chose in order to assure the proper recovery of the patient.

There are of course other factors that the doctor has to take in consideration when it comes to deciding the best of treatments. Once the specialist has placed the correct diagnosis certain things must be set in the ecuation; things like age, sex of the patient, health status, more predominant symptoms and probably the most important the way of life that the patient has. In order to have the best results the treatment must be made in such a way that it is in perfect harmony with the factors that we have explained earlier. To better suite the patient the treatment will most likely change at some point.

The best thing for a doctor to do is to actually prevent the flares and in the cases where they do appear treating them the proper way.

A lot of drugs are also now available in the fight against this terrible disease that is systematic lupus. It is all up to the doctor to choose the correct one in accordance with the patient’s needs and symptoms.

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2 thoughts on “Lupus Nephritis Symptoms Children

  1. sondra w

    i have lupus and horrible doctors how can i get a good doc to treat my symptoms seriuously?
    i suffered w/ chronic pain for a year before i was admittedin the hospital and finally dignosed its been five yrs now and class 3 nephritis w/good kidney function, i take 10 mg of predisone, 150mg of imuran and 400mg of plaqunil, also i take 8, 40 mg of oxycotin, i just want to stop living in pain, and have another child, when i talk to the doctors they act like theres nothing wrong, but tell me i should never try to have a child again, what can i do to get the help i need and stop this diesease?

    1. Julia B

      Lupus can’t be cured and you definitely can’t stop the disease process… Some have worse symptoms than others, but my mom was diagnosed 5 years after I was born, but started getting symptoms once I was born… They don’t know what causes it exactly, but something about childbirth tends to “set it off”…You can have another child, my mom had my sister 6 years afterwards, but she “acquired” more symptoms… Be careful with prednisone my mom took it for years—it’s a miracle short term drug but when taken long term like my mom did will deteriorate your bones—I’m not trying to scare you but my mom isn’t even 40 and has 2 prostetic hips—she’s had it for almost 20 years and looking at her you can’t tell there’s anything “wrong” til you watch her… The pain will be bearable some days and not so bearable on others… Weather has an effect on it as well especially if you have arthritis… The best thing you can do for your child is be strong… The disease is an autoimmune disease which affects everything in your life… from sun exposure (can’t have too much or you can get a butterfly rash and or lesions) to feeling like you don’t want to do anything whatsoever… Finding a good doc is difficult especially cause most have either just heard of lupus or know little to nothing about it… I do feel for you and hope the best with you and your child and hopefully another in the future…

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