Lupus Awareness Month is May and one of several observances promoted by the Lupus Foundation of America. announces it will support Lupus Awareness Month by donating 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of its Lupus Awareness Jewelry line. Custom Lupus Awareness bracelets, necklaces, earrings and book thongs are being offered through the RocknBauble storefront located on the website. "I am excited to assist this cause with creating custom Lupus Awareness Jewelry and donating part of the proceeds to help support Lupus Research, " said Andi (Lupus Jewelry Artist). Jewelry for all awareness colors and causes is available with a percentage of the proceeds to be given to the cause the particular piece represents and we will place an emphasis on Lupus this month.

About Lupus Awareness Month:

Lupus Awareness Month is one of several observances promoted by the Lupus Foundation of America ( to increase visibility for lupus. Beginning in 2008, the LFA and its chapters have designated May as Lupus Awareness Month to incorporate other related events into the observance. The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1,500,000 Americans have a form lupus. This estimate is based on two nationwide polls, which asked respondents if they, or anyone in their immediate household, had ever been diagnosed with lupus. In addition, another poll revealed that 28% of all Americans know someone with lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that, for unknown reasons, causes inflammation and tissue damage to virtually any of the body’s own cells, tissue, and organs – especially the skin, joints, blood, heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain.
About RocknBauble: owner and jewelry artist Andi states, “As a nurse I like to heighten the publics awareness of Lupus and all other awareness causes. Awareness jewelry is my way of promoting these causes.” Andi fashions her awareness jewelry by hand and meticulously selects all materials so each piece is unique. Butterflies, Baubles, Stars, Lampwork Beads, Furnace Glass, Czech Republic Crystals, Swarovski Crystals, Fresh-water Pearls, Sterling Charms, Hearts and Puzzle pieces are used in this high quality jewelry, as well as some highly desirable variations and more unusual settings most of which are hand crafted by local and international artisans. Andi’s flair for style and eye for color shines through in every awareness creation. Due to local success and growing demand for her jewelry internationally she decided to start her storefront on Etsy for greater accessibility with a global reach.

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  1. Flow

    30 week old Navel piercing question!?
    Hello Yahoo Answer Community. I had a question about my belly button piercing. On April 29th, 2010, I got it pierced professionally. I’ve been sorta slacking on the cleaning, and only do it about 2 times a week. I do it more when I remember. But recently, the top hole looks strange. It looks as if there is a dent or dimple around the top hole, and it looks like the top ball made it. However, I don’t know why. There seems to be a lot of room to allow movement for the belly bar I’m wearing, which is simple. It’s a standard bar, but I put the standard beginner jewelry balls on them, so it’s light and doesn’t catch on clothes.
    Earlier when I changed my shirt, the bar was sticking out at the top, so I know it can move around. But I’m a little worried about it, my mom says I should put a bigger ball on the top, but I’m not sure if that would help at all. Also, the bottom hole is sort of volcano-y, and there’s some pinkish skin that’s sticking out around the bar. It’s a little sore, but nothing too bad. But the skin is really dark around the top hole, almost like a bruise. Do you guys know if this is really bad, or if I should just put in a captive bead ring? I’m gonna see if my piercer is there tomorrow, but it’d be cool if I didn’t have to go to him and ask about it.
    It’s off the side, but looks like the same size of the ball. Any answers are helpful, so long as they’re not stupid, like “It’s lupus!”.

    Okay, so I’m probably going back to my peircer, but I irritated it more because I’m a dumbass. Dx I tried putting in a captive bead ring until it hurt too hard to try anymore, took it out and changed it to my initial jewelry. When I took out the CBR without the ball, there was a small amount of blood. D: And now I’m scared to go back to my piercer because I think he’ll yell at me. .___.


    Yahoo Answers isn’t a free marketing site. In fact, it’s against the rules to use the site for sales, or to promote a business. Try Ebay.

  3. elaine c

    i am trying to find somewhere that teaches jewelry repair. any suggestions?
    i design costume jewelry, so i have some knowlege of putting peices together. with the market being so bad it’s hard to sell jewelry right now. i am disabled with lupus and would like to have a trade to be able to supplement my income other than the small disability check that i receive. i had to move in with my mother several months ago when she became ill. i gave up my apartment and sold my car for next to nothing. now that she is better, i have to get back out on my own and i can’t do it on what i receive. people will be more likely to have jewelry repaired than to buy new peices. i would even be willing to do an apprenticeship for free. any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Imaka

      Go visit a few jewellry stores in your area and ask some questions about how to get training in that field. I expect someone there will know. Best of luck with it.

  4. Anonymous

    My grandma makes me feel uncomfortable about my luxury stuff?
    I’m 18 and my grandma (moms mother) now lives with us. My parents are divorced, I live with my mom. dad always made extremely good money and always bought me really nice stuff…Chanel clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry….Dior…Gucci…Prada…Stella McCartney,….all that to name a few

    She found out how much some of it costs and is being very mean about it.

    Everytime I wear shoes she hasn’t seen or whatever she says in front of everyone “Now how much were these? Who are they made by?”

    It makes me feel strange.

    My dad just bought me an Hermes Birkin bag for Christmas and I haven’t used it because if she found out how much it cost it would realllly piss her off and make her go after me even more.

    I don’t know why it is a big deal to her. I take good care of my stuff. I have a job myself which can be difficult for me since I was diagnosed with Lupus .

    I know I’ve been spoiled but why does she have to attack me about it? I haven’t even mentioned some of the stuff she says about it. It’s getting tiring.

    How do i talk to her about this without hurting her somehow?

    I don’t know but right now it is very uncomfortable for me to live in my own home with her snooping around and having my cousins look up online how much my stuff costs.

    1. Margaret K

      The mature way to address a situation like this is to address the behavior directly. When she makes a hurtful comment to you, look her straight in the eye, and say quietly, “It hurts my feelings that you would say such a mean thing to me.” You might add, “Are you angry at me for some reason?” Don’t get angry or loud. Keep your voice low and calm, but firm.

      With respect to “hurting her somehow”, you must be aware that she is being deliberately hurtful to you. It can be uncomfortable to confront someone about impolite behavior, but it is necessary if you want to move past that in your relationship.

      On the other hand, you might want to think about the message that she is trying to get across to you. She has a great deal of wisdom to share with you.

      You are setting yourself apart from people by having all those luxury items. By displaying so many, such very expensive things,, you inspire jealousy and resentment in other people. Yet, you seem surprised when that is the reaction that you get. It might be wise to “tone it down” a bit… Well… a LOT. You are not a movie star living in Beverly Hills. When you try so hard to be different from the people around you, then you create DISTANCE between you. You don’t seem to like the distance, yet it is your own actions that are creating that distance. You know perfectly well that it is your own conspicuous consumption that is causing conflict in your household. Yet, you want to have “have your cake and eat it, too”. It’s not going to work. Either you need to move to Beverly Hills and live with the beautiful people, or tone down your expensive tastes and live peacefully in the ‘burbs, or continue what you are doing, trying to set yourself conspicuously above everyone around you and live with the consequences.

      The economy is very bad right now. People are struggling, and conspicuous consumption is in rather poor taste, even if you can afford it. Your grandmother undoubtedly lived through The Great Depression, and such extravagance probably seems quite obscene from her perspective. It sounds pretty obscene to me, too. You are making a spectacle of yourself in your current situation, and it’s no surprise that you are experiencing some discomfort as a result.

      It sounds like you have some emotional issues that you have not addressed. You might want to consider getting some counselling to get a better understanding of what need you are trying to fill with Hermes Birkin bags, because you will never fill such a need with material possessions. What you are trying to do isn’t working, and it is making you unhappy.

      Best Wishes and Good Luck!!

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