Dry mouth or Xerostomia is an illness that can be triggered by several factors. This condition is characterized by the inability of the salivary glands to produce enough saliva. Because of the condition, the patient may experience pain, sore throat, and mouth infection.

Main Causes of Dry Mouth / Xerostomia

Xerostomia is generally caused by another medical disorder. Serious illnesses like HIV, lupus, diabetes, or Parkinson's disease could be causing the chronic dryness. In some cases, medications and cancer treatments may trigger dry mouth.

For less severe Xerostomia, the culprit could be improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and bad oral hygiene. However, there is still good news for you. You can make small changes in your daily routine to avoid dry mouth.

7 Tips to Prevent the Development of Dry Mouth

1. Drink water frequently. You can effectively prevent chronic dryness of the mouth by simply increasing your water intake. Always bring a water bottle and drink frequently. This will also increase your trip to the comfort room but you will never experience the pain and inconvenience associated with dryness of the mouth.

2. Chew sugar free gum. Chewing gums can promote the production of saliva. Just make sure that your chewing gum does not contain sugar. You can ask your dentist or doctor for a prescription gum.

3. Avoid soda and alcoholic drinks. Soda, carbonated beverages, artificial juices, and alcohol can worsen your condition. Just stick with plain water to avoid dry mouth.

4. Brush your teeth regularly. In most cases, simply brushing your teeth can help solve your problem. After a meal, immediately brush your teeth to keep your mouth healthy and clean. You should brush your teeth even if you have only eaten a light snack.

5. Stop drinking coffee and other beverages with caffeine. You have to understand that excessive caffeine intake can make your condition worse. If you are a coffee drinker, it would be best if you can limit your consumption to one cup a day. You may also try light herbal tea as an alternative to coffee.

6. Stop smoking cigarettes or tobacco. Smoking can quickly dry your mouth. The smoke you inhale has a drying effect and will only worsen your condition. Chewing tobacco should also be avoided.

7. Consult your doctor and dentist regularly. Improving dental health is the best way to prevent dry mouth. You should visit your dentist once every three months for regular teeth cleaning and dental check up.

Regular medical check up is also required especially if you are already experiencing early signs of chronic dry mouth. Your condition can be caused by more serious diseases. You need to know if you have other health problems so that you can treat them immediately.

Xerostomia can adversely affect the quality of your life. This disorder can lead to bad breath which could affect your personal relationships with friends and colleagues. Worse, dry mouth can lead to serious infections if left untreated. So you need to improve your lifestyles and maintain good oral hygiene in order to prevent Xerostomia.

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