People living with mild to moderate aplastic anemia are in serious condition but do not have to be hospitalized for treatment. With extremely low counts of all types of blood cells, the disease is considered severe and life-threatening that hospitalization for treatment is immediately required.
Anemia is caused due to iron deficiency, which in turn can affect learning and development. Although anemia is more common in girls, boys too can develop it. Usually anemia occurs during adolescence when the teenagers experience growth. Usually menstruation is a major cause of anemia among teenage girls and this trend can continue into their adulthood. On the other hand, boys experience anemia and iron deficiency only during their teenage years when they are growing.

Here are some possible causes of aplastic anemia:

* Autoimmune disorder. Lupus, one of the autoimmune disorders, can inflict injuries to the body through attacking the healthy cells inside the bone marrow.

* Use of medication. Certain types of antibiotics and drugs that have strong formulation of chemicals can cause aplastic anemia.

* Radiation or chemotherapy treatments. This procedure aims to kill cancerous cells but at the same time, they can also damage the body's healthy cells.

* Benzene exposure. This is a known carcinogen and toxic substance that when inhaled or ingested for a long period of time may leave fatal effects on the body.
Being aware of any of what might be an aplastic anemia cause can be helpful during the diagnosis process.

Symptoms of Anemia:

* Pale skin color or tone
* Pale or clear looking eyelids
* Feeling of constantly being tired or weak
* Lack of energy
* Difficulty in focusing or concentrating

A patient is diagnosed to have aplastic anemia when his bone marrow is seen to produce a decreased number of each blood cell type. The human body is composed of three types of blood cells

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  1. lil miss girl

    What medical conditions have the same symptoms as fibromalgia?
    A certain number of tender points are required to diagnose fibromyalgia, but I was only sensitive at about half of them. I have most of the other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, so, if that’s not what I have, what is my disease or condition? (Also tested negative for lupus.)

    1. zurama

      Conditions That Commonly Occur in Fibromyalgia Patients

      A number of conditions overlap or often co-exist with fibromyalgia that have similar symptoms. It is not clear if these conditions or others are risk factors for fibromyalgia, are direct causes, have common causes, or have no relationship at all with CFS.

      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There is a significant overlap between fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In a 2003 study, for example, 43% of CFS patients also were diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As with fibromyalgia, the cause of CFS is unknown and its course is chronic. Both disorders can be diagnosed by a physician only on the basis of symptoms reported by the patient and cannot be confirmed by laboratory tests or other objective measures. The two disorders share most of the same symptoms. They are even treated almost identically. The differences are primarily the following:

      * Fatigue is the dominant symptom in CFS. It is severe and not relieved by rest or sleep and not the result of excessive work or exercise.
      * Pain with tender points is the primary symptom in fibromyalgia. (Some patients with CFS exhibit similar tender pressure points. However, muscle pain is less prominent in patients with CFS.)

      Some physicians believe that fibromyalgia is simply an extreme variant of chronic fatigue syndrome. There is some physical evidence, however, that the two disorders are distinct, with treatments that are specific to each.

      Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Myofascial pain syndrome can be confused with fibromyalgia and may also accompany it. Unlike fibromyalgia, myofascial pain tends to occur in trigger points, as opposed to tender points, and typically there is no widespread, generalized pain. Trigger-point pain occurs in taut muscles, and when the doctor presses on these points, the patient may experience a muscle twitch. And unlike tender points, trigger points are often small lumps, about the size of a pencil eraser.

      Major Depression. The link between psychological disorders and fibromyalgia is very strong and problematic. Certain studies report that between 50% and 70% of fibromyalgia patients have a lifetime history of depression. Only between 18% and 36% of fibromyalgia patients, however, have concurrent major depression, a severe form of depression. It should be noted that some researchers have observed that people who have both psychological disorders and fibromyalgia are more likely to seek medical help than patients who simply have symptoms of fibromyalgia. Such findings may bias study results and favor a higher-than-actual association between depression and fibromyalgia.

  2. luffjm34

    What autoimmune disorder would cause these symptoms for so many years?
    -Extreme Fatigue
    -Never feel rested after sleep
    -Stomach problems (gas, cramps)
    -Low body temperature
    -raised SED rate/C Reactive protein

    I have tested negative for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac’s and my thryoid number was a little off, but not out of the lab’s normal range. These symptoms have been for EIGHT YEARS.

    1. Anonymous

      Are you on a gluten-free diet? If not, consider doing this, and after 3 or so months, get all of your blood levels tested again. Celiac tests are notorious for providing false negatives, and the symptoms of Celiac disease can disguise themselves as a number of things, including cancer.

      I tested negative as a Celiac, but after the 1st month on a strict gluten-free diet, I noticed huge changes in my state of health. It was like I had a new lease on life. By 3 months, my thyroid was normal again and I have so much more energy.

      Good luck on your quest for health.

  3. amykelly1304

    What are some of the true symptons of Lupus?
    Does it really affect your liver or kidneys and what is the life expectancy of a person with Lupus

    1. Rene

      painful or swollen joints and muscle pain
      unexplained fever
      red rashes, most commonly on the face
      chest pain upon deep breathing
      unusal loss of hair
      pale or purplr fingers or toes from cold or stress
      sensitivity to the sun
      swelling in the legs or around the eyes
      swollen glands
      extreme fatigue
      the following systems can be affected kidneys, lungs, central nervous system, blood vessels, blood, heart
      You can get a copy of the book and more information at

  4. Cassia

    Is there anyway I can get tested for lupus without my fathers consent?
    I’m currently 15, and my father won’t get me tested for lupus even though my mother has it. I show signs of Lupus, and my mother wants to get me tested (my parents are divorced) what should I do? How can I get these tests done, just to be sure, without my fathers consent? Is there anyway?
    I have no “doctor”, and i have these symptoms:
    Painful or swollen joints and muscle pain
    Unexplained fever
    Red rashes, most commonly on the face
    Chest pain upon deep breathing
    Extreme fatigue
    And Swelling (edema) in legs
    mouth ulcers

  5. Completing My Bucket List

    Do you know what this constant body pain could be?
    If you are suffering from pain the legs, arms, back and feet. You sometimes ‘jump out of your skin’ if someone touches you too hard. You are fatigued yet can’t fall asleep at night and have problems dealing with extreme change in temperature. What could these be symptoms of? Say Lyme’s disease, arthritis and Lupus have been ruled out. Would this be consistent with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? The extremeness of the symptoms may fade certain days but the underlying pain is there pretty much every day. Some days are better than others. Also would having endometrial cancer (successfully treated) within the past few months trigger any of these other symptoms?

  6. yurishin

    why the extreme itch in the nose that causes rubbing then bleeds and blocked nose? any answers?
    the itchiness usually last for many days then goes off but it always comes back.

    1. Smart Nurse

      Make the connection….

      Being a nurse with over 25 years experience, I have seen a lot of children with various illnesses. While many and Asthmatic llergic and reactions are caused from eating certain foods, there are many more Allergic and Asthmatic reactions caused from common everyday chemicals and fragranced products as well as VOC’s in homes, schools and workplace.

      This is a growing problem and many people are not even aware that it exists as more and more chemicals are being introduced and used on a daily basis. Many people believe that because something smells good or cleans well and it is on a store shelf that it is tested, approved and safe for use.
      Think again !

      We are now seeing more and more children and adults with Chronic Rhinitis, Chronic Headaches, Sinusitis, Migraines, Sinus Infections, Asthma, Allergies, Hives, Eczema, sinus / respiratory illnesses and Hormone related disorders. I can not emphasize how important it is to educate yourself about MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY (MCS) and the harm you may be doing to your health by using chemicals and fragranced products.

      If you or a loved one has symptoms of or suffers from Asthma, Allergies, Autism, chronic headaches, reproductive problems, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus or Fibromyalgia, you need to read further and learn about the signs and symptoms of MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

      Most doctors will not inform you about this because patients as a whole like to walk out of a doctors office with a prescription for some magical medicine and they do not want to be told that their expensive new perfume or newly installed carpet may be the culprit. So, the doctor will give you medications and many of these meds either do not work or cause other health problems.

      Chemicals and fragranced products are often the root of many disorders and illnesses when it comes to your health. Many of the below mentioned items are common triggers to sinus, asthma, itching, headaches, Migraines and allergy problems amongst other health issues. Get rid of them and your immune and respiratory system will thank you and you will breathe easier.

      And, it is not only personal body or cleaning products causing havoc on your health….many people become ill after wearing brand new clothing, dry-cleaned clothes, installing new carpet, painting, buying a new mattress or after home renovations because of the Flame Retardants, Antimony, Benzenes, Formaldehydes, etc. used in these products. So the answer is NO, you are not imagining that 2 weeks after your home, office or classroom got renovated you started to become ill, get dizzy or have headaches. This is happening more and more these days and adults as well as children are becoming sicker and sicker.

      Unfortunately, too many doctors compound the problem by prescribing chemical medications to try to alleviate the symptoms of an already chemical overloaded body and they rarely tell the patient to eliminate the chemical offenders. How many times have I seen people in the grocery store with Bounce, Glade Plug-Ins and Febreeze in their shopping cart along with a bottle of Benadryl , Migraine Excedrin and a box of Allergy Tablets ? Why don’t they make the connection?

      Keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Then … well… then it has to be filtered by your organs which are already working real hard.

      BIG NO-NO’s —- I would SERIOUSLY recommend removing all of the below from your living / working area.

      No Bounce or dryer sheets – these are VERY toxic
      No Febreeze – your pets will even thank you for this
      No Glade Plug-ins – VERY toxic
      No Scented candles
      No Scented Dish Detergents
      No Fragranced Products on Body, Hair or Clothing
      No Smoke
      No Newspapers and Magazines – The ink is a huge irritant.
      No Dander
      No Sprays
      No Sharpies (marker pens)
      New Cartpeting, mattresses, paint, contain toxins that can trigger severe respiratory disorders as well as headaches and Asthma flare-ups.
      And remember, it is NOT the smell it is the Chemicals that make up the smell. So, even if something is “Fragrance Free” these products often mask the smell with another chemical ! There are plenty of safe healthy products out there that work well and do not have added chemical fragrances.

      More and more workplaces & schools are implementing Fragrance Free policies and creating “Fragrance Free Zones”… why do you think this is? Make the connection, your lungs , immune system and your general health will thank you.

  7. melanieinmi2000

    what are the signs and symptoms to lupus?
    Everyone is telling me i need to be tested for lupus,,because of all my problems at the age 32….barretts, had a nisan done , hysterectomy, gall bladder removed. endometrosis. fingers are twisting and i hurt all over and very tired ….my throid panels are all fine ….i just want someone to care …been to many doctors and seems like they just do not care anymore…

    1. stephanie

      Lupus may be hard to diagnose. It’s often mistaken for other diseases. For this reason, lupus has been called the “great imitator.” The signs of lupus differ from person to person. Some people have just a few signs; others have more.

      Common signs of lupus are:

      Red rash or color change on the face, often in the shape of a butterfly across the nose and cheeks

      Painful or swollen joints

      Unexplained fever

      Chest pain with deep breathing

      Swollen glands

      Extreme fatigue (feeling tired all the time)

      Unusual hair loss (mainly on the scalp)

      Pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress

      Sensitivity to the sun

      Low blood count

      Depression, trouble thinking, and/or memory problems

      Other signs are mouth sores, unexplained seizures (convulsions), “seeing things” (hallucinations), repeated miscarriages, and unexplained kidney problems.

  8. Kyle Mccraw

    Im 17 and i am always tired even though i sleep almost 11 hours a day?
    Im 17 and i am always tired. I wake up at 5 am and go to gym then i go to school and in general i lead an active lifestyle. I eat a lot but i have a fast metabolism and im the perfect weight for my height. I go to sleep at 7:30 dosing off at around 7:45 thats almost 10 hours a day plus i usually sleep half an hour in the afternoon. Why am i always tired and how can i solve the problem?

    1. SB22

      There could be a number of factors contributing to your tiredness, we can’t tell you for sure, not here on Y!A, but it could be signs of an illness, perhaps something not serious, like Mononucleosis, which makes you extremely tired & you just want to sleep, but it doesn’t last & it can be treated fairly easily. Other illnesses cause extreme tiredness or fatigue like Fibromyalgia (FMS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Lupus, Lyme Disease, etc.

      Mono, however is more likely.

      It could be nothing at all & you just going through a phase, you could be getting too much sleep, you could be having an allergic reaction to something you don’t know you’re allergic too, it could be your diet, or a number of other things. The BEST advice anyone can give you is see a doctor or a nurse practitioner, especially if the tiredness seems to be getting worse or it is seriously affecting your normal life. I have FMS & CFS & Hypo-Thyroid & I’m also a fast metabolizer & get 9-12 hours of sleep (forced sleep, I can’t help it because of my illnesses, I’m not lazy which is something that people with any of these health issues have to contend with appearing to be.) I understand that fatigue where you just want to stop moving, you just can’t control it, you don’t care if the house is on fire, you’re too exhausted to move! If its become this bad for you, its time to see a doctor!

      Take care!

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