The moringa oleifera tree is now considered by many as a miracle tree for its medicinal benefits. The trees leaves are typically utilized to make moringa extract which includes anti-inflammatory components. Moringa also carries anti-toxins, anti-oxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids to develop one's wellbeing and immune system. With these perks, the World Health Organization, the European Union and other none government offices in the world appreciate moringa. To combat malnutrition, countries like the Philippines and Africa cultivate moringa trees to be utilized as components for drugs and cosmetic products, and also as products from bulk production and wholesale of its oil and powder form.

One of the most imperative functions of moringa is the truth that it inhibits the COX-2 enzyme which is accountable for swelling and pains in the body. In this case, lupus and the battle in opposition to it comes into the situation. In a nutshell, Lupus erythematossus is an illness with unknown reason which leads to the inflammatory conditions of several parts of the body counting the kidneys, joints, and the skin. Another truth about lupus is that it can influence anybody without thought to their age and sexes, and you can anticipate that things are not going to be pleasant. In addition, the pain of the production of the COX-2 enzyme particularly throughout the constant flare ups could be hard to bear. No one really understands what causes these flare-ups and many sufferers of lupus are continuously on the guard of how to stay away from them. This states that sufferers need to keep away from sunlight and eat foods rich in omega 3. The way of life of the lupus sufferer can be very costly because of all the drugs they need to take to inhibit the disease. Moringa being a cheaper form of alternative medicine and a source of nutrition, aids the sufferers to decrease their bills.

As it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties it is thought to be to be safer to use on the long term than the NSAIDs which can be addicting or can cause some unwanted unwanted side effects. There are lots of side effects to anti lupus drugs can do to a person. For example, it can affect the kidneys, the circulation, the digestive system and many more parts of the body. Apart from being less toxic, taking in moringa is also more effective. Now moringa is made in many forms and to name a few there are moringa leaves and powders which can be acquired in bulk over the Web.

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lupus facts symptoms

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  1. debodun

    Do you agree or disagree with this doctor about what constitutes a delusional disorder?
    I was chatting with a medical doctor at a recent dinner party. He said that most of his patients have delusional disorders, therefore he can do nothing for them other that suggest they seek psychiatric counseling. I disagreed with most of the illnesses he mentioned – fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, restless legs, attention deficit, apnea, lupus, irritable bowels, Guillain-Barre and morgellons. Are any of these conditions actually considered delusional by the AMA?

    1. JMITW

      the only one i haven’t heard of is morgellons.

      none of the others are delusional..although there is a book endorsed by dr oz that calls things like fms ‘tension myositis syndome’ which is a fancy word for psychosomatic…

      the fact that ADHD improves with medication shos it is not delusional…but it is there are people that don’treally have it……in those case it is used as an excuse

      FMS is highly overdiagnosed..most peopl really have something else such asa vitamin deficiency, vitamiin proble, spinal issue…but there are some that fake it for attention or disability….

      many docs use it as a general label for pain–which is wrong…there are some people that do devlop pain symptom as a delusion..but that is NOT real FMS

      apnea and lupus can be proven to not be delusional

      people can imagine (and getdiagnose with) fms.cfids, adhd….but that means they were misdagnosed

      the real forms are not delusions

  2. kennie

    Is there any natural herbs that I can take to control my Lupus? Also to get rid of discoid Lupus naturally?
    Is their a way that I can naturally control my lupus with out taking a great deal of medication. Also I have discoid lupus on my face, can something like shea butter help

    1. Linda R

      No. It is not normal for your immune system to attack you. That’s what happens in lupus.

      Lupus symptoms, whether in the skin or the body, are controlled when the overactive and confused immune system is suppressed. Shea butter moisturizes. Period.

      You have a choice. You can run around looking for the magic “natural” bullet or you can bite the bullet and work with your doctors.

      By the way, hemlock and arsenic are quite natural, but they can kill you. I have systemic lupus. Early on, I was sure there was some “natural cure” out there.

      I take very few meds now, despite the fact that I had severe organ involvement (heart, lungs, bone marrow, kidneys). I am 98% vegetarian, severely limit processed foods, do not eat fast foods or junk foods, exercise daily, practice yoga and meditation AND follow the treatment regimen that my doctor and I have worked out.

  3. sdf

    Define the term psychosis, including examples of each of the central symptoms?
    Define the term psychosis, including examples of each of the central symptoms. Then discuss the various causes of psychosis. Finally, explain the relationship between genes and environment (or genetic pre-disposition and stress) in the development of psychotic symptoms.

    1. Lilyflower

      Psychosis means abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”.

      The most common symptoms are hallucinations, delusions or thought disorders.

      An example of hallucination is hearing voices.

      Some examples of delusions are: the person believes that aliens have removed his brain, that he is under police surveillance, that he/she is a god, or that his mind is being read.

      Some examples of thought disorders are:
      –”Am I early?” “No, you’re just about on…”[silence]
      –”What is your name?” “Well, sometimes when people ask me that I have to think about whether or not I will answer because some people think it’s an odd name even though I don’t really because my mom gave it to me and I think my dad helped but it’s as good a name as any in my opinion, I think it’s a little weird to have the same name as two of my other names, but the fact that I like it, is a good thing… but yeah, it’s Tom.”
      –”What would you like for dinner?” “That’s a good question. That’s a good question. That’s a good question. That’s a good question.”
      –”Why do people comb their hair?” “Because it makes a twirl in life, my box is broken help me blue elephant. Isn’t lettuce brave? I like electrons, hello.”
      –”Is your name Mary?” “Yes.” “Are you in the hospital?” “Yes.” “Are you a table?” “Yes.”
      –”What city are you from?” “Well, that’s a hard question. I’m from Iowa. I really don’t know where my relatives came from, so I don’t know if I’m Irish or French.”

      a) Psychiatric disorders, such as brain tumors, drug abuse amphetamines, brain damage, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (manic depression), severe depression, severe stress, some focal epileptic disorders, exposure to some traumatic event, and quick withdrawal from certain drugs.

      b) Medical conditions, such as neurological disorders, electrolyte disorders, hypoglycaemia, lupus, AIDS, leprosy, and malaria.

      Attempts to discover genes that relate directly to psychotic disorder have been frustrating and often disappointing, and despite enormous investments, the identification of actual molecular genetic variants underlying schizophrenia liability has proven extremely difficult. This difficulty is mainly due to the phenomenon of gene-environment interaction, which is defined as genetic control of sensitivity to the environment.
      Exciting findings in other areas of psychiatry have motivated researchers to turn their attention to better understanding the complex ways in which genetic factors interact with non-genetic factors to produce psychosis. Biological vulnerability factors with a genetic background interact with complex physical, psychological and environmental vulnerability factors.
      Conceptualised in a model, gene-environment interaction proposes that genes influencing risk for schizophrenia may not do so directly (the dominant model until recently), but indirectly by making individuals more sensitive to the effects of causal environmental risk factors (the most common environmental risk factors are urbanicity, migration, cannabis use and childhood victimisation.

      Hope this helped!:)

      I would greatly appreciate it if you rated this as a best answer, cause I did SOO much research on it!

  4. cass

    How do you keep a job when you have Lupus?
    I am off sick at the moment and the local council I work for has a strict sickness policy.When I get back to work I will have a final warning against me and could loose my job. I have appealed against the warnings in the past, but have been told that unless I am actually dying! the warnings stand.Lupus and arithitis is not recognised by them as a chronic long term condition. I am on my own and need to work to pay the bills!

  5. Bethany W

    why can some women control lupus and others cant?
    my mom suffered from lupus for 15 years and recently passed away last january. doctors say that lupus can be controlled through chemotherapy, she did every kind of treatment available for the disease and still could not fight it. but in other women with lupus can fight lupus with treatment why do you think some can fight it and others cant?

    1. Elvis4ever

      I think your mom did fight it – for 15 years . this is a very debilitating illness and it can be soul destroying with its multiple symptoms and the effect they can have on the mind as well as the body. I hope you can be comforted by the fact that she stayed with you so long and endured all those horrible treatments to keep her family close, it takes a lot of courage to go through chemo and I have the greatest respect for those that do it so they can have maximum time with their loved ones.
      I am sorry that you lost your mom, she is now with the angels and in no more pain. Bless you all

  6. Alias

    I have a family member who has lupus and has chronic flares she says she’s in constant pain but she wont see?
    rhemutoligist she takes medicine but its pain medicine. Does her not treating the lupus decrease her life expectancy, and if so how many years can she live with untreated lupus? Will it eventually cripple her?

    1. Linda R

      Untreated lupus can result in permanent organ damage and even organ failure. She is treating the symptoms and not the cause. The cause of her pain is that her immune system is attacking healthy parts of herself. The only way to stop that is to take immunosuppressive drugs.

      No one can predict life span. People with lupus are up to 6 times more likely to have heart attacks and strokes because of the chronic inflammation. The immunosuppressives help bring the inflammation under control. Lupus does not destroy joints the way rheumatoid arthritis does. But the constant pain means she will not want to exercise leading to loss of flexibility and range of motion as well as conditions like heart disease and obesity.

      All that said, she is an adult. You can give her the facts. You can’t make her take care of herself. But as long as the family is giving her attention by worrying for her, she doesn’t have to bother. Lay out the proof and let her decide. You can’t control this.

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