The patient named Dumitru T ,was hospitalised in the Universitary Hospital on 1992,September, 9 with Charcot Marie Syndrome or ” Cock-legs disease”.This disease started in 1990 with legs artritic pain,with diminished of strength and muscular masses,
aknee jerk reflex been agravated at cold.
During the clinical examination I found: loss of stbility, diminished power and knee jerk reflex of the right leg.
He accused ice-cold sensation at legs. The laboratory investigations indicated urinary sediment with blood cells and frequent uric acid. The electro-muscular examination-following a simple or intermediary line, indicated muscular starting at voluntary contraction with an accelerated frequency, electrical potential with small oscillation witch indicated affecting the motor nerves of the spinal marrow.
That was due to the fact that there were certain deterioration of the nerves with a feeble compensation, that is a anterior motor degeneration. A kinetotherapy reatment and electrotherapeutics were beeing used for three weeks on end. From among these methods we have used a low frequency , a magnet and the electric current . Among the allopathic drugs that I used I shall mention : cortisone and A , B, c vitamines.
The results was mediocre and with chief Dr.Sbenghe advise I tried homeopathic treatment, therfore I used Arsenicum Album in low dilutions. After 10 days the patient felt better and he was able to descend stairs, also his numbness disappeared with an increase of the muscular power.When the patient left the Universitary Hospital , he was in a good condition.The patient was kept under a strict control during one year’s time.
The same treatment had to be applied every month.
This syndrome wich generally has a bad evolution, proved to have good prognostic this time with one remedy.Therfore published in a specialised review

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