The sad fact is type 2 diabetes in children can kill the body. It is important to know exactly what is happening in the body of the child with type 2. The cells of the body are being poisoned by a high poison level of blood glucose. This is very serious and can shorten the life of a young person. Type 2 diabetes in children is a growing problem that must be reversed to save the body of your child.


It is important to note that a typical sugar free diet does not stop diabetes. Diabetes can only be reversed when the root cause which is the non insulin sensitivity is fixed. This does not happen with a sugar free diet. Time is the great enemy of the diabetic child. As the parent or child waits the damage continues. Type 2 diabetes in children means they are running out of time.


The longer that the problem is not reversed the more damage that is done to the body. Only a diet that can repair the root cause problem can save the child. A diet that does not reverse the diabetes insulin is a waste of time and most cannot.There is some good news. There is a diet that has been reversing type 2 diabetes without diabetic drugs. It is popular in many countries. It has been working for many. See here CLICK HERE type 2 diabetes in children


Do not delay to reverse this illness as it can mean heart disease and a shorter life span for your child. It must be taken seriously.

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