There are many forms of skin conditions that can cause irritation. There is a particular type of skin condition called Discoid eczema. This skin problem mostly occurs with adults and is shaped like a coin and the skin is reddish in color. The rashes are generally located on the torso or lower legs. In appearance, the rash can be mistaken for ringworm and is very itchy. It can also secrete clear fluids especially if it has gotten a bacterial infection.

Even though this particular skin inflammation tends to erupt on the lower legs, it can affect any area of your body. The other areas where it is commonly found are the back, bottom, and arms. The rash will eventually crust over, become scaly and is always very itchy. Scaly patches can appear on the lower legs, wrists, head or forearms due to scratching the intense itch, which in turn causes it to become more irritated. The initial onset of this skin problem can be due to a minor insect bite or a burn on the skin.

This skin rash is often called varicose eczema when the rash appears down the legs, around the veins. This rash will look like patches that can last for months. The patches range in size up to several centimeters span, however the skin between the patches may appear normal, but still be irritated and dry. The symptoms of this rash can be very itchy or have no extreme irritation at all.

Once these circular patches clear up, they will still leave their mark for awhile. This can last for several weeks to a couple months. These marks can either be lighter or dark than your normal pigment. It is important to always protect your skin as this form of rash tends to occur as a result of skin damage. Try to keep your affect skin away from chemicals like various detergents. Even excess water usage can aggravate your skin.

Discoid eczema is not due to hereditary or genetics but tends to affect middle aged to elderly men. It is not associated with other illnesses like asthma and is not a result of food allergy or poisoning. This rash cannot be passed to others but you need to be aware of any bacterial infection that may occur from scratching and tearing the skin.

8 thoughts on “Lupus Discoid

  1. nsmommy06

    Any females with discoid lupus?I have this with the red lesions on my face,any good make-up to use?
    I think I have tried everyone foundation practicaly made and nothing seems to hide the red patches on my face……Anyone have any suggestions or does anyone have discoid lupus that can give me some tips on what to do about the chronic fatigue??

    1. rachel s

      I haven’t found a make-up that works. But for the chronic fatigue I started walking a mile a day and it has helped a lot, even on the days I have no energy I walk.

  2. Jennifer @---'--,----

    Does anyone know how to care for a dog with Skin discoid lupus?
    I have a dog, name CiCi who was diagnosted with Sking discoid lupus, her liver and kidneys are doing good.. Has anyone ever had this condition and what did they use to control it? Right now she has it on her nose and is on cordasteroids till it heals.

  3. greg b

    im a 38 year old male have lost 30 pounds in two years due to discoid lupus,try to gain my weight back?
    discoid lupus,trying to gain weight back but have no appetite.any suggestions.

  4. Tiki

    Could Helicobacteria Pylori be indicative of Discoid Lupus or Cellulitis of The Breast?
    Diagnosed with Discoid Lupus 10 years ago. Hospitalized for Cellulitis of the Right Breast the same year. Now being tested for Helicobacteria Pylori. Intense stomach pain and have lost 20 pounds, unintentionally over the last year.

  5. kennie

    Is there any natural herbs that I can take to control my Lupus? Also to get rid of discoid Lupus naturally?
    Is their a way that I can naturally control my lupus with out taking a great deal of medication. Also I have discoid lupus on my face, can something like shea butter help

    1. Linda R

      No. It is not normal for your immune system to attack you. That’s what happens in lupus.

      Lupus symptoms, whether in the skin or the body, are controlled when the overactive and confused immune system is suppressed. Shea butter moisturizes. Period.

      You have a choice. You can run around looking for the magic “natural” bullet or you can bite the bullet and work with your doctors.

      By the way, hemlock and arsenic are quite natural, but they can kill you. I have systemic lupus. Early on, I was sure there was some “natural cure” out there.

      I take very few meds now, despite the fact that I had severe organ involvement (heart, lungs, bone marrow, kidneys). I am 98% vegetarian, severely limit processed foods, do not eat fast foods or junk foods, exercise daily, practice yoga and meditation AND follow the treatment regimen that my doctor and I have worked out.

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