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Tropical Beach Parties:

The summer is a fantastic time to have a tropical beach party. The weather generally cooperates, enabling you to use the outdoors as part of your decorating scheme, and you have easy access to your grill. Without too much effort, your guests are sure to feel tropicala€¦. beach sand is optional! Tropical Beach Parties all share certain traits. All can use tropical, slushy drinks, lush foliage, food from the grill and music to set the tone. Just alter the specific details of your tropical beach party to the particular theme.

Tropical Party Food:

Theme party is the latest in-thing as far as a celebration is concerned. It adds the extra touch of spark and excitement to a party. One of the most popular party themes these days is the tropical party theme, which can remind you of sun-kissed beaches, cool waters and a gorgeous sun-tan, even in winters. Decorate your house with bright, big flowers, plant cutouts of coconut trees along the walls and cover the tables with a bamboo blind. Voila, you have the perfect set-up for a tropical party. Now, the next, and a very important, task is to decide on the party menu.

Choose reggae and steel drum band music as the soundtrack for your party. Both will get your friends into the rhythm of the islands, making it difficult for them to stay seated between courses. Decorate with tropical fish or parrot-themed party goods. During the summer season, many stores that sell home accessories feature tropical-themed melamine dinnerware that work great for outdoor entertaining. Visit your favorite online or retail party goods store to find palm trees, tropical fish or birds to add to your decor. Tell your guests that shoes are optional and cut-off shorts are encouraged.

Caribbean (Rum and Reggae) theme party!

For a very cute invitation, go to your local discount store and purchase several cheap rubber flip flops – any color! Write your invitation details right on the sole (use permanent markers) and deliver them out as a creative and funny invitation! Tell your guests that shoes are optional and cut-off shorts are encouraged. Funtoos are a cute item to put inside your purchased invitations for an island twist. Ask your guests to wear them in a unique place on their body that day and let the fun begin! We especially like our pink flamingos and pineapples for this theme.Don’t forget to include the dress code in your invitations. Tropical and bright colored clothing are a must. Dreadlock wigs are optional, but a big plus!

Tropical Hawaiian party theme disposable cups, plates and other tableware, party decorations, games, balloons, loot bag fillers & fancy dress up ideas.Buy everything you need for your Tropical Hawaiian party from this themed party page. Make your own personalised banners, invitations and stickers to complement your celebration too.


Tiki lamps and fishnet at the door help set a tropical theme. Tropical flowers throughout the house provide bright colors and wonderful scents and create an exotic atmosphere. Seashells look great everywhere, including the bathroom. Fill fishbowls with party favors, flowers or floating candles.

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