There are a number of different things that can cause thinning hair and loss. Some include hormonal problems, depression, stress, unhealthy eating habits, drugs, and some types of medical conditions. Poor or excessive  hygiene can also play a role. Many people don’t realize that washing hair every single day can dry it out  and cause it to fall out. Some women may even experience hair loss after giving birth. There is no leading cause, and many people suffer from loss of hair for different reasons.


Some medicines are believed to play a role.  Blood thinners, medicines that are used for gout, birth control pills, anti-depressants, and chemotherapy treatments are thought to cause hair loss. Vitamin A can even be a cause if used too much. Those suffering from such side effects need to talk to their doctors before stopping their medication, since it’s never a good idea to simply stop taking medicine—especially when it’s needed.


Some illnesses and infections can cause thinning hair as well. Children can even lose hair from having fungal infections. Fortunately, it can easily be treated with anti-fungal medication. Some diseases have underlying side effects that may cause hair to fall out. Diabetes and lupus, for instance, are two well known diseases that can cause such problems. It is believed that hair thinning and loss of hair may even be early signs of diseases, therefore anyone suffering from hair loss needs to find out the underlying cause.


Fortunately, there are treatments out there that can stop hair from falling out and prevent baldness. Most people have heard of Rogaine before, and there are other medicines as well, both over the counter and prescription. Some products are for men and some for women. Some  hair loss products need to be taken orally while others applied on the scalp. Before trying any though, a physician should always be consulted.


Some people prefer using natural treatments. While there’s not a lot of known medical or scientific evidence that natural, alternative solutions work, many sufferers swear by them. There are shampoos, topical lotions, conditioners, and herbal remedies that are used by some as hair loss products. There is a lot of information on the internet about different types of products as well as testimonials and reviews, There is also plenty of information about the scientific standpoint written from every view point, including those who swear by alternative, herbal hair loss products and those who are skeptical.

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