Cancer Chemotherapy: Cancer Chemotherapy is one of the treatment process useful in killing in cancer causing cells by the usage of drugs. This treatment process is carried by either pills or through intravascular injections. The anti-cancer drug enters into the bloodstream and travels towards the damaged tissues and destroys the caner cells.

Chemotherapeutic drugs attacks the cancer cells by stopping their unusual growth. The nature of the cancer cells were brought to the normal condition by controlling the divisibility of the cells. These drugs are carried in the bloodstream to kill destroy all the cancer cells within short period of time.

This cancer chemotherapy drug can be given at either clinic or at home. The usage of this drug can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on the stage of the cancer and by body immune system. Chemotherapy treatment is given by considering the following basis like age, gender, drug toxicity and body weight. The dosage and usability should be carried under proper supervision.

Uses of Chemotherapy

a€¢ Kills cancer cells.
a€¢ Avoid spreading of cancer cells to various parts of the body
a€¢ Stops multiple division of cancer cells
a€¢ It avoids replacing of non-cancerous cell into cancerous cells.

Pharmacology: Pharmacology is nothing but the study of drugs including their usage, effects and composition. Pharmacology is useful in defining the drug characteristics to make it effective in usage. Pharmacotherapy is very useful in restoring the normal functionality in the tissues, organs and various integrated parts of the body. Due to the effects of cancer cells the tissues functionality gets damage so, in order to replace this normal functionality in them we have to under go pharmacotherapy process.

Pharmacology is the study of effects of various drugs on biological systems. The action of drugs in the body system is clearly explained by the pharmacology. This process clearly defines the actions of the drugs on the living tissues. Pharmacology studies both the drug levels at molecular level and microscopic level. Pharmacology is divided into tow categories there are pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.

Pharmacodynamics deals about the effects generated by the drugs and pharmacokinetics deals with the distribution, mobilization and elimination of drugs from the body. This pharmacology process will be useful in detecting the drug effects in the living tissue. So, by using this process we can know the drug effects on the cancer cells.

Uses of pharmacology:
a€¢ It gives the details study of drug effects on the living tissues
a€¢ Helps in preventing over dose of the drug characteristics in the body.
a€¢ It gives the detail description about the anti-cancer drugs.
a€¢ It helps in repairing weak immune system.

Biotherapy: Due to weak immune system in the body, there are chances for the development of cancer. So this Biotherapy treatment process is useful in rebuilding strong immune system in the body. Biotherapy is also called as immunotherapy or biological response modifier therapy. This treatment process is really useful in repairing, enhancing and stimulating the weak immune system of the body. This process can be carried along with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Uses of Biotherapy:

a€¢ Controls and increases the weak immune system.
a€¢ Biotherapy allows to recognize cancer cells easily.
a€¢ Biotherapy changes the growth pattern of cancer cells.
a€¢ It improves the body system to produce new cells to replace cancer cells.
a€¢ It prevents spreading of caner cells to other parts of the body.
a€¢ It stops the forming of non-cancerous cells into cancerous cells.

Cancer Chemotherapy, Pharmacology and Biotherapy are the treatment process for curing cancer disease. These treatment methods wee carried one after the other for curing the disease completely. Chemotherapy, Pharmacology and Biotherapy contains side effects but they are temporary. After the complete treatment process of cancer disease they will be no side effects.

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