Preeclampsia is also called pregnancy-induced hypertension, toxemia of pregnancy, or acute hypertensive disease of pregnancy. Preeclampsia acts as a disorder that occurs during pregnancy, which is related to pregnancy-induced hypertension. Characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine, preeclampsia usually occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy. Sometimes referred to as pregnancy toxemia, preeclampsia can range from mild to severe.

In severe cases, preeclampsia can be very dangerous to both mother and baby. The mother could develop seizures and, due to the possibility of a low platelet count caused by the disease, could hemorrhage. In the meantime the baby would be living in a hostile environment due to the elevated
blood pressure. There would be a reduced level of blood flow to the baby, which would result in areduced flow of oxygen and nourishment.

A family history of diabetes is also cause for concern; women whose sisters, mothers, aunts or grandmothers got preeclampsia should also be careful. Moreover, the possibility of getting preeclampsia increases relative to the woman's age; the older she is, the higher the risk, particularly if the woman is over 40. However, early pregnancies are just as at risk as late ones.

If your doctor diagnoses you with Preeclampsia, you will be closely monitored and you should be ready for an early delivery. Constant monitoring of mother and child is crucial for ensuring the safety of both. Bed rest or hospitalization may be recommended based on the progression of the disorder. You may be given magnesium sulfate to help keep eclampsia at bay. The only real cure for Preeclampsia is delivery.

Aside from hypertension, other signs and symptoms of preeclampsia are proteinuria (protein in the urine, usually an indication of kidney disease) after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and edema (swelling) of the hands, feet and face.The patient may also experience severe headaches, temporary vision loss or blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and sudden weight gain.

Other risk factors for preeclampsia include:

Becoming pregnant as a teen or over 40
– High blood pressure before pregnancy
– Obesity
– Multiple pregnancy
– History of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, kidney disorders, or diabetes

Preeclampsia will typically occur in the middle to late pregnancy, although it may arrive sooner.Women who gain more than three pounds a week during the second trimester or more than a pound a week during the third trimester of pregnancy should consult a physician about the possibility of preeclampsia.

It is also important to moderate your salt intake and during pregnancy. Once developed preeclampsia rest is important, sometimes with medication and lie on your side is recommended to encourage the flow of blood to the baby. If blood pressure gets too high they need hospitalization and induce labor to prevent seizures, liver damage, kidney or bleeding.

You might be able to reduce the chances of experiencing this condition by following some simple tips. Decreasing the amount of stress and anxiety in your life can definitely make a difference. Try calming music before going to bed and do not worry yourself about everyday situations. Remember being worried does not solve any problem, it will just cause more.

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20 thoughts on “Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis Forum

  1. Bob

    What will it be like living with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?
    I got diagnosed about 2 or 3 weeks ago,and im so scared about the long term effects. Does everyone who has this disease end up disabled of deformed? Can disabilities be prevented by taking good care of yourself or no matter what it will happen? Any other information you think is helpful,thanks
    Fortunately I have mild joint paint and a mild case of it.

    1. Starlight

      There are many medications available today that can slow the progression of joint damage and disability. Visit the website for the Arthritis Foundation — there is a section of great info for JRA. Also, visit the RA Connect forum and join in some of the discussions. Your parents will also find the site very informative and helpful (if you still live at home). There are many JRA patients who take part in the discussions. Also, go to the website for the Department of Health and Human Services and look up JRA.

  2. radhakrishna

    I am 51 yr old working in a company mostly inside office. Not getting sunlight enough?
    during office hours. Recently I came to know that vitamin D is a must to keep bones intact through absorption of calcium. What are the sources of vitamin – D ? If it is sun light, then how much exposure to sun is necessary and at what time ?

  3. Kassie

    How to get my recommended about of vitamin D per day?
    Like, i know youre supposed to go in the sun but i live in the North East of England so it rains a LOT. I’m 16 and i realised I get NO sunlight because where ever I go it’s indoors (school, friends house, shops etc). And I read this random leaflet which was saying all the different diseases you can get if you dont get enough like cancer or MS. So yeah, i was thinking of getting supplements? Would that be enough?


  4. John Smith

    What can i do about my knee?
    im 22, ive had arthritis since i was 14. my knees sometimes swelll for no reason to the point whrre i cant bend them. i take methotrexate and enbrel but this past summer ive had to get two cortisone shots in my left knee and then two weeks ago did a prednisone taper cuz it swellimg again. now ive been taking 5mg per day of prednisone but im feeling it swelling up again. i feel like theres no hope. i live in the southeast and am about to move to los angeles so im hoping that helps and my doctor has suggested switching to humira as enbrel sometimes stops working after a few years. anyone have any advice? i feel so powerless right now. i cant do anything with this knee like this and im scared to do anything beyond just walking

  5. Brandy

    Why is Vitamin D so important?
    I live where the sun never shines in the winter time. Why is Vitamin D so important? What kind of damage will it cause a person who isn’t getting any sun for months?

  6. Stephen

    How do i get my dad to spend time with me?
    I tried to find a little bit of insight from other posts, but almost all of them were from teens and younger.
    So first off, about myself; I’m a twenty eight y/o man, with my second baby boy on the way. I also have a six y/o son from my previous marriage. I got a younger brother by two years, and an older sister by two years that pasted away at nineteen. My mom and dad got divorced when i was seven, and other then the first year, my dad has made no effort to be in our lives.

    This brings me to now, and my confliction. I’ve spent a great deal of my young life hearing my mom speak of my dad in a negative manner. Never calling to check up on us, and if we called him, his response would be, “why haven’t you called sooner?” (even though we live in the same town.)

    But now as an adult, i know it was wrong of my mom to speak to us about our dad that way. That’s one reason why, for my adult life, I’ve been trying to have a friendship with my dad. And at age 28, and him now 56, i feel like I’m failing. I can’t get him to do anything with me. He’s got muscular fibromyalgia, which means is muscle hurt all the time. But I’m not asking him to run the track with me. At first it was, i can’t sit in a move seat long enough to watch a cinema . To pretty much, i can’t #%&*ing go outside.

    So today after all my fifteen plus years of attempts to get him to do something active with me, i got an idea. I called him up and wish him a happy fathers day. He was stoked and said it made his whole day. And while i had him on the phone, i suggested i come over and bring my chess board so we can play a game like old times. I couldn’t believe it. He said he doesn’t really like to play chess anymore. QQ My dad taught me how to play when i was six. We’ve played for years.

    Lastly, to make it mortal, my dad just had three tumors removed from his thyroid earlier this year. I know caner comes back most of the time. I’d really like to get to know my dad before he’s gone, but i feel these short 5-10 minute visits i get with him might be the only chance i get to learn about his life, his fathers life. It just makes me sad to think that my dad has given up on so much….. I want to change my feelings towards him: An empty shell, of the man he was before… brilliant, rich, powerful, & prestigious, but now he just…._____…….. (a lot of words could go in that space)

    What can i do, if anything?

  7. Atlas

    How did I get a vitamin D deficiency when I was in the sun so often this summer and developed a deep tan?
    I was shocked to discover that I have an extreme vitamin D deficiency considering that I had been quite tan for a while. I live in Southern California and am exposed to sunshine year-round, and I have a very active lifestyle. My family sails often, and I also play tennis, run, surf, and hang at the beach. I had been running in just a sports bra and jogging shorts twice a day over the summer. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 3B in 2009 when I was 16 and had to limit my exposure to the sun while I was undergoing active treatment for me because it had made me photosensitive. That is one reason I was so eager to be in the sun this summer.

    I do have pernicious anemia that is the result of some stomach issue that has made me unable to properly absorb B12, but I don’t think that explains vitamin D. I’m not fat, either, so that’s not an issue. I know that obese people can sometimes have problems making vitamin D, but my BMI is only 17. I’m thin.

    I just don’t get it. I do plan on asking my doctor *how* I have the deficiency in the next appointment, but in the meantime I was hoping someone could answer. I never talked to her about it. Her PA sent me an email with the results of my blood tests and the prescriptions. It didn’t explain the why. I am now taking 50,000 of vitamin D once a week.

    How long will this take to correct? I’m usually bouncing off the walls energetic and now I feel like a sloth.
    I’ve been a vegan since I was fifteen, but I do consume non-animal sources of vitamin D. I was told that food wasn’t a good source of the vitamin, so I tried to get it from the sun instead. I do have a tan, but it’s not year-round, and it’s not deep enough to effect me the way it would non-Caucasians.

    This is why I’m so perplexed.
    Cindy in Texas ~ I had been showering up to three times a day because I work out so often (run in the morning; tennis or another sport in the late afternoon; dance at night) and used soap each time. From what I understand, water itself won’t wash it off, but soap will. If you know about this, could you please clarify in the comments?

  8. SUSAN

    Rhumatoid arthritis…need some advice?
    Hey all,

    Apologies this is quite lengthy but my mother is 79, 80 in november she has suffered with chronic rheumatoid arthris for nearly 40 years now god bless her. She has always kept herself going despite it affecting her bones/hands etc.

    However, i know she is getting older but her rheumatologist consultant has put her on methrotrexate which she has been on for almost 8-10 months now. During this time she has had infection after infection on them and has been hospitialized 3 times and operated on due to her gettin an infection in an ulcer in her foot, the infection sadly reached her bones in her toes last year and she had to have an amputation. She has always been mobile and although slow she has eventually got there and always been independant it is killing me to see her this way and she has to have to use of a mobility scooter or a wheel chair to ge her from a to b now.

    I have done some research on methrotrexate ( not sure if spelt correctly ) and this has alarmed me very much so that its could be the cause of all these bad infections she keeps getting and i am fearing for my mothers well being. She has tried to contact her specialis with no attempts and although i keep pushing her to come off the medication she hesitates worrying she wont be able totake the pain of an inflammation flare up from her arthritis. I live 20 mile away from her but speak on the phone daily and i go see her she comes stays with me etc. but unfortunatly i cant always get over to attend appointments with her to express my concerns to her consultant.

    Has anyone ever had any experience with this medication or no someone who has who could maybe help me more. The info i have found on it am i right in saying this is 100% probable to be causing my mothers infections.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Much love



    Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    Please Help my dad is 47 and he is so much pain it hurts to see my dad hurting his bones are all swollen all his joints he is a field worker a hispanic and his bones are getting deformed he is at the point were he cant work let alone get up in the mornings i dont know much about this Arthritis i am hopeing that there is something that will releave the pain do you know? Also can my dad collect disability we live in Washington State? he has used every over the counter pain releaver nothing works is there anything that will help relieve the pain? please help me with anything it hurts me to see my dad this way and now my sister is getting it

  10. marygee23

    how much vitamin D should a teen get?
    so lately i have been kinda depressed/unhappy. After doing some research i found that lack of sunlight / vitamin D can be a cause. so i found some vitamin D pills in my house and it said that one pill is 5000 UD or something. i’m not sure if that is too much or too little for a 13 year old. and getting sunlight isnt really an option because its still really cold where i live so yeah

  11. iamnoone

    I need a recipe for soft ginger cookies, preferring one from a cookbook that I have lost. Can you help?
    Several years ago, I lent to a friend my cookbook, “A Treasury of Christmas Baking.” Unfortunately, she moved far away, taking the cookbook with her. In it was my family’s favorite soft ginger cookie recipe.

    I’m hoping that one of you may have a copy of this book, and that you will provide the recipe. If not, then will you please provide your own family’s favorite? I want tried-and-true recipes, not something just copied from the internet. Thank you.

    Please, no rolled cookies. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, and cannot use a rolling pin. Dropped cookies, or those rolled into balls before baking (much like a snickerdoodle) most appreciated. Thanks to all.

    Happy Holidays!
    Thank you, Homestyle. 🙂

  12. Cody

    Atheists and Christians how would you feel if the doctor said you had cancer?
    Please state rather your a christian or atheist

    1. iamnoone

      Oh, Lord … my family went through this just this past summer. It was suspected that I had breast cancer with lymph-node involvement … The fear was like nothing you could ever imagine.

      I don’t know that I can begin to describe what this was like. First, it was denial. Just a lump. Then, I found the swollen lymph-nodes in my armpit, and suddenly, I went from having a cavalier attitude to outright panic. All I could think was, “Stage 4 cancer … you’re out of here.”

      It didn’t bother me so much that I might die. As someone with severe rheumatoid arthritis, I live with such incredible pain that, at times, death would be an ‘almost welcome’ relief. What haunted me was the question, “What will happen to my children?” Their ages are 24, 17, and 14, so their being alone wasn’t such a worry. I knew the two oldest could care for my youngest with ease. What ate at me was their having to watch me die a horrible death, and the care they would have to give me before I succumbed.

      That’s when the guilt set in. I’ve always been a single mother — never married, quite dedicated to my family. When I developed severe RA, my children suddenly were responsible for all of the lawn work, much of the housework, some meal preparations and clean-up. There were no more hikes through the forest, no grand adventures, no more of so much we used to enjoy. I suddenly felt responsible for a disease I had never wanted (RA) … and now, there was guilt over possible cancer. How much would this affect their lives? How much of my care would they be responsible for? So many more questions went through my head, and there were no easy answers.

      Finally, I became depressed, anxious, terrified for my family, guilt-ridden … Waiting for test results was just excruciating. The things that go through your head …My kids had no idea what was going on; I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want to frighten them. No one except for my doctors and me had any knowledge of this ordeal. I certainly couldn’t burden my elderly mother. My sisters have their own health issues. Never did I feel so alone.

      Finally, I had my mental breakdown, quite publicly, in this forum. And that’s when I sought the help of a therapist. I just couldn’t bear this alone; it was too much.

      Nobody knows how they will react in such a situation until it hits home. I always felt I could face such a diagnosis with dignity and grace, but it’s a whole new ballgame when your world comes crashing down and things spin out of control. It’s terrifying to learn that things might never again be the same. To realize that far too much of your life was wasted on things that do not matter, and far too little was spent on that which is important.

      I’d been a life-long atheist/agnostic, but quite spiritual. On some days, I “knew there was no God” and on others, suspected He might be there. That past summer was hell-on-earth, and something changed in me over the course of this last year. I became a believer. I’ve always believed in an afterlife, so it had nothing to do with fearing death. Maybe a sense of a greater purpose for our lives….BTW, there’s no cancer; the swelling was due to the RA.

      I wouldn’t call myself a Christian, but rather, ‘someone who tries to follow Christ.’

      My apologies for the length, but as stated previously, you just don’t know until it happens. Hopefully, I have been able to convey a bit of what it was like.

  13. Trol Olol

    Vitamin D simple question?
    I have had depersonalization/derealization symptoms recently for around a year, i have been diagnosed with Moderate Vitamin D deficiency
    and only have *22 nmol/L how can i raise it to 70-80 nmol/L within 3 months please help!

    my doctor recommended ostevit D

    one to two a day

    but i can’t afford it is it ok to take caltrate calcium supplement which includes 400IU vitamin D and vitamin D3 or should i take blackmores 200IU vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol 6 ug) tablets?

    and should i stay in the sun around 1pm for 30 minutes with a tshirt
    i’m a male
    16 years old
    living in Melbourne Australia

  14. ANDREA B

    My 2 yr old daughter has recently been diagnosed with oligoarticular arthritis?
    I’m in shock, can anyone please share any experience with this. Long story but my daughter has always walked with an intermittent limp for 12 months, I took her the doctors who shrug it off and said its because she was just learning to walk. I took her to A&E 4 weeks ago as her ankle was swollen, only after they tried to take bloods she also could not straghten her arm. I was so shocked as never noticed this before, after various tests she was diagnosed with oligo arthritis, obviously this was a big shock and I feel so guilty. She had steroid injections in her joints 2 weeks ago, the consultant told me i’d be amazed with the results but although her arm is slightly straighter she still has a slight limp. She’s been crying with pain in her arm the last few days but still been giving her ibuprofen. I feel like I’ve been left to deal with this, I have not yet had an appt to see the consultant, opthalmologist or physiotherapist. Am i being too impatient? i’m findin it hard to deal with and would love to hear any stories? The main problem I have is that there are no answers, every child is different but I worry that as she has it early it will be aggressive, i don’t know if it will spread to other joints and must admit I try to keep things as normal but can’t help molly coddling her. Is there any forums anyone could recommend for other this. My partner doesn’t want me to as may be upset by stories but I need to know good and bad experiences. Thanks

  15. whadoukno

    Can you still get vitamin D from going outside, even if its cloudy?
    My mom was just diagnosed with a vitamin d deficiency last month and now I’m worried I may not be getting enough of it either. I live in northern Ohio, about an hour away from the Great Lakes, and it is almost always overcast, cloudy skies here due to “lake effect.” I don’t like the cold so I don’t usually go outside ever until the temperature has reached at least 50 degrees. Should I be taking a vitamin d supplement?

  16. Mike A

    Stopping pain medicine suddenly for no reason?
    I have fibromyalgia, a condition that cause chronic pain through out the body for unknown reasons. I’ve been taking Methadone 5 mgs, twice a day plus Norco 5/325 for Breakthrough pain. I have a pain management contract for the doses noted. I have stayed loyal to this and to everything the doctor wanted. However, today when I went in and had to see a replacement for my primary care doctor, he wanted to stopped all of it, cold turkey and not give me anything for the pain I have daily. I managed to convince his boss to give me my medicine, but they both want me off of it, despite numerous previous doctors wanting to keep me on it. I live in California, and am on medi-cal and SSI for disability. Want to know who complain to, if I can sue, and what can I do to get the pain relief I need.

  17. dizzi

    can i get an abortion?
    i`m a 21yr old woman living in ireland but i was born in england, how can i get in touch with abortion clinics over there i`ve already searched the net with no results, i have epilepsy also and the few clinics i did get in touch with told me they can`t take me becose of my epilepsy, can anyone give me details of some clinics that i can get it done in

  18. Bekka Gould

    What causes severe body ache that lasts for several years?
    I have been suffering from several symptoms for the last few years now: SEVERE body ache, sensitivity to cold, always tired, no energy…those are the main ones. It mirrors Fibromyalgia, but it’s not that. I’ve been tested for R.A., Lupus, M.S., etc, etc, etc. Everything always comes back as normal. I’m at my wits end. There is nothing left to do but live in misery. None of the meds for Fibro help me at all. The ONLY two things that help are Vicodin (which no doctor here will prescribe) or being submerged in hot water only, like in a hot tub. Does anyone know what this is or how I can be helped?
    I have suffered from depression my whole life and this body ache is a new development, so that’s not it. My Vitamin D levels are fine, I have to take a B-12 shot once a month, but those levels are fine too. Maybe it is anxiety. It runs in my family, but why would this be a 24/7 condition that never goes away even when I am not anxious?

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