When mentioning an ultrasound, one typically imagines a pregnant woman showing a photo or video of her unborn child to friends and family. Though the use of ultrasound technology for imaging is well known, there are other uses for ultrasound technology as well.

Ultrasound therapy has been a necessity of professional chiropractors and physiotherapists to provide relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. The introduction of portable ultrasound devices has, however, brought about a dramatic change in the field. The benefits that are derived from large machines in clinical settings are now available at a very low cost for the home. These machines can prove to be very beneficial when helping people who suffer from chronic painful conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

With advancing age there is a concurrent reduction in natural lubrication, which is instrumental in protecting bones from absorbing shocks. Known as arthritis, it is a condition that affects a wide majority of older people 65 years of age and older. This can prove to be extremely challenging, both physically and mentally. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease and an even more challenging condition to handle. Fibromyalgia, on the other hand, is not associated with advancing age. It is used to describe some rheumatoid disorders that are not related to joint pain. The characteristics of fibromyalgia include aching pain, stiff muscles, and a tender feeling. Owning an ultrasound unit in one's home can prove to provide great pain relief and a reduction in medical bills.

An ultrasound unit provides the same benefits as the large machines used by professionals. The only difference is that a home machine produces pulsed ultrasound waves instead of continuous waves. As a result, ultrasound therapy at home may have to be used more frequently but the end result is the same.

Most home units have a wand through which ultrasound waves are directed towards the affected area. A handheld device such as US1000 1 MHz makes treating pain easier. It provides consistent targeted pain relief, which is extremely convenient to use and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is an extremely useful personal device for people looking for relief from chronic pain. Before purchasing, an individual should read home ultrasound machine reviews to determine which machine fits one's budget and needs.

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